Alpha male shows on Netflix: 12 Recommendations for you

I research a lot to find the Alpha male shows on Netflix for you. I explain each show’s description and Qualities of their alpha male character below;

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Watch from Amazon Prime [Season 1]:


It’s about a fictional law firm. Mike Ross impresses the successful lawyer Harvey Specter through his sharp memory and passion for becoming a lawyer. Harvey is a college dropout who never attended law school. 

Alpha character: Harvey Spector

Harvey Spector Qualities:

He is a former lawyer of the company. It handles challenging situations through courage and sharpness. 

His life expects to have several ups and downs. He doesn’t care much about what other people think. 

His every word is the quote. He fills with confidence, cockiness and struggle. Click to know about achieving your Netflix Detox.

Peaky Blinders:

Watch from Amazon Prime [Season 1]:


It’s about a gangster family of Irish-Romani origin that lives in Birmingham, England. 

The story starts in 1919 right after the first world War of November 1918. The show covers the ambition and goals of the Peaky Blinder gang under the leadership of Tommy Shelby.

Alpha character:  Tommy Shelby

Tommy Shelby Qualities:

He knows what he wants with sharp observation of the present situation. As the situation shifts, the character learns from the Situation and adjust his way. He is proactive to calculate situations. He is resilencing through ambition to win. 


Watch from Amazon Prime [Season 1]:


The show sets at the place of South Dakota. It is a town with no laws corruption and crime in the late 1800s. It has a large cast with antagonists and protagonists to fight for righteous things. Seth Bullock (Former Marshall) enforces the law in Lawless Deadwood. 

Alpha male character: Seth bullock

Seth bullock Qualities:

He has determined, honest with moral values. He speaks less but with purpose. 

Seth expresses himself through Aggression. He is a loyal and justice man in the lawless Deadwood. It’s tough to make friends but easy to make enemies for him. 

Breaking Bad:

Watch from Amazon Prime [Season 1]:


It is the story of a high school chemistry teacher (Walter White) who become a methamphetamine drug trader. His mission is to make his family financially secure before his death through lung cancer. The show sets Albuquerque, New Mexico with a duration of 2008 to 2010. It explains the true reality of living with pain (based on a true story).

Alpha male character: Walter White

Walter White Qualities:

Walter is kind, situational shy but kind. He is also ruthless and loves getting power. Walter loves his loved one but betrayal with necessary. 

He is intelligent and views words being a chemist. He bears family unimportance but still loves them. Walter is manipulative with a fragile ego. 


Watch from Amazon Prime[Season 1]:


It’s a true story. The show is about a novelist(Hand Moody) who moved to California with the issue of Writer’s Block. Hand struggles with his drug and sex addictions to prove a Good or Caring person. 

Alpha male character: Hank Moody

Hank Moody Qualities:

He is charming, attractive, amusing and bold. He has no care about adding or eliminating people in his life. Hank Moody is a strong personality with different psychological issues like self-humiliation and addictions.

He writes less due to self-destructive habits. Hank values numerous artistic talents. 

He respects women and never takes advantage. He is not Well-performing in life but knows his reasons. 

The Originals:

Watch from Amazon Prime [Season 1]:


The show is about vampire-werewolf hybrid Klaus Mikaelson with his family becoming prominent in the supernatural politics of New Orleans. The family has a mission to take back the city by dominating the wrong people. 

Alpha male character: Klaus Mikaelson

Klaus mikaelson Qualities:

He is sadistic and loves to hurt others. His intelligence is a hybrid that allows him to survive and gain power successfully. He cares about his self-interest. He has devotions and is desperate to achieve what he wants. His obsession makes him paranoid. He becomes mortal for his love. 

The Wire:

Watch from Amazon Prime [Season 1]:


It has a true story plot. It’s about the post-industrial American city Tribulation with the drug culture of the corruptive city. The city detectives involve in drug dealing in West Baltimore.

Alpha Male character: Marlo Stanfield

Marlo Stanfield qualities:

He is ruthless, has no fear of doing his business, never smiles or laugh and scheming. Marlo never takes the risk to put himself in a dangerous situation. He never allows others to break his reputation. He put others for dirty work. Marlo appears less Powerful as compared to his power. 

Boardwalk Empire:

Watch from Amazon Prime [Season 1]:


The story is about a political figure. He becomes prominent and gets control of Atlantic City, New Jersey. The show covers the Era of the 1920s and 1930s. It’s the historical story of historical Enoch L. Johnson.

Alpha male character: Nucky Thompson

Nucky Thompson Qualities:

He’s thoughtful, understanding and loving about his family and friends. On the other hand, Nucky is a gangster ruthless killer, corrupt and Powerful politician. He has an interest in both sides and focuses on his strategy. 

House Of Cards:

Watch from Amazon Prime [Season 1]:


The show is in present-day Washington, D.C. A Democrat appoints Secretary of State after the majority selection. 

He is from South Carolina’s 5th congressional district. He decides to revenge on those who betray him. 

Alpha male character: Francis Underwood 

Francis Underwood Qualities:

He is strong, motive driven and strategically smart. He’s a gentleman with sweet talk. He is fearless about his wants and takes advantage of conditions and people. Francis picks right to battle for calculated moves with great responsibility. 

Mad Men:

Watch from Amazon Prime [Season 1]:


It’s the story of Newyork well-known ad agencies in the 1960s. It revolves around mysterious and talented ad executives of the firm. The issue of Don Draper’s identity occurs due to changing the person under the same name. 

Alpha male character: Don Draper

Don Draper Qualities:

The apparent confident look any person to him. He’s strict in business code and handles the Situations. 

He sells himself well but struggles with his past. Don struggle with his self-image for himself, not for others. 

He is honest and moral but egoistic about his work. He protects under situations and strict code in business ethics. 

The Punisher:

Watch from Amazon Prime [Season 1]:


The story is about a fighter, a skilled snipper with an able strategist. FBI agent becomes angry about a corrupt Businessman who murders his family. He fights against bad guys to be a hero. 

Alpha male character: The Punisher

The Punisher Qualities:

He is one of the famous anti-heroes of Marvel. He is skilled in weapons and protects himself from other attacks. The Punisher can bear the pain and beat consistently in his life. 

He is trustworthy but a vigilante. He suffers from injustice and become a criminal due to it. 

Sons of Anarchy:

Watch from Amazon Prime [Season 1]:


It’s about the motorcycle club that runs illegal and legal businesses. It’s the underworld of criminal motorcyclists. 

The show involves guns, sex and drugs culture. The show is in the fictional small town of Charming.

Alpha male character: Jax Teller 

Jax Teller Qualities:

He is a natural leader who follows self-examines principles to become a perfect outlaw. Jax becomes violent in some situations but is still loyal and responsible for his family and friends. He is brave and stands still to find the best path of his upcoming fatherhood and his motorcycle club.


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