Jordan Peterson IQ and success:

I research a lot about Jordan Peterson IQ and success. Below, I summarize my findings in short answer;

Jordan Peterson believes in intelligence. 

IQ is the speed to learn things. It generates action patterns fast. 

Various factors depend on intelligence. Consciousness, Cognitive abilities, agreeableness and Neuroticism are personality factors for intelligence. 

People don’t like IQ studies. High IQ people can be dull. 

High IQ refers to life success. Intelligence saves through Excercise. 

We learn through already known references. 

Emotional intelligence doesn’t exist. 

IQ definition:

Jordan refers to earl hunt intelligence work. 

IQ represents the processing speed. It’s a rate of understanding. Jordan Peterson IQ and success values intelligence.

Intelligence purpose:

Intelligence has worked. It tells the world looking way. 

You get a purpose to use them. Read about Jordan Peterson creativity.

You landscape prospective world. Intelligence gives action patterns. 

It’s a consistent process of mapping and moving. You navigate to manifest words with wishes. 

We abstract things through perception. Use language for perception. We learn lessons from one. Then, generalize and apply in others. 

Intelligence factors:

Jordan shares a list of intelligence. These factors measure your intelligence;

  • Practical vs analytical.
  • Social, emotional and moral. 
  • Multiple aspects include linguistic, musical, Logical-mathematical, spatial, body kinesthetics, interpersonal and intrapersonal. 

Jordan shares personality traits. These traits define your action. It helps to predict the performance of any personal success. 

Jordan Peterson Performance predictor lecture:


Consciousness is another predictor of success. Smart people who work hard attain success. No psychometric relation between consciousness and IQ exists. Jordan points out consciousness as corrupt grit form. 

It points out the working hour of the job. 

Some people work with discipline and more. 

Others don’t prefer a schedule. Industrious people have high consciousness. 

Cognition qualities:

Choose the Job that gives the upper intelligence percentile. Never choose a job in which you feel intellectual than others. Never select the tough Job for you. Select the work that yields growth.

Agreeableness impact:

It’s the ability to agree with others. 

Women are more agreeableness than Men. It’s a reason for women career success. 

Women agree about job changes. They agree with the team.  

The industrious people have low agreeableness. They’re disagreeable with purpose. 


It refers to stress tolerance. It measures your stress facing ability. 

Never choose stressful work for you. Some people endure pressure. Others don’t like stressful workplaces. 

Low neuroticism refers to life success. 

IQ links associate abilities:

You pick the achievable target. Then, measure every intelligence. These associate abilities have intelligence in common. 

We measure IQ by analyzing common success factors across various fields. 

Hates about IQ:

People don’t like Intelligent ideas. They want to be Smart. 

They don’t like a dump. There is various measurement intelligence problem. It’s a fact. 

IQ is psychometrically rigorous. 

Creativity and IQ:

Creativity and grading have no access. Creatives work their rule. Know their Rule to access it. Creative people are wrong. It’s not easy to establish novel ways. We can’t measure IQ with creativity. 

Low IQ issues:

A lot of jobs require complex technology interaction. Jordan refers to Earl Hunt. Less 90IQ tough to translate reading into action. You can’t read and apply. 

Jordan refers to Bell curve book. 15% of top people have an IQ level of about 115. 

Jordan train several 80IQ people. Jobs for low IQ people disappears. The world becomes complex. 

IQ people be stupid:

People set up with their IQ. It’s the way to perceive. You can make high IQ people stupid. Never allow him enough chances to grow. 

IQ improvement not possible:

Low IQ improvement is Tough. People do it with Lumosity games. 

Their luminosity game performance enhances. Other performance doesn’t grow. 

Intelligence has multiple domain impacts. You can’t increase all domains through training single. 

IQ gives life success:

You graduate from school with 130IQ. You can do everything you want at 145IQ. 90IQ means you’ve 15% achievement. 

As you get smarter, scatter between abilities. You are great at one. 

You’re not in other. It’s a massive contributor to life success. 

Smart people generate more ideas. Strategize them better. 

Why do smart people make money? They reach a point of production faster. 

Learn through references:

We take complex things. Develop icons. You get a word. Combine it with icons. You develop things with it. It happens with novel reading. 

Things come alive. It’s your ideological way. 

You’ve to read novel references. Ourselves and writers have the same emotions. 

Jordan Peterson IQ test:

Every IQ test ranks people through problem-solving under a given time. 

Take 10,000 questions. It’s about anything. These require abstraction to solve. It’s linguistical and mathematical. Take 100 random questions. Give them to 1000people. 

Rank the people with the score. Measure it with age. You observe people at the top remains the same. 

Intelligence over time:

The average population intelligence increases. It’s over the last 50Years. 

It’s because of improved nutrition and information exposure. 

Excercise saves IQ loss:

Jordan shares ways to preserve your IQ with age. Your fluid IQ decreases at 20. Physical exercise is best to prevent it. 

