How to Motivate Yourself to do Something you Hate: [8 Practical Tips!]

How to motivate yourself to do something you hate? Can motivation impact me?  There are a lot of theories and concepts that define motivation in their way.  In this blog post, habbitts provides you with the logics and tricks to boost your work productivity in the light of self-help literature. 

Self-motivation is the patterns of the brain

How to motivate yourself to live with success?

Do successful people feel more motivated than others?

Yes! They have specific motivational patterns that they face after time to time. 

No doubt, everyone has bad times and misfortune. 

The phycologists prove that the Why is the reason we follow in life. 

Why we workout?

Where how to get motivated?

Why we read this blog about motivation? 

Habit loop to get things done

We need to understand our habit loops that craves us to do something. routine

The 3 Essentials that make or break it are;


It is time we have to face the habit.

The time we face trouble in life is the best to give the answer of how to motivate yourself.


It makes our mind to think a particular direction. We build an everyday routine. It’s hard to change it.


It is what we get at the end of the habit loop.

The main element that controls and change your habit is your triggers.

Triggers are the conditions that force you to perform a specific habit.

You are not going to feel it

A Quote from Mel Robbins. She put her more than 20Years to build a brain trick rule known as 20 Second rule.

Why do not we feel it after knowing it’s so crucial for us?

How to motivate yourself is the result of your brain patterns.

Our brain wiring is responsible.

We want to avoid difficult things to feel safe. Its what our mind wants.

Our mind tries to make us feel better to relax from hard work.

What successful people do about this issue?

They train their brains to do hard things.

There are a lot of tricks that work effectively in the short term and long term motivation solution.

Try a craft mindset

Follow your passion is the ugly advice for your life. You should need to craft something that you think good for you. 

How to motivate yourself solve by make your mind a craft mindset.

Once you achieve what you craft, you automatically join it with passion.

Craft means to learn a skill practically with consistent practice.

Live Here not anywhere else

The element that motivates you to work is live what you do.

Do not follow the view of others. It always hides your true potential.

Your past is gone. It is useless to cry over the split milk.

The future is not coming yet.

The successful people in this world can live in the moment and feel it.

The answer of this question How to motivate yourself comes from within your flow state of mind.

If you don’t practice to live in the moment or you think its hard, No! once you find the way its easy to stay present in your life.

Here what I do in those days when I feel overwhelmed and stuck in somewhere else,

Practice meditation

Meditation is the key to control your viral emotions. It put you in your higher self where you can see yourselves more clearly. 

How to start practice meditation?

3 Minutes daily. 

It’s my practical method which I use when starting meditation.

Meditation gives you enough time to get the answer of How to motivate yourself. Use any meditation application and select your favorite music. Add a timer and sit in the right posture.

The right posture means your head should align with your spin.

Focus on breathing and try to empty your mind.

Well, Initially it’s impossible. You can use my practical affirmation while meditating. 

“Stop thinking.” Not think”. These affirmations make your time to pass in the meditation process. There is a scientific reason to use affirmations I meditation. 

What is the magic formula for flow state?

The literature explains it in several ways. The formula that I use give below;

The famous talk about Flow states highlights 3 Elements that can construct a flow state.

Your state to move with the flow of work gives you eternal motivation and solve the topic of how to motivate yourself.


Head is what you think, the heart is what you feel and hands is your practical skill which you learn. 

It covers the answer to How to motivate yourself at work. Read Millionaire success habits review to get habits for your flow state.

Self-improvement is personal focused

We lose our motivation because we need some proof to see every day in terms of progress. 

The researcher of vulnerability Brene Brown explains that we want to be perfect in life. We compare ourselves with others to get some perfection.

You are your responsibility. So, Count the factors that make you vulnerable daily. 

This counting moves us to towards self-improvement by small actions. 

Your personal focus gives you the opportunity to learn from mistakes and solve the puzzle of how to motivate yourself. Everyone who breathes on this planet has weaknesses.

It’s common to say, “I usually fail the first time.” “I need to correct my mistake. We all need help of every sort like spiritual, mental and physical.

Mark Manson’s Do something principle

If you do not have a motive for significant changes in your life, do something, really something and then use action-reaction to motivate yourself.
You inspire to act first and to be motivated. You require to inspire by:
Inspiration -> Motivation -> Action.
It’s an endless loop that starts from your inspiration towards something and leads you towards appropriate action.

Frequently asked questions

How to motivate yourself when you are depressed ?

Depression comes from a lack of self-awareness and self-control. Sometimes we fail to explain the reasons behind an event.
We use ego to blame others. When we blame others, it means other people have an impact that controls our lives.
Our depression vanishes, once we realize that we can control every shit that happens in life.

Get motivation when you are bored?

We feel boredom because we have no work to do. We should prioritize our work. No doubt boredom makes you Feel unproductive and useless.
But boredom enhances your creativity.
Embrace your boredom and be relax at the moment. It raises your motivation levels.

How to motivate yourself when you are alone?

In our lonely days, its the time when we connect to our real self.
What’s going inside or minds comes out.
You can check such feelings by travelling experience.
The time we spend with ourselves should be quality time.
The positive image of ourselves makes us a sense of purpose for living.
It gives us motivation with purpose by making our time alive.

Get motivation to work out?

Update your workout plan, put your cloths on and Never hesitate from your feeling of not ready.

How to motivate yourself to study?

Find your triggers that forces you to stop studying, add frequent breaks i your study routine and allow yourself to start ugly.

How to motivate yourself to lose weight?

Be realistic about your body and embrace the process with perseverance and be ready to start every time you lose control.

Get motivation to get things done?

You can get motivated about getting things done through your deep work.
Deep work=Focus × Time while working.
Balance your focus with respective working hours every day by understanding and building your limits.


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