How did Eckhart Tolle become enlightened?

I research and read a lot about Eckhart Tolle enlightenment achievement. His story inspires you to become and stay with enlightenment. Below I summarize the Question “How did Eckhart Tolle become enlightened?”

When Eckhart Tolle encountered enlightenment, his mind raises zen-like questions about identity, “Am I one or two and who am I and who is the self I can’t live with?” at 29 years old in 1977.

He was depressed about the things. Suddenly awareness came. He didn’t know about the awareness at that time. His awareness observes strange thoughts about worrying. Then his identity split. He could not live with himself. Eckhart consciousness separated from the thinking due to suffering. As a result, the false self decay.

The next morning, he feels peaceful. 

Eckhart Tolle Enlightenment story Explanation:

Eckhart Tolle says a strange question to himself. 

He explains that his self and identity separates at that time.

His self was a mind-created identity. It is the mind identity of an unhappy human being.

Below I gave you crucial points about the Eckhart Enlightenment story. It shows the struggles, choices and experiences that he made. Click to read about Eckhart Tolle Meaningful life knowledge right now.

1.Become Failure to success example:

The people around him first called him a failure. After that, they called him a big success. He doesn’t want to drive his identity from their views.

His work of transforming other people’s life satisfy him. He now becomes a multi-millionaire, world-famous spiritual teacher. 

2.Educational career:

He left university to pursue a doctorate. About two years later spent most of his deeply happy time on park benches in central London Russell Square. He was with friends in a Buddhist monetary monastery. He chooses to sleep in Hampstead Heath, and his family viewed him as “irresponsible, even crazy.”

3.Ulrich to Eckhart:

He turned his name from Ulrich to Eckhart. He showed tribute to the German philosopher and spiritual guru Eckhart.

Eckhart had dreamed of a book called Eckhart and knew he had written that book. Shortly after, he met a real friend who somehow called him Eckhart, so he changed his name.

4.Quietness in traffic:

He remembers walking through London the next morning. Eckhart noticed that is everything is beautiful and deeply quiet include traffic. He said the feeling continues.

5.Eckhart couldn’t live with himself:

Eckhart looked at my thought. He separated himself from the thought. 

Consciousness separates itself from the conditional self:

The voice inside of himself allows him to show no resistance.

The next morning, Eckhart See everything as it exists. Everything becomes peaceful. 

He felt aliveness and peace and didn’t know why. 

So, he decided to look for his answers. He started researching spiritual teachings like Buddhism and Christianity.

He finds the answer about peace with the old testament. Later, Zen teachers arose his practical knowledge about peace. 

6.Achieved no thought experience:

Zen teachings allow him to achieve no thought. It allows him to connect with inner peace. 

He experienced that inner peace is already inside. 

Expereince spiritual expereince now:

He experienced spiritual experience without forced it towards him. He didn’t look for it in the future. 

It took him years to understand it. He explained it as inner alignment with the present.  

7.Eckhart Mother says he is useless:

His mother told him that he was a failure and did nothing in his life. Later he wrote the power of now and became a bestseller. 

She said that he did nothing with his life. He lost all opportunities to live a happy life. Eckhart lost several jobs and facing financial issues at that time. 

He became too reactive towards his mother response before his enlightenment. 

8.Constantly Looking for Peace:

Eckhart Tolle is looking for peace after his awakening. He read and observe various Buddhist wisdom about it. He encounters various events that enlight his knowledge. Soon, he decided to become a spiritual teacher of Now. 

His philosophy of peace depends on experience. Our Peace exists inside the deeper self of every person. 

9.His body pain intensity is high:

Eckhart constant felt pain towards his parents. The atmosphere of his house gave no room for peace. So, he suffered from depression for a long time. 

He became overreactive and felt intense pain. Eckhart shares that high pain-body leads towards the awakening. It gives us drastic peace and calms even in trouble. 

10.His Father has an angry attitude:

Eckhart faced intense anger from his father. He is like a bombshell that destroys everything. 

He hurt everyone and believe in fight. It impacts the phycology of Eckhart. 

Eckhart has questions about the anger of his father. He loves his father but, he hates his dad intense anger. 

11.His parents fight hurt him:

He faced several times the fight of his parents. It impacted his phycology towards behaviour. 

It hurt him and shaped him that way. His inner eye awakens. He doesn’t want them to fight in front of him. 

It shaped him to became an egoist person. Later, he became a source of peace for the whole world. 

12.Faced intense Dread and fear:

He faced intense fear before his awakening. It creates a burden on his heart. He sees things as unclear and lost the ability to resolve them. In the end, he felt overwhelmed by the situation. 

He burst with anger towards every situation. The fear hauled him towards every aspect of his life. After his awakening, he has seen everything vivid.

13.Aware of his self-talk:

He became aware of his self-talk. He observed that his thoughts no longer define him. 

Eckhart connected with the deeper self. He realized that thoughts are a small part of his identity. He also experienced self-talk of his awareness and thoughts. 

The light of thoughts kills the body pain of thinking. 

14.The spiritual death of his Ego:

He experienced the death of Ego because it’s false self-identity. The spiritual self demands to move on with love. 

Eckhart breaks the ego-mind patterns that stop to free from the pain. It overwhelms his brain. 

The freedom of Ego blesses him with the power of now. He experienced life with his false thoughts. He develops the wrong sense to perceive himself. 


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