Considering a Dashcam? It Could Help Protect Your Rights After a Car Accident

If you don’t already have a dashcam, it may be time to consider getting one. That’s especially true if you do a lot of driving, or if you live in an area with a particularly dangerous intersection or other stretch of roadway. This vehicle-based cameras are becoming more popular today, and a lot of the reason behind that popularity is that they can help protect your interests and rights if you’re in a car accident. Here’s what you need to know about these important new gadgets.

Dashcam Footage Your Attorney

Working with an attorney from a firm like Legal Help in Colorado is a good way to address concerns after a vehicle accident, and if you have a dashcam, that can give your attorney more data to use in building your case, too. One of the reasons this kind of information can be important is that cameras don’t embellish the truth or forget important details.

They don’t make things up or misunderstand what they see. Instead, they simply provide what they recorded, and that can be used to show the other party’s insurance company what really took place if they’re claiming that their driver wasn’t at fault.

Your Rights Is Very Important

You want to understand your rights when you drive on public roadways, and you’re free to record from your vehicle when you’re doing that. Dashcams are legal and can provide you with an extra layer of security. They’re good ways to prove what really happened in a car accident, so you can show your innocence if you’re accused and also provide detail to your attorney, the police, or your insurance company in cases where someone else was negligent behind the wheel.

You Deserve Proper Compensation

Being properly compensated for your injuries matters, and you deserve to work with an attorney who can help you with that. Even if you’ve been offered a settlement by the other party’s insurance, it’s important that you don’t accept that until you ask an attorney to review it. It’s possible that the insurance company is being fair with you, but it’s unlikely.

If you hire an attorney, you may receive more compensation and a faster resolution to your case. With dashcam footage there’s the potential for that resolution to be even easier, because it could clearly show that the other party was in the wrong. Most people don’t have dashcams, but they can really make a difference by providing evidence that could help you be successful in a legal case.

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