Is laws of human nature a good book?

I research a lot about the Question “Is laws of human nature a good book?”. Below, I summarize my quick answer; 

“The laws of human nature” book is worth reading. It highlights personal flaws. It refers to psychology and philosophy. Values action and control emotional impact. It aware you of the destructive path. You achieve freedom internal and external. 

The book has criticism. Robert shares personal ideas. No research-based laws. Laws are tendencies, not universal. It has Old fashioned explanation structure. Encourage fake personas. 

The laws of human nature Quotes:

I mention below the most impactful quotes from the book. 

Robert Greene The laws of  human nature quote. That refers to goal setting.
Robert Greene The laws of human nature quote
The laws of human nature best social quote. Encourage calmness in media world.
The laws of human nature best social quote

The laws of human nature Quick Summary:

I quick summarize The laws of human nature in the following points;

Empathy Develop Emotional stability with a changeable attitude.

Robert encourages emotional stability. The best way of self-love is empathy. The situation hinders forever. A changing attitude transforms it. Know Jordan Peterson truth wisdom.  

Mastering your emotions gives awareness to control action. You can identify and stop emotional distractions. 

Determine others’ appearance through their opinion and strength.

Appearance is the way other’s treat you. There is a reason for it. 

Every person treats you differently. Their behaviours have clues about their desires. 

Some use strengths to dispel your purpose. Understand others by reducing resistance. Allow other’s to express opinions. 

Encounter darkness, ego and limitations through purpose sense. 

Purpose reduces the irrelevant distractions. 

The Darkside acceptance is essential. Any viral thought can stop our growth. 

The ego can activate through comparison. 

It devalues your routine productivity. Encourage others to control ego. 

Your limitation provides enough value to move forward. Never hide from Limitations.

Uncover your masculine and feminine side.

Men tend to stay focused at one. They focus on things. Categorize a world that makes sense. 

Women collect things. They’ve pattern Focused mentality. 

They collect information to turn it into a web. 

Never suppress any tendencies. Utilize them to move forward. 

Morality Value your perspective. Enhance your demand for others.

Remind your morality. It gives a sense of urgency. 

Improve your perspective. Never suppress your opinion. 

It shows your evaluation. Always create your desire in others’ eyes. 

Disclose the reason behind others’ behaviour. 

Every behaviour has clues. It can be verbal or nonverbal. 

Everyone speaks with a mask. Never ignore people behaviour. 

That mask has a weakness. You can know real intentions through breaking the mask. 

Laws of human nature Advantages:

Below I mention the crucial advantages of The laws of human nature. 

Personal flaws against success:

Robert highlights personal flaws existence. Your mistakes are the origin of destruction. People around you take advantage.

 We can use mistakes with purpose. Mistakes make us general humans. 

Psychology and philosophical references:

Robert Greene explains various historical stories. He refers to success philosophy. He highlights Carl Jung, Nietzsche and Sigmund Freud. 

Robert Greene uses Daniel Kahneman research in this book. 

Author shares ancient greek Philosophical lessons. The diverse stories existence boosts the lesson’s impact. 

Value action over words:

We listen to people and develop a perception in general. No doubt, words matter to understand someone.

Robert suggests observing actions only. Various people don’t explain through words. Knowing their action saves all. 

Concious and unconcious role:

Our actions orient through the unconscious. Its conscious self is temporary. 

The book points out an unconscious connection with others. Unconcious reveals us. 

Conscious exposure impacts unconscious values. It appears most in Tough situations. 

The book teaches about Unconscious connection. 

Expose emotional impact:

We hide our emotions from ourselves. It yields a drastic impact. 

We aren’t aware of our true feeling. It misleads us. We try to avoid hurting Emotions. 

Knowing your dark emotions is beneficial. It protects you from sudden attacks. 

Identify destructive traps:

We experience several traps in life. Most traps attack us on repeat. 

These traps provoke specific temptation. The book highlights the Temptations of a destructive life. 

The success stories point out people come out from the chaos.  

Reduce risks towards unknown:

We all encounter new situations. These situations can risk our opportunities. 

The laws of nature improve human understanding. It gives them the courage to minimize risk. You choose calculated risks for improvement. 

Deep human acceptance:

Every person has several sides. We often reject ourselves. The laws of human nature reflect over humans. Human behaviour is Useful. 

Robert accepts human variation. You are aware of acceptance. Survive your mission. 

Acceptance of negative situation:

Negative emotions exist inside everyone. Calm people master it. 

They know viral Emotions. The book has laws about it. 

Each law gives a Choice. We choose best among all.  

Highlight Unconcious impacts:

We all have various mistakes on repeat. 

It has unconscious value. Some problems seem to surface. The specific action change mentality. Robert shares success stories. People change life with it. 

