Jordan Peterson on Marxism: Deep explained discussion[+Capitalism view]

I research a lot about Jordan Peterson on Marxism. Below, I summarize my quick answer; 

Marx theory has attraction. It’s well exploratory. 

Adjusting society proper doesn’t evidence ends suffering. Marx sympathetic Economical structure doesn’t workable for the working class. Historical events prove it. 

Jordan Peterson supports hierarchical divisions and individual decisions. Capitalism is valuable than Marx society.  

Jordan Peterson shares growth states. It proves faster elimination of poverty over the last 200Years.  

Capitalism values working-class productivity. 

Phycological meaning is far crucial than Economics. Life itself is suffering caused. Social injustice can amplify suffering.

Economic stability doesn’t save from tragedies of life. 

What is Marxism?

It is the political and economic theories that assist run society as communism. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels explain in the book Communist Manifesto. It doesn’t support social class structure. It’s against capitalist society works. 

Jordan Peterson explains his contradictions about it. Read Talking to Strangers book review

Jordan Peterson Marxism quotes:

I share the best quotes of Jordan Peterson on Marxism below;

Jordan Peterson Marxism best quote
Jordan quote Marx communism

Jordan Peterson about Communist Manifesto: 

Jordan read Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. He thinks about its argumentation. 

He suggests it. 

It’s a miraculous reread. The book has a call for revolution. 

It doesn’t associate logical argument. 

Challenges Marx idea:

Marxism lies with a fundamental idea. Almost all Ideas are wrong. 

It can be your or others. Assault the ideas possible. See their survival.

A sensible person review views through scepticism. Examing conscious is dismal.   

Critical thinking ideas:

The book explains typical thinking. The thought comes to mind and considers as truth. 

Critical thinking is thinking about Thoughts. 

Universities teach about it. You can separate things. 

Appreciate Marx work:

Jordan explains the Communist Manifesto Truths. 

Authors present it as unquestioned. Jordan answers each.

Jordan says that you forgive authors. They don’t know much at that time. Jordan accepts and appreciates their work. 

History has a Primal view of Economical class struggle:

Jordan find it debatal preposition. There are various motives associated with Economics. Other motivations can approach it. 

It’s not realistic enough. 

History drives with hierarchical struggle ideas. Hierarchy is deep than history. 

Hierarchy has winners:

Every organism lives in a hierarchy. It gives a winner take situation. 

It’s not Marx thinking. 

Marx also believes in capital distribution. Capital exits with fewer people. It’s hierarchical nature. Jordan explains hierarchical struggle be eternal motivation. 

It underestimates the problem seriousness. That impacts the human social structure. Less impactful for deeper hierarchical social structure.

Hierarchy is fundamental:

Hierarchical competence exist throughout history. Hierarchical problems differ from capitalism. 

Hierarchy exists before capitalism. Jordan explains class struggles with capitalism. 

Political lefties seem class struggle issues. 

Hierarchical structure disposes of bottom people. Jordan points out it as a fundamental existential problem. 

Inner malevolence and loneliness:

Humans struggle far more than Economic class struggle. 

Humans struggle with themselves. 

It’s inner evil or malevolence. Spiritual and phycological wars happen within us.  

We can conflict with nature. It’s a struggle for life in a cruel world. 

Marx doesn’t explain it. 

We become alive starve with loneliness. We consistently effort to resolve the problem. 

Hierarchy solve complex problems:

Marx doesn’t explain the positive element of Hierarchical structure. It’s necessary for complex problem solutions. It’s the best way to distribute resources. 

Human hierarchy doesn’t base on power fundamentally. 

Jordan explains biological and anthropological data support.  

No reliable authority appears by destroying others. Power-based is unstable. 

People possess a hierarchical system. It arises inequality issue. 

Think of history as binary class division. 

The Cheater and cheating victims are hard to differentiate. It becomes an issue in the Russian revolution. (Those who have and those who don’t have.)

You can divide people into multiple identities. Find links towards the oppressor class. It links with financial, educational or ancestors. That arises end of kulaks. 

Russian revolution:

Those are peasant former. These arise from the ground. 

They secure material worth after a 40Year struggle. 1.8Million Formers of exile; 400,000 killed. Their private property go. 

It yields 6million Ukrainians in the 1930s. 

Evil never exists with identity:

A binary class system is a dangerous idea. Evil doesn’t divide into 2 Groups. 

It’s proletariat and bourgeoisie concept. Proletariat are working class. bourgeoisie has materialistic value. 

Jordan explains classic bourgeoisie identity. All evil exist with the bourgeoisie. It’s brutal to find economic worth with moral standings. 

Marx supports the proletariat dictatorship idea. 