Physical Exercise enhances brain oxygen. The brain consumes a lot of oxygen. The aerobic and anaerobic exercises are Effective. 

Jordan Peterson IQ and the job market:

Below, I summarize Jordan Peterson IQ and Job market wisdom. You can know the right job fit. 

Jobs are repetitive work or complex. Intelligence with consciousness impacts job selection.  

Entrepreneurs have intelligence with openness. Conservatives work with disagreeableness, discipline and intelligence. People with lower IQs be productive. 

Jobs categories:

Jordan Peterson classifies jobs into 2catagories;

Simple jobs:Complex jobs:
Jobs you learn something and repeat the process. It refers to consciousness. These jobs demand changes regularly. These refer to Managers and administrators jobs.

Jordan Peterson IQ and success prefer the right job selection. IQ gives learning about the process. You do a job after learning refers consciousness. 

IQ VS Job categories:

Jordan Peterson IQ and success select jobs through intelligence. You can choose yours with it.

Intelligence Level:Jobs associate with it:
95-86 Percentile (IQ 130-116)Research Analyst, Attorney 
Advertising Manager, Editor
Engineer, Chemist, Executive 
Trainee, Manager
Auditor, Systems Analyst
85-73 Percentile (IQ 115-110)Accountant, Copywriter 
Programmer,  Sales
Sales Manager
Teacher, Analyst, Adjuster 
Purchasing Agent 
General Manager
Registered Nurse
Sales Accountant Executive 
76-60 Percentile (IQ 108-103)administrative Assistant 
Bookkeeper, Store Manager
Drafter, Credit Clerk, Designer 
Assistant Manager, Lab Tester/tech 
Telephone Sales, General Sales
Accounting Clerk, Secretary
Medical Debt Collection 
Customer Service Representative 
Computer Operator 
Automotive Salesman, Technician
Typist, Clerk
55-50 Percentile (IQ 102-100) General Office, Dispatcher
Police Patrol Officer 
Cashier, Receptionist
General Clerical 
Meter Reader, Inside Sales Clerk
Data Entry, Printer, Teller,
Electrical Helper 

Job selection Jordan Peterson:

Jordan says Job selection. Everyone can’t do every job. 

We can’t train everyone for everything. 

The 2factors affect job selections. 

  • Intelligence(IQ) is 1st. IQ is more powerful than consciousness. 
  • Consciousness is 2nd. 

Entrepreneurial job:

  • 1st factor is intelligence(IQ).
  • 2nd factor is openness. It refers to Openness. 

You motivate primary by pursuing your ideas. Their downfall is administrator and managers type. 

Most companies lose their creativity or flexibility over time. Administration dominates. 

Conservative job:

Conservatives think that people can do any job. 

They don’t work hard enough. Conservatives are Consciousness.  

They’ve less Openness and agreeableness. You tell them about the job. 

Liberal Job Thinking:

Liberal things everyone can get training. Everyone can do any job. 

They choose their Job.

Productive low IQ:

We’ve to find ways. So, we make people at the lower end productive. Never give them money. Give them worthful opportunities. 

US army IQ selection:

The Army practised IQ test selection from 1919. Less than 83IQ rejective. 

The military takes people. They add people with manageable. 

Jordan shares his findings. 10% population has IQ less than 83. 

Harward selection:

In the 1960s, Harward student has 105to110 IQ. Now, Harward IQ is 145. 

They select through a scholastic aptitude test(SAT). Joedan refers it as IQ test. Their student performance moves upward. 

Jordan Peterson Engineers view:

Jordan Peterson has views about engineers. Below, I summarize his views; 

Engineers are interested in meaningful things. They prefer facts over politics. Go for hard problems. Scandinavian countries have more men engineers. He shares research about gender equal opportunities. Men and women differ biologically. Job selection links with gender. 

Interest in things:

Engineers show interest in things. They find an interest through meaning. 

Jordan Peterson IQ and success explains Engineers with high IQ.

Facts chooser:

Their feedback is associated with facts. 

High Intelligence:

Engineers have an IQ of 130-116. It links reasonable stress tolerance. 

They are considerable consciousness.

Resolve tough practically:

They resolve tough things fast. 

Engineer refers to applied science. 

Develop faster:

They amplify things and develop things faster. 

Most engineers are men:

People should choose a profession through biological selection. 

Men choose professions associated with things. Men are most engineers.

Jordan shares Scandinavian statistics, Female engineer’s ratio is 1/20.


Engineers can’t do politics. They tangle up with it. 

Jordan Peterson equality of opportunity:

Equality of opportunity gives Free choice. 

Jordan refers to opportunity differences for men and women.

There is 2difference among men and women.

1st is biological. We can’t minimize it through social engineering. 

2nd is cultural. If we lower the cultural difference, biological difference expels. 


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