Jordan Peterson avengers Marvel+Egyptian mythology views.

I research about Jordan Peterson avenger. I give Jordan’s view about it. Explain Egyptian Myth with marvel. Summarize my answer below;

Jordan Teaching does not support Red skull Villain. Jordan plays with it. Refers Nazi. Jordan supports adventure calls. 

Egyptians have Gods. Compete them. Seth pieces the Osiris. Horus defeat Seth. Osiris Unit with Seth. Union God creation. You get attention with wisdom. 

Marvel movies shares Villians. Know Villian categories. Know internal villain. 

Jordan Peterson avengers:

Shock about it:

Jordan says Red skull Marvel is a villain. 

Some associate it with his work. Jordan shows No intention to be a captain America villain. 

It’s not connected to Jordan’s ideas. It’s shocking him. 

Satanic character:

Red skull associate nazi. It’s a supernatural nazi. It’s a demonic character. 

That does not explain Jordan views. Read Jordan Peterson ideology.

Don’t compare:

Jordan criticize compare it. Associate with a red skull. People create loops. Jordan’s daughter takes fun.  

Jordan’s Clear response:

Jordan was ill at that time. Jordan response is neat play. 

Don’t outrage. People put Jordan work. 

It creates discontinuity. Visual and words confuse. 

Jordan talks are straight. It hits common sense. 

Comic author:

Jordan finds comic author. Find him politically correct. 

Ta-Nehisi Coates wrote it. 

Red skull last episodes shocked Peterson. Peterson doesn’t consider real.

Playing it:

Jordan plays with it. He is not attacking. Consider doing charity with it. 

Jordan views:

The left side criticizes Jordan. Lefties are the atheist. 

They’re scientists. The mythologist attacks him occasionally.  

Bizarre event:

Take the event as bizarre. Try it as a general charitable effort. 

Never be malevolent. Turn it into good. 

Messianic stage:

Jordan refers to Jean Piaget. He explains development. 

The last development stage exists. It’s a messianic stage. 

Support adventure call:

General identity is religious. It refers to call. 

That’s a call to adventure. Tha runs individual. It runs society. It’s necessary. 

Nazis Myth:

Jordan points to George Orwell. 

It refers Nazis. They build mythos. 

It’s powerful. Rationality can’t compete. 

Nonverbal impact:

Fascists are powerful. Use nonverbal. Use things to move. I share Jordan Twits. Jordan Peterson avengers support it.

Jordan Peterson Egyptian mythology:

Myths best ways. It teaches negotiation. 

Egyptian mythology moves forward. New God evolves. 

Gods competence:

Egyptians have gods. These fight for dominance. Create better mythologically. Ideals shifts. Compete their God. Choose the victor. 

It’s monotheism. That develops morality. 

Religion qualities:

Winning gods has quality features. These qualities exist in different religious ideas. 

Egyptian story characters:

Osiris is a father. Isis is a mother. 

Horus is the son. Seth is Osiris evil brother. 

Osiris and Seth:

Osiris is Edgpt father. Starting point mythology. He is old and naive. 

We lose environment attachment. Old Rule not working. 

Seth is nasty. He wants dominion. 

Seth Ruling:

Osiris ignore things. Seth kills him. Chope Osiris pieces. Send other states. Seth takes to land. Osiris lives shadowy life. Move-in underworld. 

Seth Becomes Ruler. 

Isis knows:

Isis is a goddess. Capable of destructive power. Good things source. 

She knows about Osiris. He disintegrates. 

Horus birth:

Isis moves across Egypt. Look for Osiris’s phallus. Get pregnant. 

Order beaks. New potential arises.

Isis birth Horus. Horus alienate from the kingdom. 

Reclaiming Horus:

Horus grows outside. It’s the underworld. 

He comes back to reclaim. 

Horus God:

Horus is also dangerous. He goes back. 

Says who they’re. Know the destruction. 

