Paulo Coelho Happiness: 37 Points [Proper Explained!]:

I research a lot about Paulo Coelho happiness. Below, I summarize my quick answer;

You can love someone. Looking for happiness is worth pursuing path. 

The spiritual world has a connection with the external world. 

Searching for happiness crucial than pain. 

Acknowledging problems brings happiness. Wanting happiness is a boring goal. Loving someone wants to make others happy. Knowing happiness never allows you to accept sadness.  

Rule associated:

Our minds develop rules with consciousness. The mind refuses to accept happiness without following that rules. Follow the Rules that consciousness gives. It gives you a way for Happiness. 

Share Happiness:

Paulo explains that happiness increases as you share it with others. It multiplies. Never take it for yourself. Share happiness with others. You spread reasons of Happiness for others. 

Happiness never is love:

Paulo explains that love isn’t happiness. Love links with the anxiety state, not happiness. Never confuse happiness with love. Besides, you don’t require love to be happy. 

Connection based:

Happiness has an association with people. Paul suggests staying with courageous people. Their head remains Straight even tears pop up in their eyes. Besides, people who never cry has no association.

The genetic system plays:

Our genetic system is responsible for happiness. Our happiness is essential for our survival. Read about Jordan Peterson on reading now. 

Genetics expose us to a happy state on time. 

Child teaches:

Paulo explains that a child can teach adults about being happy without any reason. Adults develop reasoning towards Happiness. The child allows himself to experience Happiness. 

Money not related:

Money has no connection with happiness. 

Your happiness makes you rich. Paulo suggests being happy to be rich. 

Happiness without meaning:

Paulo explains that many people are happy without any meaning. 

They don’t force themselves to achieve things.

People have no goals for the driven force.  

They stay happy in lose. They force less to encounter misery towards goals. 

Happiness with meaning:

Some people have meaning associated with happiness. 

That goal is getting a car or raising children. 

Those people become happy after achieving it. They associate Happiness with those external goals. 

They’ve no answer after the end of their external goal achievement. 

Stays till life end:

Paulo asks a question to the meaningful people about their mean. 

Does their mean stay with them unconditionally? What happens next after they raise their child? 

Paulo suggests finding a goal with internal motives, not just external achievement. 

Associates with now:

Paulo Coelho explains that we live within the present. Always focus on the present. Never anxieties about past or future. You can’t control it. Find something in the present that makes you happy. It’s under control. You can dominate it. 

Decide happiness Action:

Your action in the present is associated with your Happiness. Decide you’re the action that brings your happiness. Never ignore your decision. It’s transformed towards happiness. 

More never bring Happiness:

Paulo explains that people want more consistently. They are never satisfying and eventually stay unhappy forever. People don’t want happiness in less. 

Their direction for happiness is wrong. They look forward to happiness. It makes struggle hurt. 

Happiness is balance:

In his book Alchemist, Paulo explains through a story about happiness. Happiness is neither associated with the external world nor the internal world entirely. Happiness is about balancing the internal and external world. 

Receiving isn’t happiness:

People develop wrong deals about happiness. They think that receiving by others is fulfilment. Success is never definable through the outward show. Their involvement in giving is necessary. 

Receive and give:

Never only focus on receiving from the marvellous world. Remember your responsibility to give to others. Happiness is never achievable without receiving and giving together.

Not Sin:

Searching for happiness isn’t a sin. Your impossible dreams connection with attention and exercise. Happiness about Dream never associates with sin. 

Personal search:

No one requires to walk through some other happiness path. Paulo explains that happiness is associated with personal research. Other’s models don’t align with your happiness. 

Never imprisoned:

Victory has a burden. Accept that burden. People give up their dreams after realizing them. People don’t fight for good. 

They don’t know the good fight. World things imprison them. 


Happiness measuring isn’t possible. It’s personal and not able to define. 

Duty and happiness:

Paulo explains that waking up is associated with duty. Happiness achieves after sleeping.

Perform your duty, and life becomes happiness. 

Never responsible for others:

Some people drive responsibility for their happiness from others. They blame others for their unhappiness. 

Other’s controls their happiness or depression cause. It’s not right. 

Yields boredom:

You do nothing after achieving happiness. Feel bored about achieving it. You can make jokes with someone who seeks Happiness. 


Paulo Coelho Happiness explains that Happiness is not always understandable. People don’t understand happiness associated with others. 

Happiness vs logic:

Happiness assists you in finding a solution to the problem. Logic highlights the reasons for mistakes.  

Be happy to share it:

You require to be happy if you want to share it. Unhappy can’t make others happy. 


Humans have guilt. We feel terrified when happiness becomes the cause of real possibilities. Real reasons impact the terrifying Possibilities. 

Happiness over security:

Paulo explains that people choose security over happiness. 

We require security sense. 

The happiness selection is choosable by people.

Happiness over desire:

Desires aren’t associated with happiness. 

Desire isn’t able to satisfy. Never get caught through the desire. Desires don’t achieve happiness. 

Warrior path:

The warrior path connects through happiness. He chooses the path with heart. He never catches through ambition or fear. 

His action perceives the happiness path. It becomes himself the path. 

False happiness:

Paulo Coelho Happiness explains that some people stay sad for life. Their words enhance their false happiness. Those try to impress people without reason. The person is Sad without Reason. 

Allow Happiness:

Paulo suggests that accept others’ happiness. It makes others happy. It spread Happiness. The single happiness of one can be a source of joy for all. One happiness doesn’t connect with the unhappiness of others. 

Blessing or conquest:

Paulo explains that happiness is a blessing or defeat. Every magical moment participates to create it. 

Supporter wants happiness:

People who support you always want your happiness. They feel happy to be part of your adventure. 

Yields content:

Everyone is searching for happiness. It’s right for all. Happiness yields satisfaction. 

Questioning about happiness is destructive:

We’re not questioning happiness. It’s destructive. We try to find reasoning for happiness. It’s different from our present situation. We try to change the present and fail. We decide to be unhappy in the present. 

Spiritual connection:

Our happiness has an impact on our spiritual life. 

It gives fulfilment towards purpose. The action orientates around it.


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