Howard Schultz Innovation:

I provide you quick answer to Howard Schultz innovation below;

Innovation breakthrough creativity. Meaningful innovation makes an organization relevant to the market(create a new market).

Howard inspires through steve jobs example. Diversity, original valuable questions, strategy yields innovational actions. 

Howard says he never uses the Starbucks platform for political purposes. Some elements connect him with it. Innovation comes through organizational transformation. Leadership and moral courage isn’t a passive act. 


Howard explains that Starbucks focused on technology-based innovation. It opens up the creative way for service. 

Reject mediocrity:

Howard doesn’t want to drift Starbucks into mediocracy. He wants the company to be relevant. He involves himself in the process. Howard Schultz Innovation adopts excellence.

Reasonable expectations:

Howard doesn’t want to give expectations that the company can’t meet. 

Empowering people with tools gives Enormous results to the company. Howard Schultz Innovation reasonable with expecting.

Challenge current situation:

Any company (small or large) embracing to status quo become dead. The company should challenge the status quo. Read 29 Life lessons from Howard Schultz.

Innovation changes consistent:

The need for innovation became great. Your Consistent innovation is essential. We live in Era of consistent change. Consumer behaviour changes. 

Innovation is internal:

Innovation is not an external thing. It’s internal. It creates value and attachment for people. Howard Schultz Innovation empowers internal reconstruction.

Observe weaknesses:

Every company should be curious to see the corner. The company should see things other don’t see. You dare to make those things. 

A line extension isn’t innovation:

Starbucks isn’t innovating the business model. They create line extensions. New packaging or new flavour isn’t innovation. 

It’s different from innovation. 

Self-destruction happen:

You develop the courage to fill corners through the big bet. The company require reinvention. 

It saves a company from competitors’ destruction. Reinvention creates self-destruction. 

Disturbed market:

Innovation is creating disruptive events. These events give value through disruption of the market. It’s not about doing things others never do. 

Challenge courage:

Innovation requires courage and Executional prowess to take road less travel. It builds excitement and pride inside the company. 

Opens new market:

Starbucks entered into instant coffee service. The company innovates through developing Starbucks develop the same taste in instant coffee. Starbucks does brewing innovation. It became a billionaire dollar business for Starbucks. 

Shapes customer’s behaviour:

Every product or service change the consumer’s behaviour. 

It happens across the world. It pushes us forward as managers or companies for innovation. 

Value with financial stability:

Remember the core purpose of the company. Financial performance-based is one answer. Howard believes that performance links with the culture and guiding principle of the company. 

Relates with diversity:

Diversity and inclusion have not been practised in public companies for many years. It requires building a company that enhances humanity. 

Innovation comes through diversity. Surround yourself with people smart and different from you. 

Customer and Employee Focused:

Most managers teach that innovation is customer-focused. Great companies recognize that innovation is customer and employee-facing. 

It means you share with the employee about your merits and the reason behind them. 


Self-serving is best for innovation. You attract people. People want a sense of belonging and something believable. 

Original questions valuable:

Show yourself with your original questions. Never hide it. Share company original questions with others.

Below I mention Howard’s original questions; 

How will you respect your parents and honour your family?

How share your success with others with dignity? 

and; How you lead humility and demonstrate moral courage?

Accept new people:

The standard for specific people groups is different. New people that enter your company require acceptance. 

Howard shares an example of Starbucks hiring military veterans that came from Iraq. The interviewer has no experience in veterans or the military. 

Starbucks hire people to associate with the military and veteran to understand candidates. It enhances the company hiring speed. 

Adopt cultural diversity:

People want to see people like them inside the organization. A level of discomfort arises from being different from others. It discloses through nonverbal. 

Situational vulnerability:

As a leader, your ability to face the situation that impacts employees become vulnerable. Besides, humbleness and compassion are associated with others. 

Love yields innovative understanding:

Love towards others is also necessary. A deep level of understanding to attract or retain great people. It builds sustainable culture. 

Performance isn’t everything:

The company is not run in a performance-driven way. Any company success determines through financial success and growth. 

Embrace diversity:

Diversity and inclusion isn’t business. Howard says that a company can’t succeed without them. Understand, embrace diversity and give it strategies part. 

Leadership connects diversity:

Diversity isn’t the Human resources department function. It’s the responsibility of every company leader. Take it personally. It associates with company success. 

Company value impacts:

When people join a new company, they’ve less expectation experience before. That’s an enormous level of scepticism and cynicism while entering a company. It’s about leadership and company values. 

Give new employees value:

It’s the responsibility of the company to establish a level of soft or secure level relationship with new employees. It requires 3 or 45 maximum days to connect with new employees properly. 

The retaining of an employee is possible. It allows people acceptance. The people stand out in the company. 

Grow hirings:

Company growth is associated with the Growth of people you hire. Starbucks has 40000 employees. The company believes in diversity practically. 

Secure Minority value:

Starbucks has the right intention to adopt diversity. They face enormous challenges. Company secure and enhance the minority value. 

Improves Honesty: 

Howard opens up a discussion of the race inside the company. He does open mick meetings with local people in Seattle. 

Howard has an enormous belief in his employees. It yields an extraordinary level of honesty. 

Trust to be different:

Internal learning or self-cleansing is essential. We start to change from inside company. The company finds ways to be better. It tries to build trust based on differences. 

Values give belief:

Response of leaders explains about company stand or not. Either leader runs from a problem or encounters a problem. 

Values and guiding principles assist to stand for your belief. It’s hardest to believe but toughest to stand. 

The company has memory. It imprints in people. 

People look at the company. It’s critical to address or retain things. 

Social innovation impacts companies:

The role of company engagement (Private or public) become different from the past. It’s the company role to engage people positively.

The social issue impacts employees and customers. 

Things that happen around the world effects global companies. The company become a respective communicator. It is about believing in a move in the best way. 

Take diverse opinions:

People who have different experiences from you share a different approach to solving the problem. Not anyone should be afraid to say things that impact society. It impacts business. 

Celebrate diversity:

We can celebrate diversity. Howard suggests dreaming bigger with diversity and innovation. Every company should do more to serve the people. 

Share problem or be a problem:

Howard says in his speech with employees about the issue. It’s the employee responsibility to tell the problem after seeing it. If an employee doesn’t share a problem, he becomes part of the problem. 

Innovate through strategy:

The leader has decisive in company crisis. The decision arises innovation and newness. Howard Schultz Innovation is strategy based.

Passion and commitment are not worth it without proper strategy. The strategy works with Passion and committing. 


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