Discourage destructive paths:

Various paths destroy success.

Destruction has several forms. Robert encourages responsibility. 

It gives purpose sense. You carry a burden of self actions.

The book highlights destructive choices. It demands struggle. The consistent struggle yields transformation. Human nature discloses it. 

Provide freedom state:

Freedom is the ultimate life achievement. It comes through consistent striving. 

Robert Greene encourages consistent effort. The laws of human nature disclose Effort quality. Besides, the sudden attack and personal mistakes ruin achievements. Hiding from mistakes isn’t freedom. 

Success stories reference:

The laws of human nature share diverse stories. These stories specify particular Law. These stories show toughness towards success. 

Encourage self-reliance:

Everything changes consistently. The people or opportunities never lasts. 

It’s the best option to survive with purpose. The book shows paths for it. We all depend on others. The courage to live independent should remain. 

Robert Greene explains self-reliance effort. 

Laws of human nature book survey:

I do a survey on Goodreads about it. I mention the audience reason behind selecting or rejecting it. Below, I mentioned my findings; 

Survey table:

Review categories:People no:Reasons:
Yes242peopleShow practical laws.
Great thinkable.
Reveal fear impact over humans.
Idea reframing.
Minimize risk-taking and self sharing.
Insightful read.
It has an entertaining way to explain.
Laws are workable with complex problems.
Disclose your all insecurities.
Explain human flaws well.
Develop beyond standards.
Explain the realistic complexity of human beings.
Rationality requires training.
Focus action then words.
Impacts professional and personal relationships.
Save from others’ destruction.
Relay and feed intellect over feelings.
It’s an Enticing way to look at the world.
A tendency towards self-destruction.
Show turning situation into an advantage.
It commits true freedom.
Realize emotional influence with rationality importance.
Inspirational but ruthless.
Bring out your best by avoiding unchangeable people.
Understand and avoid toxic people.
Provide historical and greek references.
Conscious and unconscious efforts.
No23peopleNo science-based facts.
Criticize to take credit.
Other aspects like culture matter.
Not an honest argument.
Book theories are Anecdote.
It contains cognitive biases.
It devalues spiritual aspects.
Manipulative Laws aren’t Real human nature.
Fake loyalty is essential for success.
Characters are misleading.
Meaningless describing.
Use old fashioned language.
Encourage arrogance.
Try to prove doom.
Neutral38peopleDoubt your authority.
Laws require generalization.
Less actionable, more stories.
Encourage playing social games.
Less impactful than “48 Laws of Power”.
Some Chapters are exciting than others.
Already known lesson.
Some Lessons don’t match stories.
Laws are tendencies not universal.
Give assertive or dangerous generalizations.
Require rewriting with simple language.
Being good influences more.
Take credit for others’ work.
Stories refer to autism(Social, speech and nonverbal problems).
Never highlights values.
Try to fit his idea rather than following a pattern.
It uses other research like Daniel Kahneman.

Laws of nature Criticism:

The laws of human nature have several criticisms. Below, I mention crucial impacts of it. 

Biases about humans:

Robert Greene has several biases towards the human. He uses various stories and references for it. 

The book perception is surviving rather than exploring. 

No spiritual connections:

The laws of nature don’t mention any spiritual connections. Robert doesn’t share a deep human bond. 

Various connectivity leads with it. 

Everyone requires spiritual relations. We can’t ignore them.  

Encourage fake loyalty:

The laws of human nature avoid human trapping. Fake loyalty can’t work longer. Faking attitude hurts truth. The truth is essential for self-acceptance. 

Truth arises Right questioning. Faking hurt us back. 

Arise self-contradiction through pretending:

Self-contradictions happen after faking events. The book has several social skill tactics. 

Robert uses pretending as a skill. It shifts self-awareness. 

Not researched content:

Robert Greene doesn’t show any research-based knowledge. He uses history, philosophy for reference. 

The Author used References to explain his point. The book doesn’t mention separate surveys or research. 

Robert interviews others. He explains wisdom. 

Tough sentence structure:

The book is not easy to read. The sentence structure is conventional. Robert uses complex lines for understanding. 

No laws generalization:

These laws refer to tendencies. It comes with situations. 

An action orientation ends all Tendencies. 

Laws has situational worth. We can’t rely on every Law. 

Encourage dominance:

The laws of human nature have dominant encouragement. The author shows traps. He wants us to avoid or devalue traps. 

Some Traps are apparent. Reading complete laws are beneficial. Some Laws point out traps. 

Greene’s ideas:

Robert shares his idea with other philosophies. He focuses on the Freudian perspective more. 

He also refers to Carl Jung wisdom and Nietzsche. Robert Greene shares his philosophy towards laws. 


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