Is the art of war worth reading? 17 Pros and Cons [Survey 2022]:

I research and read the Art of War by myself. So, I conclude the answer to the question; Is the art of war worth reading? Below;

The Art of War assists you to become successful in every aspect of life. It allows you to become realistic, resolve conflicts without a fight. The book has diverse lessons with a practical approach. On the other hand, some contradictions in different versions also exist. It considers as the crucial book for War strategic books. 

The Art of War original is in the Chinese language with about 6 English book versions.

Reliable translated versions of The Art of War:

I give you the 6 Books name that is The Art of War Versions. You can choose The Art of War to read. 

Book TitleAuthor/Translator
Sun Tzu The Art of War, The most influential book of strategy in the world.Sun Tzu.
The Art of War and other Classics of Eastern ThoughtSun Tzu, Lao Tzu, Confucious and Mencious.
Sun Tzu The Art of WarThomas Cleary
Suzi: The Art of WarChinese English edition.
The Art of War,
The book of Lord Shang.
Sun Tzu and Shang Yang.
On War Carl Von Clausewitz

You can buy The art of war translation books (Click below);

Reasons to read the Art of War:

I explain the reasons to read the book.

Resolution oriented:

It allows you to understand the situation that you find stuck. 

Suggest ways to resolve the problems. You can use its lessons for better understanding. It teaches about enhancing the level of observation, instead of judging. 

Everyone can understand the real purpose of war with it. You can treat war as a resolution. Read about the religious beliefs of Eckhart Tolle now.

The big vision for competing:

It allows us not to put others down. It gives an idea about big picture competition with ease of opportunities. A big vision saves us from meaningless fights. The art of war gives the circumstances for fighting. A competition can boost the ego. The art of war reminds the core reason for it. You can get a direction and stick with the best path. 

Chinese war culture:

It gives insights into the war tactics of Chinese culture. The Chinese have a great history of war. The several versions of the Art of war explain it differently. You know about the circumstances that provoke war. 

Sun Tzu is also a Chinese military personality. 

It explains the various old technics with core battle wisdom. 

Reality focused:

It focuses on know the reality of you and your enemy. So, you can get more resources. Its focus is on the crucial impacts of peace and war. The reasons behinds battles impact the reality of peace. 

The book empowers the realization. A better acceptance improves your strategy for competition. 

Focused on the military:

Not for everyone, other than military people. It has enticing military tactics. The book has enormous lessons for military enthusiasts. Besides, you can understand the war affairs. It gives you a clear identification of warriors and villains. 

You can get the knowledge to become sober in war. 

Diverse lessons:

The meaning of every lesson varies from person to person. It is best for every human knowledge. Every version of the book explains the different dimensions of war. The lessons become a conflict in some versions of Art of War. The lessons become applicable in various fields like business or leadership. 

Art of war book is simple:

The book is straightforward, easy to read and not too long. 

 It explains things and holds you. No doubt, the translation versions are hard to read. Otherwise, every lesson has depth enough. The book shows them in simple with enticing words. The length of the book also varies. Some version of the book has enough depth with practical knowledge.

Boost up war mindset:

It gives the feel of badass. Your war mentality grows. 

You become aware of the risks and opportunities. You become better at seeing the potential of every event. The situation changes in life, the lessons remains the same. The art of war provides the universal lessons of warriors. It is a crucial war book that changes your prospects.

Slow reading for better interaction:

Read it slowly to understand it better. The book has a deep level of wisdom. You can relate it in your daily life. 

Slow reading and consideration over topics are helpful. 

You can highlight the topics that you like. 

The re-reading opens up your mind with a better thought. Some lessons can become contradictory.  

Overcome without a fight:

Some people fight without any reason. They require a trigger to start it. On the other hand, some people ignore fights because they don’t know about them. 

The Art of War gives you the true meaning of fight in life. It awards you the approaches to overcome tough situations. 

Applicable for all aspects of your life:

The book has a complete approach to develop an overcoming mentality. Your way of fighting changes after read it. You can apply the lessons in limitless creative ways. 

You can read the book several times to become more practical. The understanding approach varies from person to person. 

The Art of war read can explain some tangled events in your life. 

Teaches about the best way for fight skills:

The fighting skill is about the mindset. The Art of war is a crucial book for fighters. 

Various athletes like Boxers read it to overcome. It gives you the ability to survive in unfear situation. You become Realistic, instead of blaming or hurting. 

How to pick up the best translation of The Art of War?

The art of war has several translations. It is not easy work to find out the best. Almost every translation gives you a unique advantage. 

  1. Don’t pick the translated version of the Chinese language. The text doesn’t look appropriate. It’s hard to learn from such text. 
  2. Choose the translation that has an introduction. The introduction part explains the context of the book. The situation about the book helps to understand it better. 

Criticism about the Art of War:

I research on social media and find out prominent criticism about book. I explain each one below;

Doubts about Sun Tzu:

There are Various Doubts exists about the real writers of the book. 

The existence of Sun Tzu does not conform. The Art of war is an ancient book. The scholars believe that Sun Tzu is the author. 

There are doubts about the existence of the author. The knowledge of the Art of War is well appreciated. 

Contradiction in translated versions:

It has numerous Translation versions. 

The Art of War by Niccolò Machiavelli is witten by itallian diplomat.

The Machiavelli version explains the circumstances of war. It has an association with his hometown. Attack the strategy of the energy. 

The book is Historic documents with warfare. 

The best war strategy is to prevent enemies. It is small, practical and easy to read. 

The art of war by carl von Clausewitz was a German general. 

It compares war with a duel of people. He mentions physical force to change other’s will. 

The book is against the strategist and consider it inferior. 

It is hard to read, have contradictions. It is worth knowing the theory of war. 

Tactics consider as old:

The book is not fit for the 21st century. 

We respect our enemies and sometimes want to work with them. 

The book teaches about the attack or encounters it. 

Sometimes, negotiation is the best for all. The book raises your doubts about the existence of enemies in life. You can clear your enemies to become attack them. 

No story, just explanation:

It has no story that involves the reader. The book provides lessons and tactics. The theory and explanation of war focus on Lessons. Stories make easy to grasp lessons. The book gives the conditions and explains the lessons.

The lessons can apply in your daily life. The lesson makes you bored without a story. 

Not everyone interested in war:

Some people don’t like war. Some professions have a kind approach towards the events. The Art of war is not fit for those who are not interested in a strategic approach. Some people don’t understand it all at once. You may lose hope while reading. Some of the lessons may work against your best life approach. 

Survey 2022 for The Art of war book:

I survey Quora to check out the public views of this book. The 20 People shares their Views about it. I give you the details below in the table;

Public comments Numbers of people:Reasons they explain:
Positive views 17The book is enticing for every age.
The art of war teaches about winning without any fight.
Diverse meanings.
Neutral views.2It is one of the best but not considered the best strategic book. More great books are out there.
Not for everyone, other than military people.
Rejected views1It has hype information. Other tactics are available to resolve daily conflicts.


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