Jordan Peterson ideology:

I research a lot about Jordan Peterson ideology. Below I summarize my answer;

Every idea talks. Ideology build persona. We choose ideas. Speaking belief is best. Ideas personalities. It can connect core. 

Leave ideology. It Produces harm. Contradict your work. It fears unreasonably. Take responsibility. It ends freedom. Always obey rules. 

Jordan shares Ideas. Genders are not equal. Follow being. It encourages truth. Never fraud. Be negotiable. Be a fool for new things. The purpose is subjective. 

Ideology possession exists. That’s predictable. 

Behaviours repeat. It has a shadow. Know your role. 

Ideas Speak:

Say Something. That anyone can say. It’s ideological. 

People speak with a belief set. Take 1000Years for coherence. Become pointed. Distribute in society.

Dramatized at first. Grows over time.

You’re not ideology:

Ideology creates a persona. That’s not you. 

Someone criticizes. Don’t criticize yourself. 

Creating ideas:

Speaking yourself takes ideas. Take ideas. That’s philosophical and ideological. 

You create it. It’s original. Read about Jordan Peterson hero.

Choose idea vulnerable:

Statements come yourself. It frightens you. 

You open yourself. Give strong sense. Confront vulnerability properly. 

Speak your belief:

Put your belief in front. 

Put yourself out. Criticizing frightens. That’s strength. 

Give belief value:

Your belief is value. Manifest it. You’re unique. 

Bring into being. Never hide. Never break your soul. 

Become an Idea supporter:

An idea exists in you. That transforms action. Changes perceptions. Idea possesses you. You become a puppet. 

Introduces personalities:

The idea is inside you. You develop a connection. 

It’s abstracted observation. 

Toss like commodities. Ideas are personalities. 

Self with rationality:

Never divorce rational intellect with being. It arises being questions. 

You criticize the performance. It impacts society. 

Core ideas:

An idea becomes a person’s core. It’s engaging. 

That grips us. Such people embody ideas. 

Jordan Peterson Abandon Ideology:

Ideaologies are parasites:

Adjust religious beliefs. That’s chaos. 

Westerns undermine themselves. West encourages searching intellect. 

It’s a fruitful catastrophe. Rises existential issues. 

Ideologies tangled:

People tangle up with ideologies. It produces crippled religion. 

It gives security. That’s identity. It’s a wrap. That kills the truth. 

Ideology fears:

Some people’s fears. Don’t move from ideologies. It’s incomplete. 

Destroys performance:

Ideas have self roots. They’re performing contradictory. 

Intellect disassociates with actions. 

Ideas always harmful:

Some ideas pass through. It has an influence. 

Never ignore them. That seems irrelevant. 

Require modification. It pushes you back. 

Never follow harmless ideas. It’s harmful also. 

Control the ideas:

Don’t control ideas.

Know about the idea. It’s not up to you. 

Control by ideas:

Never possess through ideas. Possess yourself. 

Develop ideas connection. Put yourself with ideas. 

Stopping Intellect:

Intellectual connect with actions. Cultivate character through integrity. 

Ideologies destroy:

The 20th century has ideologies. These are destructive. 

These are underlying. 

You’re Part of it. Never tell the whole story. Tell small portion. That grips you. That pulls people. 

Get responsibility:

Ideology takes responsibility away. You join the group. 

Group become responsible. 

Belief with biology:

Political belief determines. 

It’s through personality. It’s also biological. 

Follow most Rules:

Do what others do. Grow up. 

Find partner. Have kids. You’ve been spectacular. Break some rules for Special. You’re not special most. Follow the rules. Rules put together. That Makes cooperative. Saves from war. 

Jordan Peterson ideas:

Gender difference idea:

Men and women equity is wrong. That arises biological difference. 

Men’s interests are different. Jordan refers to Scandinavia country. Men are distinct from women.


We want a hierarchy of competence. That rewards deserving. 

Respect respectable:

Gender is your public view. Your pronounce is appearance. Not respect associate. We don’t respect everyone. 

Jordan prefers value judgment. Learn for better Judgment. 

Become being:

The state has functionality. That Depends on individuals. 

A proper individual being. 

True being:

Truth eliminates chaos. Establish order. God speaks the truth. Converts order into being. 

Face Truth:

Therapy reveals the truth. Encounter hidden. 

It’s your rules set. That Connects deep truth. 

