Paulo Coelho on Love: 29 Points that explains his views:

I summarize my quick answer about Paulo Coelho on love below;

Love is the language of the world. Everyone understands it. It’s reasonless makes you better. It grows internal and external. Worth taking a risk. Its experiences are not explainable.

Love assists you to pass through trouble states. It discloses mysteries for you. Express it with others. Strongest love explains the weakness in love.

Strive towards better:

Paulo Coelho explains that love empowers us to be better. We strive to improve ourselves. Eventually, everything around us becomes better. 


There is no reason to love someone. If you get love, then you start loving eventually. Reason always lose the battle. You have no choice other than accept love. 

Universe helps:

If you love someone, the universe assists find it. There is no reason to lose hope. The whole universe is in favour of love. Read about Paulo Coelho Friendship

Embrace instant pain or wait:

When you love someone, you either face pain or love. Pain comes through rejection. It can be hell or paradise.

Love gives the stamina to wait. You require clarity about it. 

Untamed force:

Paulo Coelho explains that Love is a free force. Controlling love destroys you. 

Put love in prison enslaves you. Besides, we can’t understand it. Understanding love yields loss and confusion. 

Pursue inner legend:

Love allows man to pursue personal legend. True love never stops you from pursuing your inner Legend.

Accept not reject:

Accepting love opens up the door to nurturing our existence. Rejecting love yields hunger. We lose courage in life. Never lose a chance to Reject love. Always take it where you find it. 

Decide through Love:

If you value your decisions, you must love them. Don’t convince others to love your Decisions. Your Love for your decision is enough for you. It free you from others’ acceptance.  

Unlock mysteries:

Love gives you the capacity to learn everything. You don’t think about them in general. Love disclose things to understand you. 

Forgiveness energy:

Paulo explains that hate hurts you. It stops your growth. 

Forgiveness is energy. It appears in love form.

It ultimately transforms your life. You’re heading towards positive change.   

Adventure vs Tragedy:

Tragedy depends on the way to see it. 

Events feed your dark side by victimizing yourself in the world. You punish yourself without happening. 

Adventurers get the pain through change. Unavoidable loss comes in life, But it moves you forward.

Introduce new situation:

Paulo explains that love is always new. You can love several times in life. Every time love puts you in new scenarios. 

Saves us:

Paulo believes that we seek love first. Eventually, love desires us. It saves us from enormous dangers. That can be loneliness, fear. 

Encounter to love:

Paulo belief that life is a journey. It moves consistently without telling us. We have to stop and encounter each other. It is your precious moment of love and sharing. That moment is part of eternity. 

Love brings suffering:

In his novel, Brida, Paulo explains love and Associates suffering. Loce can yield the suffering of pain, loss and separation. 

You can avoid suffering by changing your love path. Disappointment happens along the love path. 

You require a commitment to encounter suffering. Things move fast in life. Beauty changes into suffering within seconds. Paulo explains that nothing is left after things go wrong in Love. 

Excitement and pain:

Love doesn’t bring happiness. It is a consistent anxieties state and tries to do the right things. Love makeup of agony and ecstasy.

Require moments:

You don’t require days for love; Few moments with intense love in enough. It gives justification for the rest of the days. 

Demands sharing:

Love requires sharing to peace. Sharing is essential to living again. You love someone more than yourself. 

Impacts Internal:

Paulo Coelho explains that Love makes things possible to create. You don’t need to understand it. Everythings happen internally. 

Trap and disease:

Paulo associates love with trap and disease. Love impacts as Trap. You see its shine but ignore the shadow. 

No one wants a cure for love; People who get love never want to be better. Besides, people like suffering in love. 

Yields Risk and change:

Some people don’t choose love. There is a risk involved in it. 

They don’t want to put the future at risk. 

Paulo explains that change comes through love. Your Time and knowledge don’t change your mind. 

Love Is:

Paulo explains that love isn’t a habit. No debt, commitment or romance explains love. You identify love through its existence. 

Leaving and arriving happen in life. You find love again throughout life. You can’t explain love. Read The Four Loves Summary by C.S lewis.

Explaining doesn’t reach experience level. You have to experience it. 

Worthy risk:

Paulo explains the risks associated with love. Love can be lethal or miserable. You still should take the risk of love. 

No Return Expecting:

Most people want to return after they love someone. Expecting love in return is wasting your Time; Don’t expect any return.  

Thoughts bring Love:

In warrior of light, Paulo explains that thoughts can change our life. Life begins to change after Certain find love. Love appears when you’re certain about it. 

Wise VS Fool:

Wise people become wise because of love. They experience the way love is. Be ready to encounter love challenges. 

Fool people try to understand love. 

They try to control, imprison or betray love. They hurt themselves in return. 

Nourish above or internal:

Love can nourish you from above. It means love to express and brings joy.

In trouble condition, Love dries from above. It should grow inside. It saves its roots to alive in an undesirable situation.  

If external love joy ends, it should grow inside. Love growth should never stop. 

Show love:

Paulo encourages to show love. Never miss the chance to lose love. It’s for sharing. Express is as much you can. Never ignore or devalue it. Especially, those who are close to you deserves your love. We’re most cautious about being hurt by others. Express is to get it in return. 

Souls meet at a time:

Paulo explains that souls meet at a specific time. Nothing can stop souls meet each other. The whole world and their location doesn’t matter.


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