Jordan Peterson hero:

I research a lot about Jordan Peterson hero. Below, I summarize my answer; 

Not want happiness. Moral develops harm. Don’t be an obedient coward. 

Hero’s journey exists. It Connects the story. 

Higher consciousness. Embody information. 

Turn fear into pieces. 

Avoid unearned wisdom. The hero archetype is best.  

It Gives action. That provides mean. 

Be a heroic story. Improve balance. 

Stories evolve. Go for the truth. 

Myths give actions. Knowledge is objective. Strength characters. Appreciate archetype. Ignore ideology and nihilism. 

Female Hero exists. She Encounters selfishness.

Children care responsibly. Select tough man. 

Table of Contents

Happiness doesn’t work:

People go for happiness. Show happiness as better. It’s not better. Not better than misery. It doesn’t work. No one believes it. 

Happiness ignores evil:

Life has tragedies. It has evil. Read about Jordan Peterson Dragon wisdom.

We experience malevolence. Jordan Peterson hero never wants it. Wins through Fight.

Happiness does not work. 

Being a civilized monster:

Being a monster is essential. It changes into good. It’s a civilized monster. 

That makes you dangerous. More dangerous means better. Should control it. 

Moral and harms:

Morality requires harm. A harmless person is not moral. Maral insufficiency exists. That corrupts the world. 

What’s a harmless antidote?

It’s shadow. Open up it. You may lose. Better than nothing. It’s admirable.

 That’s predatory victory. That’s not a higher level. 

Peace is the highest victory:

The highest victory level exist. Wisdom chooses it. 

Not comes through fear. Peace of armed opponents. Both respect each other. 

Obedient covert not good:

Never obedient coward. It’s not good. Break rules necessary. 

Awaken sleeping father:

Hero awakes father. He’s sleeping, father. He’s in an abyss. 

Jordan explains. It’s a genetic code. Your ancestor powers. Encounter stress better. That’s Egyptian mythology. It’s God dying and creating.

Become a living avatar.  

Face unknown voluntarily:

Never terrify. Be voluntary. That’s the human way. Jordan Peterson hero chooses it. That’s adventurous.

Jordan Peterson hero’s journey:

Jordan explains carl psychoanalysis. He inspires with carl Yung. 

Sigmund Freud (Peterson’s views):Carl Jung (Peterson’s views):
Freud support Fail hero. Consider it central life.Yung against it. Fail hero not best. A successful story defines humans. Jordan Refers sleeping beauty story.
Freud is against religion. Religion misguides all.
It supports wrong expectations.
Yung centre the religion. It gives a message. We follow it.

Yung profound with Sigmund freud. Also, inspire with Friedrich Nietzsche.

Heighten Consciousness:

Yung awakes hero. Make the patient a hero. 

Make patient ready. They encounter chaos. 

That enhances consciousness. Relationship betters. 

Dramatized stories:

Jordan refers to eric Neumann. Eric is Jung’s student. 

Eric uses hero myth. It’s dramatized story. Emerge out from human consciousness. That struggles to light. 

Hero story works. That builds successful consciousness. 

Stories give a role. That Eliminates death to fear. 

Jordan Undergraduate:

Jordan shares his undergraduate experience. He did 2 Things. 

Do Scientific research on alcoholism. Read the Religious, mythological stories. Arise his Heroism interest.

Carl Yung’s vision:

Yung is highly educated. Introvert visionary. Know the deep social meaning. That exists 1000Years. 

Thinking words with visions:

We think in vision. Through words. Or their combination. Aesthetic thinks vision. 

Develop characteristical knowledge:

Yung thinks in images. He observes in characters. 

He explains with them. 

Uncover fears pieces:

Encounter you afraid. Do it stepwise. That’s a hero myth. 

Break the dragon:

Ignore the irrelevant dragon. Face the relevant one. 

Break it through sub-dragons. 

Divide it. Gain the dragon power. 

Dreams are creating:

Creative people dream well. Create and remind it. 

Never force it. 

Involve with its nature:

Create artistic things. Put in a Relaxed situation. Never work with force. It’s not creating. 

Put yourself in it. That’s Half yourself and other nature. Allow for manifestation.  

Embody information:

We embody information. That appears in action. 

We Imitating other people. That’s our action. Take action from them. 

Take patterns:

Observe patterns from them. Never understand them. 

Patterns become figures. Distil them. That creates behaviour. 

Patterns are a reality:

Behaviour pattern has content. That evolves. 

It reveals reality structure. 

Religion and facts:

Jung has religion beleif. Fear of death exists. Religion never eliminates. 

Religious and fact together. Yung becomes popular. 

