16 Steps from Think and grow rich summary: Pray set goals make a plan.

16 Steps of Think and grow rich pray set goals to make a plan in your life. Habbitts provide you with The summary that helps you to set goals about your life. These steps explain all the threats about Why goals are hard to achieve.

Think and grow rich summary


Think and grow rich summary gives us the full idea to put our dreams into action. It is the classic book of success. 

Think and Grow Rich based on Hill’s earlier work. Hill eventually became one of America’s most beloved motivational speaker.

This book is an all-time bestseller in self-development and self-help topics.

Think and grow rich summary highlights the main idea of every chapter. The book has 238 pages. It gives the theme of every concept with proper action. 

You can skim the think and grow rich summary and read the topic which you need most.

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The book gives us 13 timeless principles that can make you thought into action.

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It’s the first step to becoming Rich. Hill points out that desire is not just a wish or a hope. It can be a burning desire.

Your desire is your driver. 

When you see someone with your desire, you start obsessing with desiring.

Desire with definiteness and persistence yields success.

5 Steps to achieving a burning desire:

  1. Fix the exact amount of money you desire.
  2. Determine your sacrifices to get you that money.
  3. Select a date to get that money.
  4. Create a definite plan and apply it quickly.
  5. Read the statement about 2times each day.


To achieve something in life needs to believe in something.

Faith can develop. 

Faith comes from the combination of belief, affirmation and visualization.

Think about your desire with the belief to get it gives faith.

2 Steps to get faith:

  1. Emotions attract your thoughts. When you mix emotions with faith, Thoughts generate with the hope to achieve the desire.

Hence, We need to affirmation or visualization with feelings. 

2. The subconscious mind does not differ positive or negative thoughts impulses and puts every thought within us in action. If you hold a negative belief, you can create your own misfortune. 


It is where we put our subconscious in action for us through repeatedly self suggestions.

The use of 5 Senses is essential to auto-suggest with emotions. It is impactful when we think about it with emotions.

4 Steps of autosuggestion:

  1. Find a quiet place where you can close your eyes and aloud your statement.
  2. By affirmation and concentrate on the visualization of your desired money, you can see and feel hold.
  3. Read it every night and morning until you memorize it and your subconscious mind accept it as fact. It will find ways to add it in your life.
  4. Failure to do this will be fatal to your success. Autosuggestion depends upon the concentration upon a given desire. 

Specialized knowledge.

Knowledge is potential power but it doesn’t give you money.

It gives you power when it is organized into a definite plan of action and directs to some definite result.

You require specialized knowledge of the product, service or niche that you intend to serve. 

Identify the specialized knowledge you need, and then seek to get it. 

Possibles ways to gain specialized knowledge:

  1. Personal experience and education.
  2. Others’ experience ad education.
  3. Colleges and universities.
  4. Public libraries.
  5. Training courses.


The desire is given shape, form , action thought the aid of the imaginative faculty of the mind.

Imagination needs;

There are 2 Forms of imagination.

Synthetic imagination:

Arrange past concepts, ideas or plans into new forms. This new idea comes from already existing ideas take from the outside world.

Creative imagination:

It is the true imagination comes from infinite intelligence. It truly comes from intuition.

Both imaginations are like muscles. They grow stronger with use.

We primarily need to use Synthetic imagination to start. 

The great leaders use the creative imagination to create.

Organized planning:

You should identify the need to create a plan and make it with mastermind people.

Form a mastermind group: Connect with people needed for the creation and execution of your plan.

Meet with mastermind members: meet with mastermind people regular until you make a perfect working plan.

Create harmony: Meet and give value to every member. So, everyone can understand your intention properly.

Create a plan but allow masterminds to check out what’s your idea and give feedback.

If your current plan doesn’t work creates a new one until you find the plan that works.

Rich people in the world are all the leaders of their field.

You should develop your leadership skills. The competent leadership 11 qualities are below;

  1. Consistent courage.
  2. Self-control.
  3. A keen sense of justice.
  4. Definiteness of decision.
  5. Definiteness of plans.
  6. Habits if doing extra for others.
  7. A delightful character.
  8. Sympathy and understanding.
  9. Master of detail.
  10. Willingness to take 100% responsibility.
  11. Cooperation.

Leadership skills must require to put your idea in action.

10 Causes of failure in leadership:

  1. Inability to organized details.
  2. Unwillingness to perform humble service.
  3. The expectation gets to pay what he knows instead of what he does.
  4. Fear of competition from followers.
  5. Lake of Imagination.
  6. Selfishness.
  7. Drunkenness.
  8. Disloyalty.
  9. The emphasis on authority leadership.
  10. The stress of title.

7steps to Get exact position you can desire.

1. Define what kind of job you want.

2. Choose people who work with your job.

3. Study your prospective employer.

4. By analysis of yourself, talents and capacities build a plan to offer what you want by all means.

5. Forget about your job and concentrate on what you can give.

6. Write your complete plan.

7. present it to some authority person to work on it.

