Who moved my cheese summary:7 lessons that change yourself.

Who moved my cheese summary is about clever story of two little ones and two mice looking for cheese in a maze. Each number represents a different approach to acceptance of the change and, the number is considered successful.


Who moved my cheese summary open the mind that allows us to move with the change in life. Life is all about continuous changing condition and events.
So, Do you want to stick with your cheese?
Yep, everyone wants cheese. Habbitts provide you The story of the mice and small people explains the person who deserves cheese most. Change is the eternal truth of nature. If you want it or not, it happens and crushes us.
How we conquer change?
The truth is change is unstoppable whether you like it or not. The best is to join it.
Use the compound effect and stop complaining about the cheese-less situation.
Summary Who moved my cheese tells us that to get a successful life, we need to move the needle by trying new things.

7 life changing lessons from Who moved my cheese story
7 lessons from who moved my cheese

7 lessons from who moved my cheese summary are give below;

1. Change happens:

Life is about to change continuously from one phase to another. The success we have now can end unless we embrace the change. We need to move continuously towards cheese Because cheese is what makes us happy and satisfied.

The story tells us the clear result if you don’t take change. Those who don’t change become a ruin.

Why? change:

Who moved my cheese summary point out the change with 4 Points;

  1. Change gives glory.
  2. It provides the ability to face fear and go after cheese.
  3. The move put you out of your comfort zone and live for something.
  4. The ability to imagine your cheese give change.

2. Anticipate change:

The author gives the idea of old cheese. It means achievements gets old. For new results or success, you need to leave the old success or result. Likewise, for success, we need continuous achievements.

Why anticipate change:

Who moved my cheese summary define the reasons of the impact of change in life;

  1. Start search fresh cheese often know when it is getting old. It means checking your achievement and move towards a great challenge continuously.
  2. Change always occurs whether you accept it or not. Join innovation and avoid the fear of danger.
  3. Ask yourself when you feel fear- What would you do if you aren’t afraid?

3. Monitor Change:

Change always happens so, why we measure it? We should Because it shows the progress that we make in some direction. Otherwise, you can be lost. In the story, the characters who monitor their progress with some direction get cheese. 

Why Monitor Change.

Who moved my cheese summary mentions that People Do not give the direction of their change at the whim of conditions.

  1. Smell the cheese often to identify when it is getting old. It means smell your past achievement and make new achievement when it is getting older.
  2. Movement in a new direction helps you find fresh cheese. It means your path of success also defines the level of your achievement in the long or short term.
  3. When you stop being afraid of every mistake you done you feel resilience. It means our movement gives us some reason to work instead of worry. We would head towards a purpose.

4. Adapt to change quickly.

Dr Spencer explains the idea of quick movement. The speed to achieve something matters. In this story of change, mice move fast to find new cheese that can relish them again. In the end, they get cheese earlier.

No matter what the way you have chosen, the continuous movement with determination reaps cheese.

Why Adapt to change quickly.

According to who moved my cheese summary, We need a direction to move in some direction which should quick.

  1. The quicker you let go of old cheese, the sooner you find the cheese. It means your level of want to get new determines, How quick you move towards new goals. 
  2. Imagine yourself with your new cheese give you desire to get it. It shows that belief is the first step to get something. You don’t believe that something new happens to you. You wouldn’t get it by any mean.

5. Change move with cheese and with who?

The happiness or success you give the name of that feeling needs continuous movement. This movement gives you confidence and hope. 

In other words, who moved my cheese summary redirect your existing choices, grow yourself in the way you want to grow. Our change move with the resource of human life, Read rich dad poor dad summary for financial freedom ideas. Don’t expect every achievement with a single or no effort. 

Why? Change move with cheese.

  1. It is safer to search in the maze because it is comfortable and easy to live in compared to the cheese-less situation. In other words, hope needs to search for what you want in life. At least, it is better than cry on nothing. 
  2. Your Old beliefs and conceptions do not help you to find new cheese. Your past believes perceptions with prejudice don’t allow you to get something unusual and innovative. It means you need a proper mindset and exercise to get some new cheese.

6. Enjoy change.

In the story of who moved my cheese summary, the mice and haw take the adventure and feel joyful with the change. The hem stays, cry for cheese and don’t change his mindset. Instead of crying about what you lose, enjoy what you have. Dr Spencer explains the attitude of gratitude requires change.

Why Enjoy change.

  • When you see and observe that you can find and enjoy new success, you change your way of motion. In other words, You need to give mercy to your past mindset and innovate yourself for new achievements. 

7. Be ready to change quickly and enjoy it again and again:

We need to innovate continuously. Because quicker we move, the chances to get the cheese become quicker. 

No ones can stop change, but everyone can join it. 

Who moved my cheese summary highlights the idea of the compounding effect with the change. The compound effect is the small initiative to get a huge, prominent result in the future.

Why Be ready.

  • Noticing small changes first helps you to adapt to the mature changes that are to come. In other words, small changes lead to great results. 

Real-life example:

In the real world, we see a lot of characters who understand change and embrace change. 

Many real-life examples in this world can help to find the crucial wisdom of who moved my cheese summary to bring out the best version.

I want to explain my favourite cyclist, Kristin Armstrong, A 43-Year-Old Olympic Gold Medalist In Cycling. 

She answered beautifully about her come back strategy at this age. People have asked me, over and over: Why? Why am I back in-game? And it’s because I can. It’s the message to try new hard things of who moved my cheese summary.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who Moved My Cheese short summary?

It’s a short story about change in life that has 4 Characters; 2 mice and 2 Little people. The story explains how humans feel fear to change themselves to get more success.

Who Moved My Cheese moral of the story?

The story moral lesson is to embrace change as far as possible to explore the opportunities for success.

Who Moved My Cheese conclusion?

The whole story sums up with the power of change that is hard to attain constant in life.

What do the four characters represent in Who Moved My Cheese?

The 4 Characters represents the 4 Levels or behaviours towards the change. 2 Mice observe the low cheese and try to explore new cheese proactively. 2 Little people build up biases that stop them adopt change
very early.

Who Moved My Cheese content?

Spencer Johnson uses the tale to express the reactions towards constant success in life. The desire to achieve success is the same in all 4 Characters, but their choices remain difficult.

Who Moved My Cheese symbolism?

The cheese represents our deep desire, success or our mental satisfaction after work. The 4 characters with specific qualities show the wide nature and selection of human nature.

Who Moved My Cheese quotes about change?

The whole book quotes lesson um up as; Change happens, if you want or not, move with change, adopt it and be ready to change quickly.

What is the maze a metaphor for in Who Moved My Cheese?

The maze is the metaphor for where you live in, circumstances, conditions, issues, chances of failure and risks.

Who Moved My Cheese price?

The price of book is $21.95 on amazon with 36% ($13.99) for kindle users.


I conclude that this summary points out the weakness of our lazy human nature. Read Millionaire success habits review for incredible change habits.

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