Union idea Jordan Peterson:

Following bliss is not success. Jordan rejects that union idea.

Jordan shares his union idea. Look where least expected. Look in the dark. Something holds you. 

That’s an obstacle. It’s your gateway. Essential to know it. 

Confront strangely:

Hero’s journey is internal. Jordan conflicts with it. Inward journey for an introvert. Also, Confront strange in outside. 

Encounter the hidden:

Confront unknown matters. It’s an undiscovered self part. 

Jordan refers to Aldous Huxley. That’s potential. 

Consciousness has unknown potential. 

New genes actives. Encountering a New situation makes it. 

Be aware of unearned wisdom:

Ego involves. Consciousness is different. 

Ego relates to consciousness. That’s dangerous. Start equating with conscious. Avoid it. Never accept unearned. 

Stay grounded:

Accept the facts. Never ignore them. Conscious to the fail. Never unreasoned succeed.  

Dreaming always:

Young believes in dreams. We dream of all time. The external consciousness acts. Dream magnitude low down. Consciousness appears after waking. 

Jordan Peterson hero archetype:

Stories biology:

Stories are a collective structure. Exist in a deep mind. 

That Connects with biology. 

Connect stories:

We’re all humans. Share the same platform. 

Interpret world. Jordan Peterson heroism explains it.

Happen in similar ways. Express in stories. 

Actions through stories:

Stories give action. Acting is a fundamental problem. 

Stories drive success. It predicts failures. That Presents patterns. 

Messing unknown:

The unknown is confusing. That’s unexpected. 

It is dangerous. That Threatens properly. 

Habitual towards chaos:

The hero confronts chaos. It is unknown. Develop sense with it. Make habitable terrirtory. Create a safe domain. 

Voluntary action:

Voluntary action exists. That drives meaning. It is expression. That guides. We move with it. Cope the unknown. Chaos exists. 

Meaning to pursue:

People require meaning. They sustain them. 

Pass through tragedies properly. That Gives courage. Start a noble adventure. 

Self-aware being:

Stories come through consciousness. Humans are self-aware. Distinguish us from animals. 

Hero action:

Hero Develop peace. It’s chaos midst. 

He survives. His community survives. 

He transforms danger into kind. He balances experience. 

Unsuccessful action:

Unsuccessful fails. Develop anger fear. 

Stand against life. Become destructive. 

Stories Evolution: 

He connects darwin theory. Stories move with them. 

That connects religion. That Evolves with levels. 

It grows physiological. It Impacts our manner. Produce darwin process. 

Battle for order:

The world is not objective. It’s a battle. 

It’s evil and good. That happens in chaos and order. 

Aquire balance:

Conceive your best. Develop mediates. 

Deal with chaos and order. We do it all. 

Chaos is Component:

Chaos is a constituent element. It orients you. 

You face a crisis. That’s a noble action. Orients vision. 

Practical rules:

Never orient rules. It’s not irrational. Adopt paths. Deal with the crisis.

It’s practical, not abstract. 

Go for truth: 

The truth is simple. Makes thing simpler. Turn eyes clear. It Breaks a deceitful relationship. Proper perceiving. Uncover reputation. Develop an authentic relationship. False fails in the end. 

Unworkable lies:

Lies are short term. Not an effective strategy. Things come back. 

Know conduct:

Peterson has a flood story. It explains us. 

Catastrophy floods us. That appears in life. 

That Washes away. Know about conduct. 

Adjustment transforms:

Our world ends. It happens in small ways. 

The orientation shifts us. That’s in Large ways. Prepare in advance. 

Face it. That facing challenges. 

Negative in Unknown:

You fall in unknown. That Enhances desires. 

You destroy things.

 It becomes the underworld. That Has negative consequences. 

Myths are subjective:

Myths have landscape. It’s human. Not for the objective. That’s phycological conditions. 

That’s with us. Pain is not objective. 

That’s undeniable. It’s subjective.

The material never orients:

Material outlook doesn’t care. Not teach action. Only knowledge doesn’t

teach it. Various answers exist. These disorient you. 

Complex decisions:

Decisions are complex. Various variable exists. 

These are parameters. 

Facts knowledge:

Factual knowledge is objective. It’s material. 

Moral knowledge:

Moral knowledge is subjective. That gives value. Give motivations and emotions. That provides existence. Give fundamental realities. That experience pain. 

Meaning isn’t material:

Meaning is primary. The material isn’t. 

Material changes with time. Meaning hits your core. That remains the same.  Jordan Peterson heroism has meanings. That pulls interest.

TWO Feminine elements:

Jordan explains it. That’s famine. These elements define below; 

Unkown is feminine:

Feminine arrives new form. The unknown is like that. 