QQS Formula:

QQS stands for, The quality and the quantity of service perform and spirit in which it does.

Hill gives the full idea about market your idea and put it in plan form.

He suggests 28Questions invent yourself. 


Successful people have a common habit of decision making;

It is of reaching a decision quickly and of changing these decisions slowly if and when they were changed.

The decision comes from a definite purpose, backed by strong burning desire and faith.

Indecision is a habit. It develops in young age and become firm over time due to lack of purpose. 

Genuine wisdom comes from modesty and silence.

Hill suggests using eyes and ears for more than a month.


Persistence requires will-power. It is kept going to face hurdles and produces sustained effort need to generate faith.

Persistence is a state of mind which get fuel from several factors;

Desire, self-trust, definiteness of plans, right knowledge, assistance and habit.

Development of persistence:

It can strengthen by the following factors;

  1. Have a definite purpose, backed by a burning desire.
  2. Have a proper plan and implement it.
  3. Close your mind to negative influences.
  4. Develop a network with people who encourage your plan and purpose.

Advantages of these 4 Steps:

  1. Essential; for success in all aspects of life.
  2. That lead to freedom and independence of thought.
  3. These steps lead to riches.
  4. Converts Dreams into physical reality.
  5. Which guarantee favorable breaks in life.
  6. Lead to the mastery of FEAR, DISCOURAGEMENT, INDIFFERENCE.

Power of Master Mind:

Power is required both for growth and retention of money. 

It requires organizes effort of at least 2 People working in harmony towards a definite goal.

We can get knowledge from various sources like infinite intelligence, personal experience and research.

To put knowledge in action, you need a definite plan with concrete action, which is hard to achieve on your own.

Hill explains that great success comes from the mastermind.

2 Features underlying in mastermind principle:

  1. Economic: People who support your goal got some financial advantage.
  2. Psychic:

Hence, third brain thoughts are more than 2 Brains.

If more people work on a single purpose, they place themselves in a position to achieve infinite intelligence, which is greatest of all power.

Sex transmutation:

Transmutation means to convert one form of energy into other.

Sex is the most impactful desire in humans.

It gives drive, imagination, persistence, courage and creative ability. 

Such energy can direct in some other meaningful purpose.

Sex transmutation will lift one to the status of a genius.

It increases his thought vibration to the creative imagination.

Sex is a powerful mind stimulus which allowed the mind to increases the vibration of thoughts permanently.

Sex energy may be destructive. That energy becomes balanced. If mixed with emotions of love and romance.

It eliminates the barrier between finite and infinite intelligence.

Successful men are highly sexed and utilized this energy into their purposes.

The subconscious mind:

The subconscious mind is the way to get infinite intelligence.

It sense impressions or thoughts regardless of their nature. 

We can’t control our subconscious mind. So, our plan may plant in the subconscious mind. 

The subconscious mind works day and night.

It has thoughts mixed with feelings than by that made solely in the reasoning portion of the mind.

The inner audience of subconscious mind best understands the language of feeling and emotions.

7 Positive emotions:

Desire, Faith, Love, Sex, Enthusiasm, Hope and Romance.

7 Negative emotions:(to be avoided)

Fear, Jealousy, Hatred, revenge, greed, superstition, anger.

Positive and negative emotions can occupy the mind at the same time.

The Brain:

It is a broadcasting and receiving station for thought. 

You can control your broadcasting station by using simple 3 Principles;

1. Subconscious mind:

It is the sending station of the brain. We mix with feeling with thoughts to broadcast them.

2. Creative imagination:

It’s our receiving station, drives by inspiration.

Hunch comes from one’s subconscious mind.


Suggest yourself repeatedly to control your broadcasting.

The higher the vibration of receiving, the more open our brain is to external signals.

It can understand and apply by the mastermind.

The 6th sense:

The last principle can be understood only by first mastering the other 12 principles. 

Your practice of meditation helps to develop mind within. 

It accesses infinite intelligence naturally without any effort.

With 6th sense, you got;

  1. Impending dander to avoid.
  2. Potential opportunities to leverage.
  3. Access to the temple of wisdom.

Outwit the 6 Ghosts of fear.

We must utilize 3 Negative Emotions which are;

  1. Indecision.

2. Doubt.

3. Fear.

These are interrelated.

Indecision creates doubt. 

Indecision and Doubts combine to give us fear.

Combination process is slow. It can happen without our awareness. 

The 6 ghosts of fear that limit most people are;

  1. Poverty
  2. Criticism.
  3. Ill health.
  4. Loss of love.
  5. Old Age.
  6. Death.

Think and grow rich summary (Conclusion):

The 13 Principles of think and grow rich summary eventually yield success once become a habit. The book fills with examples of how the worlds amazing people get impossible things through these principles.

What lesson of think and grow rich summary can change your life?

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