Horus reclaim consciousness. It’s from malevolence. 

Horus eye:

Horus has an eye. It represents falcon. 

Birds are prey. See better. It’s attention. It’s not thought. 

Attention symbol:

Attention meets meaning. It observes chaos. 

Turn into meaning. Attention is value.  

Move out chaos:

Horus grows in the underworld. He takes state back. Take it from evil uncle. He is contending it. He has Fewer winning chances. 

Seth Horus fight:

The fight happens. Seth breaks Horus’s eye. Seth is chaos. 

Horus told Seth to leave. Put Seth out from the kingdom. 

It represents a consciousness attack. Fighting evil can be tough. Challenges consciousness. 

Osiris take eye:

Horus take his eye back. Go back underworld. 

It’s not hell. Osiris is in the underworld. 

Osiris is an underworld god. Horus give him Eye. Horus and Osiris move surface. Unit with each other. Rule the Egypt.

Wisdom with attention:

Give Osiris vision. Bring him up. 

It develops wiseness. Attention is useless without wisdom. 

Cultural wisdom:

Wisdom from culture. That Offers into character. Become avatar culture. Become a well-being soul. 

Do balance:

Egyptian develop balance. Horus Go into the underworld. Rescue valuable things. He uses it. Create unity. 

Gods union:

Develop immortal soul. Pharaoh becomes union. It represents authority. 

It supports hierarchy. 

Presents you and role:

Living Pharaoh is alive and dead. It’s at the same time. 

You achieve a professional. It presents a role. It’s also your being. 

Saves culture:

Modern people are poor. Not take cultural responsibility. That’s not the right way. 

Spread compassion:

Jordan explains the story. A proper ruler is an attention. Conquer state pathology. That gives new vigour. 

Never blind:

Stay awake. Make little require correction. 

Don’t be willfully blind. It stores chaos. 

Never be weak:

You become weak. It takes out. 

They can’t get up. Tough to hit. 

Willing chaotic trip:

Go to the underworld. It’s for a purpose. That’s a short period. 

It’s voluntary exposure. Jordan Peterson avengers about voluntary adventure.

TWO heroic aspects:

1st is confronting nature. Chaos is its brutal form. 

2nd is confrontation cultural archaic aspects.

Culture is old. It arises Chaos. 

We can’t separate politics from the environment. 

Egyptian comes youthful achievement with past wisdom. 

Pyramid representation:

It presents Pharaoh immortality. Kha is its immortality. 

That’s unit Horis and Osiris. It rises phenomenon. That’s MOT. It’s in good order. 

Egyptian Chaos Order connection:

Union of Gods happen. Put order in chaos front. It’s balance. 

The whole society glorifies. It’s a potent idea. That gives power hierarchy. 

Hating matters:

Find what you hate. It’s easy. You’re avoiding it. Approach it. Divide into chunks. 

Enhance rise chances. Apply for order. 

Evil existable:

Never win evil. It’s permanent exist. 

That’s world property. You end one. 

Other appears soon. Some others take the role. 

Egyptian eye views:

Jordan explains the Egyptian Eye. 

It’s a wide pupil. That shows interest. 

Jordan Peterson marvel movies:

Catastrophe intermediates:

Marvel movies have Samuel Jackson. He is intermediate. 

Another side is Powerful people. He has a catastrophic history. 

Separate villains:

We watch movies. Identify villains and heroes. Separate them. Know about villain much. Jordan Peterson avengers show villain qualities.

Know hurtable:

You can villain. Know what hurts you. Know what hurts others. Can aim malevolence. Good at it. You’re like that.  

You think not like that. You’re more like it. 

Negative can grows:

Negative side irritates. It hates limiting conditions. 

It’s unfair. The resentful part exists. 

Never act it. Turn the situation worse.

Marvel Gods:

Marvel has God. He is Oden. 

He has 2 Sons. 

Thor is the hero. He is compensatable. 

Loki brings things down. He is a trickster. 


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