Mother nature is that. 

It arises new things. A great part exists. 

It provides information. That gives new life. 

The unknown is chaos:

Chaos is an unknown element. It kills you. 

Require courage, Bravery. It supports honesty. 

TWO Masculine elements:

The order has 2elements. That’s masculine.

Tyrant Part:

It kills you. That Boosts arrogance. 

It oppresses you. Can transform it. 

That’s protection. 

Great father:

Patriarchy crushes you. That develops you. 

It Teaches life. 

The radical left makes father tyranny. Radical right makes a great father. 

Consider both simultaneously. 

Famine is birth:

Famine associate with birth. It’s a dominant factor. Bear on that. 

Give arise new thing. Become a fertile agent. 

Allow negative environment. 

Never overprotect child. Become weak. They desire unconscious. It arises suicide ideas. 

Hero is masculine:

The hero archetype is masculine. 

Adult famine comes out. It’s through man choices. 

That activates her. He Gives her consciousness. 

Decode stories:

Push yourself through stories. Move-in a different direction. You learn new things. Generate it. Interact through the world. 

Never stay decline:

Encounter challenges. Perform it religiously. That Provides enough power. 

Become out of cruelty. Make you kind. 

Life is difficult. That challenges your core. Stand that challenge. 

Never wrap. It deteriorates you.  

Be responsible:

Take responsibilities. Accept the challenges. That strengths you. 

You’re responsible. It’s for family and community. People don’t like it. 

Hate their mistakes acceptance. 

Strength character:

Articulate true self. Do it carefully. That establish aims. That demands confronting. Jordan Peterson heroism polishes it.

Hiding impossible:

You can’t hide. Never hide exit. 

You Can’t hide from illness. Never hide from the pain. Not possible. 

Choose wisely:

The chasing grows. See the front issues. Never choose to like. Choose unlike also. Never dismiss through wisdom. Catastrophe is coming. 

Be conscious:

Encourage yourself. Master your views. 

Stretch yourself consistent. Keep your eyes open. 

Speak consciously. Never stuck in illusions. That hurts in crisis. 

Realize archetype:

It’s patterns. Accept the struggles. It’s ourselves. 

Give them control. That opens yourself. You get radical transformation.  

Go for potential:

You’re not all. Not your want. You suffer for not want. 

It creates pain. Everyone cares about it. 

You’re yourself. You’re what can be. Its indefinite potential. You’re potential. Potential is a possibility. It is not being. 

Update yourself:

Push what you can be. Burn outdated self. Allow new life. 

You don’t care about pain. That’s not happiness. Not proudly. It’s chaos. 

Admiration allows archetype:

Find admirably consistent. That’s a pathway. Achieve archetype. 

People Tell admirable people stories. Other people listen. Distil what’s interesting. It is an archetype story. 

Explain Fear reasoning: 

Justify your fear. That can’t stop you. No retreat exists. 

You can’t quit. Jordan Peterson hero never lose.

No unknown mistake:

Surround by unknown. Characterize through ignorance. We’re finite. There’s no stepping back. 

You act voluntarily or degenerate. That’s a journey. 

Don’t be cruel:

Never bitten through life. You see consequences. Become cruel. Create revenge. 

Get individual responsibility:

Never escape from individual responsibility. It ends freedom. 

Take things serious. Serious comes in the way. Prepare for them. 

Ignore ideology: 

Never get ideologies. 

Everything isn’t simple. Never wait for simple. 

Not believe in good. You believe in evil. 

Don’t follow nihilism. 

People achieve goodness. Never move forward. 

There good is like others. They’re waiting for suffering. 

Make you naive. That’s Zero malevolence protection. 

Jordan Peterson Female Hero:

A female hero exists. That’s mother nature. 

Women confront the chaos. Take knowledge. 

Child responsibility:

Feminine knows facts. 

Know about children. Children can break. A child loses hope. 

Protect child:

Give birth. Love her child. It’s her life. Protect him. It’s heroism. 

Have masculine role:

Female has a masculine side. That provokes. 

That Conquer uncertainty. It’s Jordan Peterson feminine hero.

Choose rough guys:

Female interest in rough guys. These civilized in their roughness. Transform evil capacity. Such Guys are competitive. Share success with family. 

Confront selfishness:

Mother give child importance. Develop platform. It rises child.

More than herself. Female control selfishness. It’s deeply characteristic. 

Select partners:

Women choose dominant men. Civilize the violence. That develop intimacy. 

The great mother:

Peterson refers Erich Neumann. He Associates The great mother book. 

She constructs child. Also, deconstruct the child.  

Judge men:

Feminines are judging. Stories have it. 

Men free themselves. Judging women is not wise.


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