Should I read how to win friends and influence people?

Should I read how to win friends and influence people? You’re looking for this book recommendation. I point out the reasons. These are the pros and cons of how to win friends and influence people. The article gives a survey-based review in 2021. I summarize my quick answer below;

How to win friends and influence people values social connection. A practical guide to putting ideas into practice. A better approach to understand. Accept criticism. Simple and motivational read. Self-control towards various conditions. Act after listening to others. Other’s prospective valuable as yours.

Some drawbacks includes sales people view point. Convice others to win. Never encourage deep connections. Stories are old. Best suitable for beginner self-help.

How to win friends and influence people pages:

It considers as the all-time best book. 

The book became 85years old in 2021. This Book has over 30 million copies sold across the world. 

It translates into more than 30 languages. It has 19th number in Times magazine list of 100 influential books.  The book is on 19th number in the All-time 100 nonfiction books list of Time magazine. 

The latest version of the book is available on amazon. It has near 288 pages. 

It has approximately 67,104 words or less. I enlist the states about a book of various publications below;

Print length282 pages288 pages
PublisherSanage Publishing HousePocket Books
Publication dateMarch 27, 2021
October 1, 1998

How to win friends and influence people importance(Advantages):

Boosts Social intelligence:

It gives social knowledge. Each lesson address some social activity. It refers to connection. Build your better with it. Never lose social connectivity. 

The book shows ways to develop social influence. Read Is 48 laws of power a good book?

Decrease Anti-social behaviour:

A lot of us are unfair at social activities. It yields violence or discomfort. 

It can reason for failure. We feel unsafe with others. 

The book eliminates tough social choices. 

Seduce Others:

All of us love seduction. We don’t know its ways. We use the wrong ways to impress others. It can either be arrogance or pleasing. 

The book unlocks the seduction process. 

Know when to speak:

Our speak disclose our personality. We speak the wrong most. 

The irrelevant speak yields less effectiveness. A proper speaking has a purpose. 

The book provides speaking reasons. Dale Carnegie means styles associated with speaking. 

Grab people’s attention:

Everyone wants public attention for some reason. It can be an idea or purpose. 

We don’t know grabbing attention ways. We lose several opportunities in life. 

The book suggests several grab attention ways. 

Effective idea sharing:

Our ideas evaporate. We fail to pursue them. 

The various idea depends on sharing. Sharing is not enough. 

Idea sharing should be effective. 

It has convincing power. Others follow or inspire through the idea. 

Lead without any fight:

Leading depends on communication. Dale Carnegie exposes fighting reasons. Wrong communication yields misunderstanding. That leaves the leader helpless.

Dale Carnegie condemns the argument. We should avoid Arguments. Admitting every Argument is the best choice. Besides, admitting your mistakes is best. 

Understand people want:

We don’t know about others. Proper communication is essential. 

It can be Proper listening and emotional interaction. We do something for others. Besides, others do something for us. 

We give others through knowing. It builds interest. 

Know social interaction cases:

How to make friends and influence people has various stories. These help to resolve fear. Interact through stories. It finds a relationship solution. 

Dale Carnegie shares personal experiences. 

Self-control under conditions:

Social interaction requires self-control. We lose self-control. 

We don’t know situational change. 

Know your and other prospectives:

Without knowing your perspective, you’ve no views. You can’t convey your message. Know Others perspective builds understanding. It uncloses the other’s demands. 

You can encourage your idea. It arises influence. 

Easy to read:

The book wrote in simple language. It’s easy to understand. 

Every section is well manageable. The book has Delegated and catchy writing. Reading win friend and influence people for everyone. Reflect over lessons. Connect through Dale’s philosophy.

It refers to famous philosophers like Confucious. 

Everyone can read it. The lessons explain in clear language. 

Make more connections:

How to make friends and influence people encourages relationship creation. We make more relations. Social discouragement never stops us. It drives hope to try. Eventually, the relationship enhances.

Values people:

It values human power. Dale Carnegie suggests cultivating it. 

Those generate the right expectations. We don’t stick in an emotional trap. Besides, we value people instead of events. 

Practical advice:

Every piece of advice is practical. Stepwise guidance clears the whole concept. 

You can identify your mistakes. A fair overview of each lesson improves routine interaction. 

Public survey about how to win friends and influence people [2021]

I surveyed Goodreads about it. Below, I mention the reasons explain about a book. The survey gives a public opinion. You select with ease. 

I read 292 comments on GoodReads about it. The 190 suggests reading this book. The 49 don’t like this book.

Yes190 book
life guidance.
Empower and humble.
Reflect over lessons.
Historical importance.
Delightful writing.
Reference great people for ideas.
Stories state to explain an idea.
Admits self mistakes.
Short and harmless.
NO49 people.People-pleasing advice.
Other ways are available.
manipulative and pretendive.
No self-expression.
Treat humans as selfish creatures.
Every person opinion matters.
Ony a sales book.
Duplicative technique.
Fake ideas.
Contradictory about being genuine.
Harmful for low esteem people.
Not workable in every situation.
The author thinks about himself.
Book is Boring.
Neutral views53 people.Not new advice.
Great sayings.
Common sense advice
Best for beginner human communication.
Make non geniune person.
Repetitive lessons.
Write for men.
Winning friends is not an appreciable idea.
The title doesn’t fulfil the promise.
Lengthy without reason.
Questionable life assumption.
Limited case studies(For business)
Specific salespeople.
More winning than true friendship.
It’s Not for introverts.
Other modern books are better.

Criticism about How to win friends and influence people:

Specify for salespeople:

How to win friends and influence people addresses salespeople. Its teaching understands others. Dale never allows self-expressing. Influencing works in sales. 

Every friendship requires complete expression. Encourage to influence others. A deep connection works more than influence. 

That’s why some people associate friend winning as flattering. Flattering makes you a fake person. 

Stories are unsatisfactory:

The book shares stories. These are Dale’s experiences. 

It doesn’t satisfy everyone. Some examples refer to citations. Other’s have no references. 

These stories most depict the corporate culture. Should I read how to win friends and influence people? Some stories are classical. It becomes less interesting.

Market worth:

Dale Carnegie becomes popular with it. The book has universal lessons. 

Its title is catchy. The book does less explain its title. Besides, everyone can summarize it. Leave the stories and read lessons. 

Ideas seem general. But the book arranges them well. 

The title catches the readers. The book has historical worth. 

Take humans as selfish:

No doubt, Dale Carnegie shares enticing quotes. Every quote has a philosophical reference. 

The author shares human motivation. It’s looking for personal benefits. Caring, selfless people exit. The book opposes self will idea. Social power exists. We stay genuine. 

It gives us identity. Our personal opinion should matter. Something crucial exists in our lives. The Crucial should be above others’ opinion. 

Best Biginner selfhelp enthusiest:

The book shares everlasting messages. The book doesn’t show topic depth. Besides, it has a motivational tone. That motivates self help worth. 

Research-based self-help exists these days. For example: “The one thing” by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan.

How to win friends and influence people is still wisdom. Read win friends and influence people tips from it. It’s practical. You know about communication power.


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