Eckhart Tolle advice: How to understand them (Survey 2021)

I read and watch various Eckhart Tolle pieces of advice that impacts my life. I summarize the quick answer about Eckhart Tolle advice wisdom below;

You’ve to accept the moment by own your mind. Happiness demands egoless and doesn’t look for it. You get control over your inner voice to become factful. You become timeless and, misperception eliminates. Your relationship with yourself and others become present. You choose consciousness over the body and connects with already exist goodness for strength. 

Eckhart Tolle advice
Eckhart Tolle guidance to improve your spiritual life.

The vital thing in spiritual life is to watch and observe your mind. 

Eckhart Tolle Advice Survey July 2021:

I go to the Quora platform and see the answers of the public about Eckhart Tolle lessons. I read the answers to the question; Do you have any thoughts on Eckhart Tolle?

I don’t cont one answer because that person doesn’t even know about the author. She mentions it first in the answer. 

Serial no:Public viewsTotalCommon Reasons:
Supporters:2134Helpful, effective wisdom
Neutral views:334Modify the ancient knowledge.
Rejectors:1034Work for marketing purposes.
All his teaching is not for free.

1.Accept the moment as if you choose it:

We are stuck in expectation. Eckhart tole advises a lot about our living stat. You have no choice to surrender and be ith the moment. 

If you don’t choose it, you put yourself away from the moment. In other words, the moment is the reality of life. 

2.Own your Mind: 

It’s not the situation that creates happiness. It’s our mind tells you that create unhappiness. Eckhart teaches that the inner self has no connection with thoughts. 

Thoughts are a small part of our identity. The moment sets our mind free from meaningless mind patterns. 

3.Ego tells wrong stories:

Ego is good to misinterpret reality. Ego has unpleasant stories that create a lot of suffering for us. 

It’s up to us to stay with ego or live with the Now. You can save yourself from stories by choosing a crucial for the moment. It protects you from the wrong expectations. 


It demands where you stand in your life. 

Life is your dancer. You act as a dance. Everything that exists is part of the dance. Life moves our material self in various ways. It’s up to us to choose the dance. It means we’ve control over our mind all the way and the ability to understand the situation.

5.No fear of death: 

Eckhart Tolle in Oprah Winfrey show says about it. He has no fear of death. The death fear is the ego construction. In physical, the vital energy can’t destroy. So, Echart believes that we exist somewhere else with a different form. Click to know about the reasons to read Eckhart Tolle book “The power of now”.

6.I don’t have a life. I am “Life”:

In his book A New Earth, Eckhart Tolle shares enticing wisdom about being and having. Life and I are the ones. I don’t have my life to live. My life is me in actuality.

2 Reasons stop me from losing my life;

  • I can’t lose a “life” because I never own it.
  • My life is not losable because it’s always with me. 

7.Don’t look for happiness:

The seeling for happiness makes you unhappy. It is the opposite to become happy. 

You make it hard to be happy that way. The best way to be happy is to have freedom from happiness.

It is attainable and makes you tension free. It gives you the stamina to face what is exist. This freedom builds up fantasy stories. 

8.Surpass facts over your thoughts:

The primary source of every problem is not the fact but our thoughts. Our mind tells us stories. Some times, it’s good other time it’s worst. We can free ourselves with these stories. 

We’ve to face the fact by aware of thinking. 

The facts detach your perception through the fact. 

9.Analyse the voice of your head:

Everyone has a voice of ego. You’ve to be aware of that voice inside your head. Once you observe it, you observe that you’re not that voice. Every voice moves fast from one thought to another. The awareness still exists in the background.

You’re a thinker, not the thought itself. 

10.You experience the present moment, not time:

Eckhart says that time exists but, it’s not in our experience. The evidence of time exists. Time puts us in situations and circumstances. The experience is inside us. 

We can waste it in thoughts or live it now. The presence sets us free from fake stories. We become realistic and solve each problem that way. 

11.Suffering is a misperception about crucial:

Eckhart Tole raises the importance of priorities in life. We put ourselves in anxiety and panic by not choosing the moment. 

The mind suggests us seductive thought. We follow it. 

In the end, we move away from reality and suffer in the wrong stories.

12.Perfection is inside of everyone:

Perfection is beyond the moment. We seek happiness external. It forces us to govern happiness through external sources. In the end, we see the present moment as something happening with us. 

We can connect ourselves every time with independent presentism. The perfection that is with us since we are born. The acceptance of the moment makes you the perfect untouchable by time. 

13.A relationship is with presentism:

The past doesn’t define the presence of a relationship. According to Eckhart Tolle, A relationship with a long past deserves to be present at the moment. 

Do not force to reimagine the past again. The past can be worse or greater. The past doesn’t allow you to live even it’s great. 

The present moment allows liveliness in every relationship.

14.Your body is not equal to who you are:

Our physical body depends on external factors. We grow up get strengths and diminishes them. Do not define yourself with your body. Eckhart believes that it leads to great suffering. No doubt, improving or take care of our body condition. Get attribution with body beauty and achievement is appreciable. It can’t define your inner world. 

15.In weak body conditions, consciousness light shines easier: 

Eckhart Tolle explains his observation about consciousness with a weak body. The low body conditions make connecting with the inner self easier. 

External beauty fades and eliminates. When it become disappear, the conscious light activates to define worth for us. 

Low body conditions remind us of the limitations and dependency of our bodies on the external world. So, consciousness awakes to find something independent and worthy. 

16.Goodness is already within, don’t try it:

The goodness has no connection to get practice. It’s inside all of us. The true contact from goodness within can comes out. You have to connect yourself from the deep inside. 

The inner goodness emerges out without external connection. No one can take it away from you.

17.Stress-free living is thinking it as it:

In Oprah Winfrey show, Eckhart Tolle gives golden advice to live a stress-free living. Presentism gives you the ability to accept every stressful condition of living. It allows you to think about a move towards problem resolution instead of being victimized by the situation. 

18.Fight results strengthening and resistance yields persistence:

Eckhart Tole advises that fighting to get yields strength. It refers to acceptance, persistence and willingness to stay with the purpose. Fighting stop suffering from the light of consciousness. 

Resistance is the act to stop accepting things. It feeds with the ego. You become less aware and more judgmental. 

It grows to suffer. 

19.Awareness is most crucial to accomplish now:

Awareness is the first and foremost step towards practising now. Eckhart Tolle says that awareness is a muscle. We have to practice it to become an expert in it. 

You can become aware more by practising Now. First, you’ve to choose awareness over victim yourself. A choice is first to practice it later. 

20.What is Eckhart Tolle Advice for work satisfaction?

There is a problem if you’re not enjoying what you’re doing. It’s not good to live with the inner voice that constantly criticizes you. It demands you to do your best. You identify it and bring awareness. 

You’ve to work to satisfy yourself, not to hurt yourself for want more. 

21.Does Eckhart Tolle advice have advice for addiction and distraction?

When you trap in your thinking mind, there is a lack of aliveness. You feel the sense of lack. You look outside to fill your inner gap. So, always wondering about more. 

In the state of addiction or distraction, you feel that something is missing. The real missing thing Eckhart Tolle highlights is True connective ness with yourself is missing. 

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