Capitals own everything. Oppress everyone. Capitalists extract value from the proletariat labour. Scare of wages people enhances market value upward. 

The Proletariat is associated with goodness. The bourgeoisie (capitalist) becomes evil. It arises violent revolution. It overthrows other social structures. 

Less complex decision capacity:

Choose the proletariat class and replace it with the bourgeoisie. The proletariat can be corrupt. The proletariat is not able to make complex decisions. 

Jordan explains that the proletariat becomes the bourgeoisie sudden. 

He refers to Marx idea. Social pressure increase corruption chances.  

Loss selection mechanism:

You can’t choose people without specifying the mechanism. 

Does Proletariat have the ability and wisdom like the bourgeoisie? 

Bourgeoisie value labor:

Marx believed that the bourgeoisie does nothing for Proletariat. If no bourgeoisie exists, Proletariat labor value is zero. Bourgeoisie are mannagers. They add value to Proletariat labour. It’s the way business works. Jordan says Marx refuse to know about business work. 

Profit is theft of capital. 

Marx has criticism of profit. It can be but not always. 

Capitalists provide value to the company. Sincere about competition. Encourage better product development. Jordan explains Profit gives capitalists a bit of security. It’s necessary for bad times. 

Profits give growth:

You can’t grow without profit. Profit is the right approach for growth. 

Giving profit to capitalists stop wasting labour. 

Product and market idea isn’t enough. 

Values differently:

The development of a good idea and a good marketing plan is tough. Satisfying and finding customers is also a Serious job.

Jordan Peterson explains his experience with capitalism. His phycological help projects are associated with profit-based. 

He can’t afford his other expenses. 

Proletariat Dictatorship becomes hyper-productive.

Marx does not explain his theory workability. 

Jordan explains Marx theory. Bourgeoisie ends. 

You eradicate profit motive. Small selected Proletariat becomes hyper-productive. 

The resources are enough to spread all dimensions. 

People engage in meaningful creative labour. It becomes a utopia. 

Jordan explains his views about it. 

Business essential for productivity:

There is no surety about hyper-productivity. Utopia doesn’t suit everyone. 

People have different desires. It’s an absurd utopia approach. 

Jordan shares Dostoyevsky observation. Give people enough to stay busy. Never give them enough bread and cake. It avoids any creative destruction. Nothing adventurous happen. 

Capitalism produces the best production rate throughout history.

Jordan explains his views. We’re already on the way to productivity. 

Marx views less practical:

Communist Manifesto has flaws. Marx thinks narcissistically. 

Jordan appreciates Marx intelligence. 

Communist Manifesto has several angles to explain a point. Marx never observes its terrible aspects. 

Jordan accepts the idea of Survival in terrible situations. The proclivity of malevolence leads towards hell. 

Capitalism makes the rich richer and the poor poorer. 

A human system with equality is unmanageable. Communism falls for it. Inequality forms changeable. 

Free economic marketing of the west has more inequality than the rest of the world. 

Capitalism is wealthy:

Capitalists produce wealth. All other systems give inequality. 

Jordan Peterson shares states from 1800 to 2017. Income growth happens about 40times through production workers. 

It’s 16times unskilled labour. The GDP factor enhances 0.5, from 180 to 1800. 

Jordan concludes wealth increase from last 200Years. The top richest are fewer and temporary. 

The bottom line people can rich faster than ever in history. Poverty ends in countries with a free-market system. 

The United nation defines the end of poverty by 2030 end. 

Fast rich for poor possible:

Poor getting richer in capitalism by a large margin. Poor getting chances to be rich. A free marketing economy is best for the poor. 

Jordan Prefer phycological meaning over Economics:

Marx has a deep economical historical view. Marx belief people are motivated by economics. 

Jordan has different views. Valuing economics doesn’t explain valuable. Economics is not psychologically obvious. It doesn’t help psychological change. 

Some people have unbearable life. Other’s has fewer troubles. 

It doesn’t cause suffering. 

It’s life limitations. Never assume utopia in that social condition. 

It’s coward motives. The real problem explains through religious people. Life is suffering itself. 

Social worker towards working class:

Jordan Peterson recommends road to wigan pier book by George Orwell. 

Orwell observes the lifestyle of coal minors. Those coal minors old at 40. Coal minors Loss teeth in their 30s. Crawl from the tunnel after the 8hour shift ends. 

Orwell supports the life struggles of those workers. Orwell writes enticing wisdom about socialists. 

Socialist doesn’t like the poor. They hate the rich. 

Jordan Peterson observes it. There are several darker motives under goodness. 

How identify poor’s sympathy?

Jordan explains that it’s through murder. Jordan refers to the Gulag archipelago. 

Marxism ideas reveal themselves as destruction. It’s happening in the soviet union, Russia and Vietnam. 


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