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Ideology is a social reality. It’s our functioning way. Everything we see symbolically comes from ideology. Ideology makes us up. (Subject) You are born from Ideology. 

Rejection of one Ideology turns into other Ideological forms. The ideological form of the viewing world is our consciousness. 

Every ideology has a central component of Exception. 

Split laws are more direct towards ideology. 

Ideologies create a sublime object.

We can’t get submit objects closely. We got closer; they lose the sublime feature. They turn ordinary. 

Intermediate states allow sublime object ideology to persist.

We can submit ourselves with new subject and object relationships. 

The object is the essence. 

Title explaining:

We observe the title itself. It’s half-seen. We can view it from a specific perspective. 

There is nothing at all in a sublime object. It becomes ordinary in daylight. 

Sublime refers to Jacque lacan. It’s about succeeding rationality. 

Object refers to Marxism. It’s associated with ideology goals.

 The sublime object of ideology joins Psychoanalysis and Marxism. 

Psychoanalysis flaw:

Zizek talks about psychoanalysis as a flaw. 

Latent thoughts(generation of dream/repressed thoughts) isn’t enough to understand a person. 

Understand the forms of thoughts matter. The subject existence tells about a person. Read about Slavoj Zizek Ideology.

Thoughts impact commodities:

Zizek raises questions; Why do thoughts exist in that form? It’s about questioning Thoughts reasoning. It explains throughs about the value you give something. 

It’s the impact of commodities that form. Commodity does hold the power of sublime object ideology. The way you represent yourself is another form of Ideology. 

Positive impact:

The Super-Ego, Symbolic order (Big-other) and Ideology move together. 

It produces a positive impact on ideology. It’s a sublime object of ideology. 

Various sublime objects exist within an ideology. The sublime object can institute. 

Framework human creation:

It’s a conscious framework that brings socio-economical, political and human creation. 

Money isn’t just paper. People continue to pretend that’s not paper. 

Political system and Psychoanalysis exist homogenously. We interact with the market. The market does the same. 

Abstractive awareness:

Consistent awareness of this abstraction. They no longer be ideology anymore. The non-understanding of abstract (like Market structure) loses the complete reality. 

Self-consciousness requires void formation. It requires filling. 

We can’t subject by itself. We can “subject of” or “subject by”. 


Ideology fissures within ideology produce symptoms. Symptoms are everything we see symbolically. 

Every ideology has a contradiction within it. 

Specific and Effective freedom:

Specific freedom comes through structural necessity. It acts as a universal notion. 

It’s the opposite of Effective freedom. 

Effective freedom is a free act to sell. It’s worker enslavement of capital. We become poor by not accepting it. 

Slavoj Zizek Cynicism Ideology:

Cynicism is also ideology. The price of good social consciousness is a commodity itself.  

People do not go blind in life through an ideological lens. People cynical believe they passed the ideology. They don’t take ideology much as crucial. They believe factual analysis surpasses ideology. It becomes blind to ideology. 

The general population don’t take ideology seriously. It’s dangerous. People are cynical about the attitude towards government. 

Lacanian perspective:

Zizek points out Lacanian perspective. Belief is interior. Knowledge is exterior. 

You verify knowledge with an Exterior position. The sublime object of ideology summary emphasis symbolization value.

Belief makes the foundational structure of life. Belief structure objective in an exterior way. 

Our symbolization of belief comes from the Exterior. 

Symbolic order (Big Other):

It divides itself into conscious and unconscious. It moves towards reality. 

Real splits subjects and symbolic order. 

Split laws suppress innate pleasure. 

These don’t write down. They’re socially accepted. 

Social norms ideology:

Ideology gives social norms to have. It gives psyche itself. 

It articulates the sublime objective ideology. 

Force subject to think existing laws. They can’t create new laws that encompass their ideology.

Functional subjectivity:

Functioning subjects require other object relations. It’s a way of perceiving yourself. Perceiving isn’t possible without a subject-object relationship. 

Sublime Objectivity:

Our object is sublime. True things idea transcends. It’s a source of ideology created by us.  

It’s a void filling idea. It helps to identify a subject with no other meaning. 

The ideology of filling the void is a sublime object. Relation coordinates as subjective. It’s become our conduction code. We see the world with our sublime idea. 

Void filling concept:

The potentialities and opportunities appear. We develop friends and foes through it. 

The filing void changes nothing. No fulfilment actual happen. 

We climb up the hierarchy. 

No transformation happen:

The world has not transformed. The idea of filling the void remains a fantasy. 

No catharsis exist to fulfil our desires. Nothing can fill the void we subject ourselves to. We’ve to accept the meaninglessness of existence. 

Greater god is not awaiting the fulfilment of our void.  

The subject is not accomplishment:

Subject no longer presume as an accomplishment. The Subject starts believing in the non-existence of others. He opens a gap between reality and its symbolism. 

The accomplishment price is becoming a void subject again. 

Objectivity is conditioning:

The sublime object of Ideology is relation coordinate for making self meaning. It addresses our human conditioning. 


I give you The sublime object of ideology a quick summary. It explains all his complex points in a simple manner.


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