Slavoj Zizek Ideology: 19 Points Complete explained

I research a lot about Slavoj Zizek Ideology. Below, I summarize my quick answer; 

Ideology structures daily life more than ever. Ideology embodies. It can be any link.  

Traditional ideology offer secret (hide)pleasures. Reality and ideological operations are dubious. You can’t see ideology. It’s a natural state. After you see ideology, you’re no longer in it.

Real freedom is painful. Ideology requires a set of rules. 

Zizek finds deepness in his work, not happiness. 

Slavoj Zizek down with Ideology:

It’s crucial to ask the right question then provide the answer. Ideology has a problem addressing the question in the wrong way. The question tells about the way to see Ideology. 

If You aren’t dead, it eliminates prediction. It means you’re alive. 

You are un-dead. It creates an in-between dimension. 

It generates spiritual. Read about Jordan Peterson on Marxism

Zizek work passion:

Zizek feels dutiful about his short political books. He belief each one has the inner call. You discover it and follow it to death. 

Life loses without discovering it.

Slavoj Zizek speaking issue:

Zizek shares his fear about talking too much instantly. He shares his inferiority complex. He thinks others go to listen to his bullshit.

Ideology stiffness:

Ideology is not beating the formula. It is difficult to change. Talking about ideology is necessary. Let’s establish clear rules. Set them eccentrically. 

Slavoj Zizek coffee without cream:

It’s a Zizek’s joke. I explain joke;

A man comes to a cafe and orders a coffee cup without milk. 

A waiter comes and says; we don’t have milk. I can offer you milk without cream. 

Missing is there. It’s crucial. 

Our negation has meaning. It’s bestimmte negation. 

It seems no meaning. It contains a lot of meaning. 

Blanks fill differently. Filling way tells the story. 

We use it every day. It establishes links from others. 

Slavoj Zizek ideology glasses:

Ideology isn’t imposing. It’s our spontaneous relationship with the world. 

Extreme violation of Freedom. You’ll never get free through a spontaneous response. 

Things hurt without ideology. It’s a way to force yourself. Why does a person reject to wear glasses? Living lies are easy. Truth becomes painful.

Zizek has views about “They Live” 1988 movie. The movie explains about Ideology working in daily life. In this movie, the protagonist wears glasses to see ideology. He sees things clear without glasses. 

Zizek likes 2 Things about it. We get the opposite of expectations. Ideology distorts our vision. Ideology is our natural state. We put glasses on to see reality. 

Ideology secret pleasure:

Zizek shares an example. In nazism, sacrifice yourself for your country. Ideology gives it actionable. 

You can kill, hurt or punish jews. It brightens Christianity. 

Other examples are abusing black girls. 

Traditional Ideology has surplus enjoyment. 

Ideology directs towards pleasure. It encourages you to collaborate. 

The enjoyment element is hidden. 

Reality and ideology dubious:

There is always doubt among reality and ideological operations. 

Zizek is also an ecologist. He supports the idea of saving the earth. 

He called Earth a horrible mother. There is no balance for recycling. 

We live in an open contagious universe. Our Earth pollutes with our pollution. 

True freedom hurts:

Liberation is painful. Truth hurts. 

You beat yourself before beating the enemy. 

New forms of enslavements sold us as new freedom forms. 

People live in one country with a permanent job and health security.

Ideology tells you to reinvent yourself every year. Things sold to enslave you. We live in an era of domination. Domination becomes Freedom. 

Zizek explains Real freedom. It’s not freedom of choice. 

Free choice is your experienced first choice. 

If we don’t want freedom, eurocentrism is best. Zizek hero is Malcolm X. “X” represents not having a family name. It opens a new door to Freedom.

Slavoj Zizek about Hollywood ideology:

Hollywood is an ambitious ideology machine. 

There is a predominant ideology. You can get things from it. 

Zizek likes Robert Altman films. His films have great middle-class understanding. The best Hollywood products undermine themselves.

Love produces catastrophe:

Zizek doesn’t believe in universal love. True love is a catastrophe. It’s a reason to be Nice in love. 

Authentic and original love is a catastrophe. It’s a Metaphysical experience. 

Love fixes you with something. You’re ready to sacrifice things. Zizek refers to Freud about sexuality. 

It’s a sexual passion that goes beyond pleasure principles. It makes you a slave of any metaphysical obsession. 

Love with Sex:

Sex without love is pleasurable. It’s the distraction of masturbation. We use each other as a masturbatory thing. 

Break out masturbatory event is love. 

Pretending equality:

Modern bosses are no longer classical ones. They don’t order. 

They like to be called coordinators. It’s a great way to order.

 Zizek then explains feminism. Feminism arises due to unequal gender. 

Men dominate women. They pretend like equal. 

Zizek about tolerance:

Zizek reads martin Luther king speeches. Speeches never mention tolerance. 

Tolerance is the culture of Critical energy. Tolerance is accepting distinctions. There many deep things exist. No tolerance exist there. 

The opportunity to understand each other doesn’t work. It’s impossible for us. Penetrating or understanding each other doesn’t necessary. 

 Eurocentrism is cummunism:

Zizek is strong eurocentrism. Europian do many horrible things like colonialism. The European legacy is unique. 

Eurocentrism becomes better without European values. 

Humans rights are ideological:

Christianity structure has a holly spirit. 

It gives egalitarian possibility. Hierarchical links exist. 

Jesus gives role as mother and father. He encourages links to connect. 

Critciszing Eurocentrism. 

Sigapore and china cristize it. They don’t value egalitarian connectivity. 

Cartesian objectivity:

Universalism is cartesian object. It leads to cartesian Zero point. We can shift towards anywhere. 

Our sexual identity is not a brutal biological matter. Transgender is the greatest example of a cartesian object. 

Sexual orientations are socially constructed. 

Women and Men representation:

Women wear masks to hide. They think about Mask. 

Women relate themselves with Mask. There is nothing behind it. 

He refers to Jack London. Women are failed men. 

Men appear themselves as the true self. 

Žižek ideology Quote:

I mention the best Slavoj Zizek Ideology quotes below; 

  • The ruling ideology is not meant to be taken seriously or literally. Perhaps the greatest danger for totalitarianism is people who take its ideology literally. 
  • Ideology is, strictly speaking, only a system that claims the truth – that is, which is not simply a lie but a lie experienced as truth, a lie that pretends to be taken seriously.
  •  Ideology consists of the very fact that the people do not know what they are doing, that they have a false representation of the social reality to which they belong.
  • If our concept of ideology remains the classic one in which the illusion is located in knowledge, then today’s society must appear post-ideological. 
  • ‘Criticism of ideology’ trying to deduce the ideological form of a determinate society from the conjunction of its effective social relations, the analytical approach aims above all at the ideological fantasy efficient in social reality itself.
  • Ideology is not a dreamlike illusion that we build to escape insupportable reality; in its basic dimension, it is a fantasy construction that serves as a support for our ‘reality itself.
  • An ideology succeeds when even the facts which at first sight contradict it start to function as arguments in its favour. 
  • The Fascist ideology is based upon a purely formal imperative.
  • The criticism of ideology must perform a somewhat homological operation.
  • fantasy is a means for an ideology to take its failure into account in advance
  • The whole Fascist ideology is structured as a struggle against the element which holds the place of the immanent impossibility of the very Fascist project.
  • Nobody believes in the ruling ideology, every individual preserves a cynical distance from it and everybody knows that nobody believes in it.


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