Paulo Coelho Friendship: 22 Quick Points explain it:

I summarize my quick answer to Paulo Coelho friendship wisdom below;

True friends are always in good times. A new friend is a new universe. Never make friends through social status. It ends loneliness and gives warmth in hard times. Never enforce change on friends. Never make enemies friends. Flow with your friends. Love, earn and never betray your friend. Don’t listen to malicious comments of a friend. We categorize false friends and true enemies. 

True Friends cheers:

Paulo explains that true friends are always excited about our success. They stay with you in good times. They don’t hide away by making excuses. Your success fills them with joy. 

False friends appear in difficulties:

False friends appear to see you in difficulties. They’ve sad faces to show you. Your trouble comforts them in any possible way. 

They show supportive faces to take credit. Read The Four Loves Summary now. 

Avoid social status based friends:

Paulo encourages us never to choose friends through social status. It associates friendship with logical reasoning. Our friend may use you for a purpose. 

Never choose friends for specific goal achievement. It loses true friendship purpose. 

Friendship has river flow:

Paulo Coelho Friendship as river flow. It passes through all circumstances. It never stops through hurdles. Besides, it finds ways in hardship. It varies connectivity through conditioning. It can never hold or trap. 

The next challenge shapes a new way to continue. It gathers or loses things but never ends itself. 

Ends loneliness:

Paulo explains humans can’t survive loneliness. Even lack of water, food or home doesn’t harm much. Loneliness becomes worse than torture for humans. 

Friendship ends loneliness. It gives us to support or connectivity. 

Faced truth:

Paulo explains that truth is necessary to grow and expand. It introduces ways for courage and friendship in life. Honesty gives courage towards belief. 

Truth attracts the right friends. Those friends believe in us. False end up in trouble with surroundings. We feel irrelevant in the wrong surroundings. 

Love other:

The main goal of friendship is to love other people. As a friend, you feel love towards others. The other means nd needs become less impactful. Paulo Coelho Friendship remembers to share or experience love towards others. 

Never leave:

Paulo explains that friendship is not about knowing someone. It’s about never leaving. It means your friends that never leave you to have worth. They have no intention to leave you. 

Value meaning:

Paulo explains that the real value measuring a relationship is friendship. It gives enough chance to share or receive value. 

He explains that a bog thing does not require friendship value. 

A million little things create it. 

Everyone can create small value for others. The big one doesn’t matter in friendship. 

Warm in hard times:

Paulo explains friendship as warm under hard times in his stories. Friendship gives you empowering thought of warmness. 

There is no materialistic substitute for it. You have to share warmness with others in return. It’s a fire that lights inside. It has the power enough to conquer hardship. 

No justification necessary:

Paulo explains that your friend doesn’t need your justification. 

He believes in you. He assists you to realize your reasons. 

Your friend chooses to stay with you. 

Experience it:

You can’t learn friendship through books. 

You have to experience it by yourself. The books teach knowledge. 

Our Experience teaches unforgettable lessons. We remember the Experience because action involves it. We can’t rely on book wisdom only. Friendship should earn through action. 

Involve their Path:

Freinds gives you a reason to exist. It assures your survival in trouble. Always value or add friends to your path. It gives reason to give and get things from them. Support that gives your Path a direction. Friends aren’t luxury. It’s a necessary experience to live. 

Not about right:

Paulo explains that friends aren’t always right. Sometimes, your friend’s action is against your will. It doesn’t hurt the friendship. 

He is still your friend. You should still care or love him. 

Always carry hope towards friendship. It’s more than being right. 

Never change them:

Paulo explains that people make new friends. They involved too much with them. In the end, they want to change them. It hurts the friends. It makes them angry. 

He suggests not being involved too much with friends. There is no worth changing them. Your want shouldn’t hurt others. 

Change happens:

People change throughout life; Your friend changes without force. Understand that your friend changes through the situation. You can’t control their change. 

You can change yourself. It gives the signal to adopt change. Never judge through your parameters. Allow them to choose their way. Your friends come towards you through choices. 

Clear about yourself:

Everyone has an idea about others life. We offer solutions to other problems or issues. 

No one knows the clarity of his Ideas. We have suggestions to lead others. 

That’s not worthy. Our concern is associated with our clarity. Never enforce others to lead according to your act. Clear about the actions that lead you. 

Never betrays:

Friends never betray. It gives reason to trust each other. Betray ends a friendship. There is no room for it. Understanding in Friendship comes through love. 

Betray is the act of disbelief for friends. 

Be your friend:

Paulo explains that always be your best friend. Guide yourself like a friend. Never enforce or devalue yourself. It yields hurt without reason. Always stand with yourself for movement. 

Never lose your side. Stand straight towards coming hurdles. Besides, never argue with yourself about your flaws. No one can support you if you lose by yourself. 

Enemies can’t friend:

Never confuse your enemies as friends. Paulo suggests loving your enemy. It sparks your reason to pursue. Always remember the sins of your enemy. Never trust too much on enemies. 

Never make them friends by mistake. You give them chance to hurt themselves again.

Never listen to malicious comments:

Paulo suggests not to listen to a friend who never takes risks. Those friends see other people fail. They never try things by themselves. They watch others struggle for fun. These comments have no worth. 

They don’t speak through Experience. Such negative comments stop your risk-taking ability. 

Learn from friends:

He explains that we learn from friends in life. We’re learning 25% from friends. Friends influence us. 

Friends decisions and choices impact us. Our thinking moves through it. 


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