It Improves lives. Never hide them. It gives illusions. 

Truth potentials order:

We’ve good spirit. It acts in the world. That’s potential. 

Truth yields well. It produces good order. 

He explains Judeo-Christian prepositions. Confront potential. 

Choose truth. Get good order. 

Lies are a pain:

Lies are fraud. It’s unchangeable. 

That’s betrayal. That generates pain.

The pain yields bitterness. It makes resentful. They become worse. 

Self-conscious human nature:

Humans are self-conscious. Other animals aren’t. Drives through motivation. We’re aware of boundaries. Know time and space. 

Sigmund freudAlfred AdlerCarl Jung
Freud explains control. Repression is mental suffering.
Deception differs from repression.
Adler explains problems.
People encounter problems. They act out life lies.
Carl prefers moral efforts. Not choose psychotherapy.
Carl Roger prefers honest communication. That saves at the end. Observe your problem. Introduce it to people.
Jordan Peterson consciousness views

Regain childhood ideas:

A wise person loses things. He loses things in childhood. Regain them again. Return in childhood. Never unconscious there. You return voluntarily. So, You manifest proper being. That’s a Jewish idea. Associate with Zadok. 

Ideology is negotiation:

Your identity is not subjective. Subjective detaches biology and reality making. 

It’s social negociation. 

Provides conditions:

Identity is a vehicle. Travel throughout life. That Provides Pragmatic tools. 

That Builds connection. 

Dreams with beliefs:

Knowing stands on dreams. Dreams die. So, Articulated knowledge ends.

Act without dreams. Produce spirit sickness. It’s belief and representation. 

Union phycology idea:

Union phycology has an idea. You’ve future potential. Manifest it. Show interest in things. Things come along the path. That guides You. Develop your maximum. 

The path gives Interests:

Capture that path. It leads the development. 

Utilities exist. That pursue your interestable. 

The call to adventure comes. It takes you places. Not know it’s coming. 

Being fool idea:

You become a fool. Start new things for it. That’s interest. Be a master sooner. It’s an error-ridden process. 

People are a fool. They still want adventure. Capable of learning. Straight themselves with time. 

Never Wait:

The idea is to follow an interest. That comes to mind. 

The workable first time is zero. Waiting is not helpful.

Take ideal Opportunity:

You get the perfect opportunity. 

It’s incomplete. Never recognize perfect. 

It’s a stupid idea. But Will to stupidity. 

Take stupidity seriously:

Put in an account. Take tent steps. That seems bad. 

It’s useful. You never beat yourself. Better than nothing.

Follow star:

Get a glimmering star. You move forward. 

Location changes you. Become focused. Get more accurate. 

Know inappropriate:

You may miss an idea. Not select the learning. Know unsuitable learning. 

The learning point starts. Jordan Peterson ideology encourages right knowledge.

Less loses:

More learning happens. Be Fewer overshoot stars. Child babbling first. Learn the language later. Error minimizes. 

Jordan refers to circumambulation. The event repeats itself. Get closer yourself.

Object science:

Science is objective. Researches explain facts. 

It’s imaginary somewhere. Share No purpose idea. Never explain consciousness. Make life meaningless. 

Meaning over Objectiveness:

Belief in a positive way. That arises weakness. It supports meaning. 

Performance is Structure:

Your structure works. It predicts through progress. 

It gives a Reward. That matches the information. Your life actions.  

Performance arrives. That grows structure.  

New Belief system:

We develop a map. You Fit on the world. Try best for fitting. Not like other beliefs. That challenges map. Believe system breaks. Produce tremendous disruption. That gives terror and curiosity. 

It’s a stress response. New Things are afraid most. 

Jordan Peterson ideological possession:

Know the patterns:

You predict others. Know their algorithms. Know its axioms.

They’ve got an ideological persona. It’s repression and death. 

Have Shadow:

It enhances hate. Stop behaving. Miss your Part. It’s shadow self. That gives belief reasoning. 

Become problem:

Never become a problem part. Solve the situation. Person supports problem. Every pattern predicts it.

Know role:

Ideology places it. Know your role. Know the system error. Jordan Peterson ideology gives action.

Don’t loud:

Never bray. Be enslaved by tyrants. 

Tyrants use it. Voice creates problems.

Develop persona:

Ideological possess have a persona. They have a shadow. 

That’s identifiable. It’s fake. 


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