The Four Loves Summary: Pros and Cons with solutions [Quick Explained]:

I give you The Four Loves by C.S Lewis quick summary in the table, below;

Four Loves:Drawbacks:Overcome drawbacks:
Storge is familiarity and affection and basic on other loves.Storge can addiction and run other’s life.Move with care.
Philia is a friendship.Philia can give evil strength.Choose wise friends.
Eros is romantic love and is an obsession with another person.Eros become jealous.Never take Eros serious or above others.
Agape is charitable love for others.Pride stops us from keeping agape, even in need.Practice agape towards giving and receiving.

About Clive Staples Lewis:

C.S. Lewis was a famous British writer. He admired both Oxford and Cambridge University. 

His work is well known as a theologian. Lewis wrote the book based on radio records back in 1958. His broadcast about love Turn into a book called The Four loves. The Hebrew language has 4 words for love. 

Greeks have 4different systems for love. C.S. Lewis explains them masterfully. 


Love requires correction. Higher powers assist about remain it. 

We should trust higher powers. Self-sufficiency, self-corrective or self-perpetuating towards love hurts us. 

C.S lewis has a grip on the ancient views about love. 

He shares enticing stories and love views about ages. The book shares the involvement of love possibility in every relationship. 

Each type of love has its flavour of pain. The Four Loves Summary explains the Pros and Cons with associate solutions. Read about Howard Schultz Innovation wisdom for innovating life. 


The love that arises through affection comes through similarities. 

You realize it when it goes on. That’s without attributes. It’s humblest of love. That’s shamefaced and furtive(secret).

 That’s beyond species like dog and man. It considers between mother and children. It happens in families or church groups. You love your people.


Kiss and language:

Storge kiss to express their love. It’s different from Eros. Through language, the expression goes with it. 


Connection develops through biological relationships. It has a surrounding or environmental impact. 

Environmental dependency changes Storge connectivity. 

Storage Drawbacks:

Storge accelerates naturally. It carries natural hatred. 

Attention problem arises. It yields guilt and resentment. 

It arises an oedipal mother issue. Mother gives child too much care to enclose him. 

In the oedipal complex, a child has an attraction from opposite-sex parents and envy from a same-sex parent. 

Drawbacks of Storage yields Bad manners, possessiveness and jealousy. 

Avoid Storge catastrophe:

Forgive others’ flaws to keep Storge healthy. Use agape to give unconditional Love. It blooms up Storge. 


It’s side by side love. It’s the happiest and fully human love. Modern schools of thought ignore it. Greek values Philia heavily. 

Friendship is comparable importance of beauty and value. It preconditions due to similar activity, then become personal level. It’s the companionship of a deeper level.

Philia dies in today world. True friendship is deep. 

People live without it Throughout life. 


Talk about friendship:

Friends talk about every interesting topic; not about themselves. 

They are Side by side. Moving towards some direction together. 


There is no biological impact associated with it. It’s independent to choose without any dependency. There is no bondage in it. 

Philia Drawbacks:

It constantly strengthens the ideas that bind people in friendship. It yields immoral support. You may lose personal values and follow others. 

Avoid Philia catastrophe:

Pick friends carefully. Use your moral judgment for it.  

Use Agape to forgive friends. 


It’s the love of romance and passion. It obliterates the concept of giving and receiving. 

It comes through the satisfaction and happiness of another person. 

Eros isn’t about happiness. We share unhappiness with a particular loved one. Our happiness associates with other terms. 

Feeling for love is an idol. Eros is easily tainted and become an idol. People stuck most to fantasize it. 


Sexual relationship: 

Sex can happen without Eros for enjoyment. Sex in Eros exist. You experience deep physical and emotional connections together. Their connections are faced to face, towards each other. Talk about themselves and yielding love. 

Marriage vow:

Seriousness requires taking Eros relationship serious. Other responsibility moves with Eros. 

Eros Drawbacks:

Eros obeyed unconditionally. They accept the uneasiness of a loved one. 

Eros yield short sight and jealousy. They become miserable with a slight change in fantasy. 

They may hurt themselves by praising loved ones. 

Avoid Eros catastrophe:

Understand the bad moods of another person. Use agape and past the bad Moods or flaws. 

Treat Eros with humour. Never take it too seriously. 


It’s charity and goodness love. That’s unearned spiritual love. 

It desires Good objects in necessary. It’s a selfless love that feels about other beings. 

You can practice Agape to any person or animal. 

It is rare to love to achieve. That’s God love. The value that God gives. It’s not a human-driven value.

It’s a central gospel piece. God wants us to share the love. 

Bible enforces about it. God gives his son to save the human race. 

Most valuable Love:

Each natural love version requires agape. It assists in sharing with others.

Other 3loves give and receive. Agape is unconditional giving. 

It’s perfect love. 

Experience agape highlights your flaws. You get everything from God even after being flawed; Share it with others.  


Act of giving: 

We give other charities or any service for benefit. It’s free of cost. Its purpose is to add value to others life. 

No return expectations:

There is no expectation associated with it. 

There is no desire to get a return. The return makes things conditional. 

Agape Drawbacks:

Agape consider a bad thing. Giving is great but, receiving it is annoying. 

We want unearned love, naturally desirable. 

It satisfies some hunger in others, not ours. We want gift love. 

Gifted love is the witness of the Lovingness of a giver. 

Our loveliness becomes shame. Gifted love is necessary, but doesn’t want it. 

We want others to forgive us but never forgive others. It’s easy to receive Agape but hard to give it. 

Avoid Agape catastrophe:

It’s about the practice on us. We believe, endure and delight in it. The recipient of Agape isn’t for lovable. Love exists in others for us.


Choose your Love with The Four Loves Summary. It assists you in identifying and resolving love issues in every relationship. 


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