Inside the mind of a master procrastinator By Tim urban (Summary)

Inside the mind of a master procrastinator, Tim urban summary explains the mindset of a person who works almost no or on the edge of emergency. It forces him to get easy, shortcut path and avoid the real hard work. The easy choices without any deadlines yield the regrets throughout your life.

Tim Urban(A Popular writer on the internet) explains that How the mind of procrastination master in action.

Master Procrastinator

3 Fictional characters from Inside the mind of a master procrastinator Tim urban summary:

He explains his point with fun, digestible and engaging way with 3 Characters inside Procrastination mind:

Make sense person: Rational thinking that wants to do the hard stuff for producing results.
The instant gratification of Monkey, A monkey that wants fun and moves with the easy stuff.
Panic monster, a monster that arrives to frighten the monkey put the sensable person in action to meet the deadlines.

The monkey grabs the control from the sensable person and starts exploring instant gratification easy and fun stuff. Like social media, eating junk. In case of deadlines, a panic monster comes and frighten the monkey. That monster forces the make sense person to control the wheel.

Types of procrastination

Tim divide procrastination into 2 categories:
Procrastination with deadlines. In this procrastination, we see the panic monster. It terrifies us to work by all means at eleventh hours of every uncompleted project.
Procrastination without a deadline. The entrepreneurial, start-up projects have no deadlines at all in the beginning. First, they need momentum to start. No involvement of monsters occurs. The monkey is free the disturb or drains the energy of a sensible person.

The Deadline free procrastination produces the longterm regrets, issues and low self-esteem.

Animal nature of humans:

Tim Uban further shares his story of 3 Fiction characters gain popularity. He received emails throughout the world and soon come to the point that everyone is a procrastinator.
Every human is procrastinator at some point of life towards his goals.
Tim Urban present with fun way the truth of life. He says that we live in a world that demands long term goals and daily achievements. Monkey or any animal can afford to live a whole life with fun and easy choices humans can’t.
Tim gathered a lot of laugh from the audience about his edge of time work being a student.

Inside the mind of a master procrastinator By Tim urban Summary to solve procrastination.

Procrastination is the way to end up your own life without any reason. The issue of couples with low confidence, self-defeating and self-fulfilment way. Tim provide us with various practical ways to handle monkey mind.

1. Turn your big list into priority orders.

Forget about bottomless desires. Do that matters most at the moment. Never suffer from the idea of perfections. Humans have no need to be perfect. Imperfection is a gift in itself.

2. Give your huge no direction purpose, a path to follow and walk along the path.

At least mark your rut in the maze. It’s an absolute truth that your work demands confusions. Beacon along the path protect your train from the unnecessary mess.

3. Transform your daunting task into small, clear and achievable tasks.

Daunts feeds your fear of loss. It convinces you to run back inside your cave. A planning map like Action movies repurposes your self. It saves you from exotic loss. You can find your enemy and smash it. Leverage to measure your mistakes also visible with adjustable through small mistakes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the two types of procrastination Tim Urban?

Procrastination with deadlines about apparent tough things.
Procrastination without deadlines for tough things.

What does Tim Urban do?

Tim runs an internet-famous blog name “Wait But Why”. It covers a long discussion about Artificial intelligence, Procrastination and outer space. The blog generates great traffic.

How do you beat procrastination?

The number 1 method for this is Start Some Thing. Don’t sit and listen to the same songs over and over again. Do your favourite or new work with a sense of happiness.

Who is the instant gratification monkey afraid of?

A panic monster. It takes all control from the gratification monkey. It appears at the eleventh hour of work.

What is a master procrastinator?

It’s the title of an internet-famous article about procrastination. A person who wastes hours without doing anything lies in this category.

What is the procrastinator’s guardian angel?

The panic monster. It refers to the protector from procrastination monkey. Sometimes pain monster not comes.

What goes on in the mind of a master procrastinator?

The master procrastinator has instant gratification monkey. The monkey grab the control from you and divert yourself from actual work.

How do you master procrastinate?

You can trick procrastination through perform task you love. Don’t be slave of perfection and allow your inner garbage put out. Practice or master your garbage production for this.

What procrastination means?

A process in which you perform unnecessary tasks at first or lose your priority order is procrastination.

What causes procrastination?

Primary driver of procrastination is FEAR. Fear of low confidence, lose, poor performance and criticism about task.

Why do procrastinators procrastinate?

The procrastinator mind is under attack with gratification monkey.

Is procrastination an addiction?

No, It can be habit. It rises frustration couple with depression.


Tim’s idea about procrastination works as a piece of cake. When you understand the Inside the mind of a master procrastinator Tim urban summary, you can control your monkey. Click to unveil your Types of personality.

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