Eckhart Tolle about mindfulness:

Eckhart Tolle about mindfulness
Eckhart Tolle wisdom about mindfulness:

Eckhart Tolle has a pearl of great wisdom about mindfulness. It helps everyone to be present at the moment. I summarize the answer to Eckhart mindfulness below; 

Eckhart Tolle prefers to use the term present instead of mindfulness. It is not some isolated experience of meditation. NOW aware you to your sense, thought and body. We can’t define ourselves with the stuff that’s the inside head. Your feel is free from body movement, touch and mental concepts. You are no longer in the trap of a fake sense of meaning.   

Eckhart Tolle mindfulness meditation:

Eckhart presents a great presentism technique. He shares the wisdom in his book, power of now. 

His meditation method is different from conventional. Everyone can practice it anytime. It gives you a sense of presentism and saves you from overreaction. 

Below I share the crucial lessons of mindfulness meditation by Eckhart Tolle;

1.Use Present term over mindfulness:

Eckhart Tolle never uses the term mindfulness. He prefers to use the term present instead of mindfulness. The author creates humour about mindfulness term. Mindfulness means your mind is full. 

He allows everyone to use mindfulness words in place of the present.  

2.Stay still and move deep:

It utilizes your ability to stay still. Things that happen outside is secondary importance. There is an opportunity to go deeper. You become free from external conditions. 

3.No external thing that makes you happy:

The physical condition that cannot outside impacts you. 

All external things lose their ability to make you happy. 

When things come that not present, we can’t say that you like that. You are in touch with your transcendent dimension. 

4.No external problem impacts you:

The problem doesn’t consume you. You know that you require actions to put yourself out. 

The source of real happiness is not out there. It comes to still at the moment. Stillness is unconditional. 

There is a transcendent state of happiness. React towards every single thing that happens to me is a dreadful thing. 

5.Stillness is one yourself. 

Stillness not achieved outside. The outside noises can’t put you towards stillness.

The reality that exists, If you accept it the way it exists. It moves you towards stillness. It can create noise. 

Despite the noise, there is stillness. Take yourself to a deeper level instead of relying on the desire external situation. 

6.Eckhart Tolle meditation style:

Eckhart Tolle has a unique meditation style. He approaches mindfulness with the depth of consciousness. 

Below I mention the points that assist you with this. You can achieve the mindfulness mindset of Tolle. 

  1. Clear sky is awareness. 
  2. Eyes open or close doesn’t matter.
  3. You are aware of awareness. You’re conscious of human consciousness. 
  4. Object and subject merge to become one.
  5. Clear sky with occasional thoughts. 
  6. The body turns into place.
  7. Mind and thoughts become one. 
  8. Stillness becomes vibrantly alive.
  9. You can bring stillness to nature. Nature loves it.
  10. The quickest way to move towards stillness is to welcome the present moment. 

All you remember is that stillness is possible. You do it. 

Eckhart Tolle mindfulness exercises

Eckhart believes that meditation can perform with open eyes. There is no specific position require for Eckhart meditation. 

Your entire life exists now. Most people don’t interest in now. I share the 4 Steps exercise for Eckhart Tolle.

1.What’s space surrounds you. It involves visual, audio, hears, touching and smelling. It’s not doing. 

2.You acknowledge and move towards it. It increases your awareness of the situation.

3. The next steps move you deeper. You require to separates senses from now. Where is “now” that has no connection with your Senses?

It’s not about forgetting about your consciousness. Your consciousness can also consume your thoughts. 

4.In this step, you feel that you’re alive. You feel aliveness throughout your body. It becomes part of your experience now. 

The step allows the thoughts to pass through your mind. You are not going to stuck in the seduction of thought. Your choice is to aware at the moment. 

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Live in now “mindfulness” process:

Eckhart teaches enticing ways to be present. Various worries come to mind while practising meditation. 

 Below I share the 3 Points about it. 

Send perception.

The mind gives us suggestions to move away from the present moment. The perception grabs attention towards some expectations. 


Various types of feelings awake inside yourself. It’s normal to encounter emotions in meditation. Your feelings can change your moods.  


The best way to get control over your feeling is by understanding thoughts. You give your feeling a direction by reminding good things.

Space between thoughts:

You discover a thing that separates your one thought from another. You feel come to yourself. That is Extraordinary power. 

The best way to overcome the maze of thoughts is to understand them. 

Our deeper dimension makes worries irrelevant.

It is not some isolated experience of meditation.  

Most of the time, our self define ourselves with the stuff that’s the inside head. 

The essence of your true self: 

Your presence has no form it’s spreading awareness. 

Can you aware of awareness facts? You can feel it as yourself. 

You become present in-depth. 

Now is vertically moving deeper: 

The present moment moves you inward. It sets you apart from the body and surroundings. You become free from the clouds of meaningless things.

The other stuff spread over the horizontal:

The temporary things all have equal worth. Some people think of horizontal stuff as their life. They judge their lives moment after moment. 

Free from false self:

Some people call the habitual thoughts and stories themselves. You stuck into the false self. In the end, you build wrong perceptions and attract wrong beliefs. 

It makes you overreactive and doesn’t give you satisfaction. 

Overthinking in the Eckhart Mindfulness:

Consciousness may consume with amplifying the instant moment. 

You can start a loop of overthinking. It misses your present moment. You can not understand presentness by conceptual. You’ve to experience it. 

We require an anchor for presentism. The mind plays clever and pop-ups thoughts inside your head. You require to follow that thought. 

You know well about your past, present and future expectations.


Realization of yourself.

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