What is the main point of David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell?

I research a lot to answer the question; What is the main point of David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell. Below I summarize my quick answer; 

Underdogs take Conditional benefits. The privilege hardship like David. Underdogs go for the efforting path. Faces decidable difficulties. Boost confidence through becoming big in a small range. Break rules by knowing parameters. Over develops other skills than disabilities. Resolve the problem with a new path. Work with their terms. 

I explain David Goliath story by Malcolm Gladwell with lessons below;

Malcolm obsession:

Malcolm obsesses through the David and Goliath story. The reason for obsession is Malcolm don’t understand it at the first attempt. Read about Malcolm Gladwell Leadership.

David is a boy:

At 3000years ago, Philistine is against the kingdom of Israel. Philistines from Crete. They’re seafaring people. 

Goliath is a Philistine giant warrior. David is a shepherd Israelian boy. 

Philistine attack:

Philistines attacks on Bethlehem. They try to split the kingdom of Israel in two. 

Elah valley encounter:

King saul informs about Philistines. 

He brings the army down from the mountains. His army confronts Philistines in the valley of Elah. 

Army waiting:

The Philistine army moves towards the northern bridge. 

Israel Army sticks with a southern bridge. Both stays there for weeks. The first move forward easy killed by others. 

Philistine Send Goliath:

The Philistine army sends their best warrior down the valley floor. Philistine called Israelian to send your best warrior. The single combat is a 


Philistine sends his giant warrior. He is 6ft9in, wear bronze armour. He is a frightening Israelian soldier.

Israeli send David:

No Israeli soldier wants to fight against him. The young shepherd boy comes to fight against Philistine warrior. 

The protector boy comes and takes permission from King Saul. King Saul has no other choice than accept it. 

David has privilege for hardship:

David already killed several deadly animals through his sling. He used hardship experience to his advantage. He uses the opportunity and fits his right knowledge with courage. David does hard work by accepting his role as protector. 

His experience is high enough to make Goliath unconscious in the first attempt. 

Efforting path over Giant existence:

Malcolm explains that underdogs have an efforting path choice. They’ve no expertise or talent. They consistent optimize themselves to move forward. The coming problems seem new with no idea about the solution. The situational change never impacts or shake their efforts. 

Giant existing strategies already have a lot. They have the right skills with expertise. They know the path well and minimize the risks well. Giant’s effort is easier than underdogs. 

Encounter Desirable difficulty:

Malcolm explains that various people develop disabled difficulties to give task direction. The situation becomes challenging for underdogs. The little more challenge maximizes their efforts. They encounter desirable difficulties to minimize the maximum loss. 

Dyslexia is a successful entrepreneur is its example.  

Be big in small:

Malcolm explains that your effort defines through the people around you. Big in small allows you to compare from the prominent competitors. It becomes challenging and relevant to compete. 

Competing in a small range is better than bigger. Your get self-worth and confidence according to people that faces problems like yours. 

Refuse armour; take stones:

Saul tries to give the boy his armour. The boy refuses to take the armour. The boy never wore armour before. 

David takes the stones in his bags and moves Downward the valley. David has his staff. 

Break rules knowing parameters:

The main point of David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell also values rule breaking. Underdogs know their weaknesses and strengths. They develop an unconventional path for themselves. They always consider the parameters associated with rules. 

Realize the weakness or optimization to make every rule workable for them. They adjust parameters to maximize their strengths. 

Unconscious and kill giant:

Giant shows his taunt yells to invite the boy for a fight. Shepherd boy encounters the Giant. He hits a stone right between the eyes of a giant. 

The Giant fall down either dead or unconscious; the shepherd boy run and cut down his head with his sword. 

Appears unexpected victory:

The Philistine army sees this and run. 

In our language, we use David and Goliath Story as unexpected victories. 

Seems underdog:

Malcolm called David the underdog. David is a kid and Goliath is a giant. 

Goliath wears his best armours with a prominent sword. David has a sling.

The procedure for fighting changes the expectations. 

David isn’t an underdog:

We make mistakes about associating David with a sling. 

David sling is not child’s play. It’s a devastating weapon. The rocks of Elak valley is denser than Normal rocks. 

Calculating stone speed shows that it’s about a handgun speed. Slingers have the expertise to hit a target from 200yards.

Sling is David’s strength: 

Malcolm shares further that slingers use against heavy infantry in the old wars.

Everybody expects that David will do hand to hand combat with Goliath. 

David strength is in a sling. Goliath has no chance as David come closer with his sling. 

A new solution to an old problem:

David prefers sling over combat. Malcolm explains that underdogs have new solutions to encounter the same problem. They never hesitate to give their solution approach. 

Goliath uses stick:

This bible story gives hits that Goliath is not that much a warrior. He came slowly down the valley. He comments David stick is for the dog. 

Goliath has acromegaly:

Malcolm explains that various medical researches on Goliath mentality exist. Goliath is giant in his Era. Giant growth happens through acromegaly. 

Acromegaly develops the issue with vision. They have double vision or are short-sighted. That’s why Goliath asks David to come closer. 

Learning disabilities over develop other skills:

Goliath has no ability to save from David’s stone. He has a disability associated with sight. He develops his strength in combat skills. 

You can take advantage of your disabilities. Focus on your developable skills more. Rely on your strengths by growing them more than usual.  

Warrior types:

The main point of David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell also explains ways for fighting techniques. That’s Relevant knowledge associated with the problem.

Giants aren’t as powerful as they seem. 

Ancient warriors have 3types. 

Cavalry; warrior fight on horseback. 

Heavy infantry; warrior fight on foot. 

Artillery; Warrior fight with archers or slingers. 

Build your terms:

David strategy to defeat Goliath is the sling. Goliath awaits David for his terms. David has no expertise in fighting face to face.

David set his terms of fighting. Everyone can change terms through unique skills. You become out of competition. It surprises others without any warning sign. 


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