So Good They Can’t Ignore You Review:

I read “So Good They Can’t Ignore You” personally. I do a complete survey and summarize my quick answer as “So good they can’t ignore you” review below; 

Skills give you more freedom compared to a specific job. Explore Relevant skills. Never give control over your time and work. Be curious about learning. Move your skill direction towards the capital. 

Ignore Follow your passion idea. Build rare skills to provide value. 

So Good They Can’t Ignore You has criticism. Rareness never happens always. It has an idea about developing a mission to provide value. It gives a Non-scientific and weak argument about devaluing Passion. Exact career rules changes. 

My audio about So Good They Can’t Ignore You Review.

“So Good They Can’t Ignore You” Plus points:

Skills over Passion: 

Every job can’t select through passion. The author encourages Skill through a crafts mindset. 

Skill crafting allows you to decide your career direction. 

Your Passion gives you an instant work desire that ends soon. Passion stops your effort to concentrate. 

It distracts your energy from various things. 

Develop relevant skills:

Your relevant skill gives enough passion for following it. Newport encourages relevant skills through a craftsman mindset. 

Crafting skill dives you into the subcategories. You can select yourself that defines you instead of doing a job. Relatedness allows connecting with relevant people. 

Control career:

Newport believes that career controlling impacts life-controlling. Autonomy idea gives control over your time. 

Newport values control overwork and time. Never trade your time and work for freedom. 

Never give career control to others.

Rare skills valuable:

The author encourages to development of rare skills. It gives you more opportunities to perform better. 

Various rare skills exist that fewer people master. Practising skills that align with your true call. 

Resolve the “Follow your passion” myth:

Innate Passion misguides you with instant encouragement. You may never find it again in that field. 

Passion hypnosis builds wrong career expectations. You work love based on experience at that work. 

Your deliberate practice explore various direction to love work. Read about Carl Jung on love wisdom. 

Follow capital but apprentice yourself for the desired field:

Develop a skill that guarantees marketing capital. Get an apprentice for the desired field later. 

The Basic Skill can feed you. The desired fields may not give financial security at first. 

Curiosity in the field:

Newport gives several examples to value skill. His examples seem less effective. 

People follow curiosity associated with work. They devote themselves to it. 

Reasoning to love your work:

Newport encourages to find various aspects of a skill. You can find interest in them. It’s both an enjoyable and painful aspect. As you pursue, you overcome the Painful side of that skill. 

Steps over unrealistic expectation:

Newport ensures that no dream job never exist. Explore skills at various steps. Never develop an unrealistic expectation for each step. 

Expands your fields horizons:

The author suggests expanding your field. 

It’s not about getting a job. Newport encourages development skills. The skills give you the potential to market your work. 

Job seize opportunities:

Newport shows the long term disadvantages of Job. It seizes your opportunity to grow a particular skill. 

It gives your focus towards the uninteresting things. The Job forces you to work for others. 

Encourage Active learning:

Newport satisfies yourself through work. Besides, active learning gives work direction. 

Learning attitude is problem resolving instead of changing field. 

So Good They Can’t Ignore You Survey 2021:

I do a complete survey on Goodreads and Amazon about this book. It explains “So good they can t ignore you” review well. Below, I provide a public suggestion about a book with reasons. 

Comment’s categories:People Numbers:Reasons:
Yes214Development career capital.
Inspirational success stories.
Speed read with enticing examples.
Develop no myth like other self-help books.
Satisfaction comes through practising a skill.
Mastering skill as an opportunity.
It’s an essential read for 20to25Years old.
It encourages a mission or plan.
A slogan can misinterpret.
No right career exists.
Science-based results.
Performance-based work life.
Never overstep from abilities and skill quality.
No34Successful people move logically with passion.
Less convincing as to make career rules.
Math thesis style writing.
Not engaging, improper advice.
It’s a contradiction between planning and passion.
Less arrangement of arguments.
Never show ways to get a job.
Passion gives consistent direction.
Neutral48Devalue passion at the start and share examples about Passion.
Separate passion from crafting mindset.
Extensive written.
Show weakness in career selection.
Repetitive book.
Encourage looking skills consistently.

“So Good They Can’t Ignore You” Criticism:

“So good they can’t ignore you” review has associated Criticism.

Rareness never happens every time:

Newport gives rareness as a mark to love your work. 

Every Skill has rared. People love their skills with similar effects. 

Encouraging paying job first:

Several skills have different earning contracts. Paying job skills hurts your career selection. Allowing your Passion enough gives you the courage to find more ways. 

Initial passion can happen:

Newport shares passion hypnosis ideas. We can discover passion by viewing someone doing work. The author gives successful people examples as a craftsman. 

Various passion examples exist with financial stability, like Pablo Picasso. 

The author doesn’t explain creativity level to follow a passion or craftsman mindset. 

Compare skill with Capitalist market:

Newport encourages to compare skill with the capital market. Other valuable skills exist that’s not encouraged by the capital market. Some skills become valuable over time. For example, web-development Skill becomes Valuable as the internet market grows. 

A Contradiction of mission and crafting:

Newport doesn’t mention the clarity of mission and crafting. 

The mission comes through experience. 

Crafting mindset links with experience and opportunity. 

Not mention balance:

You can work hard what you like. You can also do a profitable project. Develop balance as long as you earn from your liking. 

Non-scientific argument:

Newport shares several interviews of successful people. He shares failure examples associated with passion. 

He shares no scientific research that discourages passion towards career selection. 

Weak argument:

The author mentions most of the gifted people interviews as arguments. He Mentions Gifted academics rather than diverse fields.

The exact rule doesn’t applicable:

The author gives the exact rule to build capital from skill. 

Every career has vast flexibility. His rules are not gospels. You can find other ways that fit your Career. 

Comparison with similar Books:

I compare below “So Good They Can’t Ignore” for a better Review.

Similar Books:Similarities:Differences:
Don’t Keep Your Day Job by Cathy Heller:It has a similar idea about Following the capital job with learning passion.
Successful people resolve problems rather than want opportunities.
Newport encourages to be a craftsman and develop capital skills.
Cathy encourages developing Passion with reasoning, not the following capital.
Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell:Both books encourage skill crafting. Not every skill has the same potential.Newport connects crafting skill ideas with capital produced. Malcolm supports opportunities with specific demanding skills.
Flow: the psychology of optimal experience By Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi:Both books encourage developing skills by setting realistic goals.“Flow” encourages the following Skill with the constant challenge.
Newport challenge skill to become noticeable enough.

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