Eckhart Tolle Religion:

I research and find various views about the religious believes of Eckhart Tolle. Below I give you a quick answer to Eckhart Tolle religion;

Eckhart Tolle is not a Christian in a conventional sense. He believes in all religions. He has a connection with the essence of every religion. His believes and faith present God as realization. 

Religion can act as crucial, egoist and irrelevant. The light of consciousness requires, rather than redemption or savours. There is no concept of evil or good. The loss of presence is a sin.

I explain every point in detail about it below;

Importance of religion according to Echart Tolle:

It depends on who you’re as a form. It has a crucial role in your spiritual journey. Some people don’t require any religion. Some people don’t require any structure of religion. 

They connect with spirituality from a deeper sense of self. Know about Eckhart Tolle money wisdom. 

Helpful religion: 

For some people, religion is helpful for 2 Reasons. One is that it explains the more superficial reason. So, it provides a life structure. Second, It’s a regular practice that gives comfort.

Connection of ideology with religion:

Religion can become unclear about the spiritual dimensions within yourself. Religion becomes a hindrance as an ideology. 

The superficial ideology of religion becomes an ideology. So, that becomes a barrier. 

Ideology has a connection with your mind. You believe in it. It exerts your mind possession and works with control. The ideology of religion makes you unhappy. Know about Elon musk religion.

Ideology religion identification by Eckhart Tolle:

Such religious people have enemies in their own or other Religions. They verbally or physically attack others. They become intolerant towards those who don’t share their beliefs.

Anyone who doesn’t believe in their ideology become their enemy. Some people Force other to live with their idea. The idea becomes contaminated with ego. The power boosts their ego to an enormous degree. Religion becomes a hindrance as an ideology. 

Does Eckhart Tolle create a spiritual connection with Religion?

The correct connection with religion gives you connectedness with a deeper self-level. It gives you the complete ability to become conscious. 

On a deeper level, religion becomes a spiritual practice. There is a deeper level of every religion. 

Eckhart Tolle about Jesus and his teachings:

Jesus teaches presence with various statements. In new testaments, it mentions that Christ is consciousness dimensions. 

The transcendent dimension emerges into Jesus. So, Jesus becomes Christ. You can find christ Christianity in any other religion.

Eckhart says that the existence of Jesus doesn’t matter. Jesus exists in collective human consciousness.  

Eckhart suggests that you can move to a deeper level of certain readings.

He believes Jesus is not unique and divine. We take inspiration from him. We are not like Jesus. 

He recommends Meister Eckhart and Joel goldsmith teachers. These teachers bring Christianity to a deeper level. Moreover, he suggests the”A course of miracles” book that has Christianity terms. 

Eckhart Tolle about Buddhism religion:

Everything alive has a core connection with buddha nature. We all have buddha in nature. In Buddhism, Eckhart Tolle says that you have to separate the mythology from the essence teachings. 

Do Eckhart Tolle explains spirituality is independent of religion?

Spirituality can exist outside any religion. You can move deep with practice in your religion. So, It opens up a transcendent dimension. 

Eckhart Tolle’s Believe and faith:

Believe in something implies that you don’t know. You have no evidence. Your beliefs can come from you towards generation. 

Faith means that you have a deep level of trust. It happens with your deep connection with yourself. 

Your essence is one with the universe. Trust arises in the absence of fear. You also Hide under the anger shows your fear. 

Jesus says faith in others. It is about your essence and its greater connection. You can see the deeper truths of your religion as your presence grows. You can leave the intenser truth away from religion. 

Role of stories to understand beliefs:

Stories transmitted things. The various religious story uses to explain points. It helps to understand the complex spiritual concepts with actions. Eckhart shares several stories about Zen, christ, buddha and Sufism. 

The side effect of stories:

Eckhart says that it confuses the form and essence. We lose material and self at several points. 

For example: In Buddhism, the Buddha treats as a god-like figure. 

Does Religion have egoic purposes according to Eckhart Tolle?

Some people have an egoist approach towards religion. The various fights of history are due to force religions. The True connection of religion allows staying in peace. It doesn’t allow to attack. 

Eckhart Tolle Believes about God:

Eckhart called the power of life itself God. When you are away from it, God takes away the reality of life. You get the mental concept of God. 

People accept God or deny it. Believe in God is only a poor substitute for living life reality. Belief can become the level of realization. 

Take attention to the present moment. So, you become conscious of your surroundings. You become aware of within and without presence. It is a divine presence with the silence of your mind. It’s the awareness that your silence is in mind. 

You become an awareness as a person. 

Eckhart Tolle about Heaven:

Heaven is your inner awakening. Tolle believes that paradise is about to awake. There is nothing pleasant as awake at the moment. 

He makes the present moment the most enticing thing for us. He calls it a heaven of religion. 

Good and Bad are illusionary things:

Eckhart Tolle believes that there is nothing good or bad that exists in the world. He contradicts Christianity that way. He eliminates the concept of good and evil. 

You are true as yourself:

Our essence of identity is truth. We can live a true life only with ourselves. The false identity takes us away from the essence self. We lose depth in fake life. 

True identity itself God’s peace:

Eckhart explains that we get peace with true identity. In that way, we get the peace of God. We lose peace by identifying ourselves with the wrong identity. 

Perception of truth:

Eckhart Tolle says that Jesus is like a buddha. Like every messenger, he explains his unique perception of truth. Every person has his perception to approach the truth. 

Sin means to miss the awakening point:

He believes that sin represents the absence of awakening. True awakening eliminates the sins. We lose presence in the path of sins. It takes us away from true identity. 

Require light of consciousness:

We require light of consciousness to live a life. We don’t need any redemption and savour for life. In this way, he doesn’t believe christ is a savour. 


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