Does Alan Watts believe in God? 32 Points [Complete Explanation!]:

I research a lot to find out the answer to the question Does Alan Watts believe in God? Below, I summarize my quick answer;

Alan watts explains that perception of the world comes from nothing. Look at God within yourself. Zen idea closely relates to nothingness. 

The logic resists the nothingness. We are getting things from nothing. The people worship is poor attempting the imagine a perfect human being. Behind your eyes have unknown. The highest existence of God is unseen behind the eyes. Letting go is the fundamental act of faith. 

When you know that you don’t know, then you know. You let go the life through your grasp of control of the intellect. 

The relationship with God is the ground of your being. God images have impacts on our emotions far more than ideas. 

God is the supreme technocrat in our image. He knows all the answers. He understands and explains everything to you. 

Silence and space:

When you close your eyes and say nothing, you hear silence. The comes from the silence. 

When you open your eyes, you see light objects as a vibration that comes from space. Read about Elon musk Religion

Now over past:

Watt believes that the whole world starts now. Your past is echo fades in memory. The past exists due to the present. All of the energetic things of the universe never come through the past. Things that already exist proceed the things. 

The world is the production of energy that begins right now. It comes from nothing that we call to silence and space. 

God world beginning:

How did the world come into being from nothing? In Christianity, Islam and Jewish, it comes through God. All of these religions believe that God created the world out of nothing. It is providing divine energy at the moment. The old fashioned idea becomes implausible or incredible for modern people.  

Pray like Royals:

In chruches, we address royal personage. The churches look like royal courts with thrones. We address prayers to alter the thrones(changing our situation). 

Being a king:

The being is king and creates a universe with absolute and all-knowing wisdom. 

God differ from religion:

The idea of God that we take from the Bible and Holy Quran doesn’t fit in the world around us.

The style of the natural universe is different from the style we encounter in mosques, churches and synagogues.

Worthless God ideas:

Intelligent people think that traditional god ideas are primitive. 

It’s naive the explain God ideas as an Old gentleman who lived far away from the stars, Heaven. Sit in the Golden throne and adores with angels. It’s an unworthy explanation of god, According to Alan Watts. 

The universe is caring:

Alan Watts refers to paul Tillich for explaining the universe as the ground of being. The universe is a person to relate to as we relate with other people. The universe as a person cares about us. 

You are more valuable because God cares about you. God knows everything we do and want to do. Gold also creates us. 

Become atheist for hating judgement:

Watts explains that we don’t like to judge by consistently intelligent judgment. That’s why many people adopt atheism because they don’t like the idea of being watched all time. 

Strong God-image impact:

The pictorial image of God that people have in their mind has a strong feeling about religion, the universe and yourself.

Death of God:

Modern theologians and Catholics explain the death of God. It yields religionless religion. A religion that doesn’t believe in God. “Death of God” theory presents life as a mission from birth to death. It has a lack of imagination. 

Alan Watt Death of God views:

Dead is not God; it’s the idea of God. The particular conception of God dies for implausible. 

The greek word for Sin means Miss the point. Aan Watt refers to mosaic commandments that Sin is the missing point about miss substituting point an idol for God. 

Confusing God images:

The images that make for God are never taken seriously to resemble God.

It’s confusing with representation elements. 

The images of God made from several things aren’t dangerous. The image that we make through ideas are dangerous. The idea is the abstract. 

Being God is deceptive:

Alan watts refers to Thomas Aquinas for God definition. God is necessarily being. 

The God being is not an idol. That confuses God with the idea. 

It makes the image spiritual and becomes deceptive. 

Likewise, several people worship the bible because it’s a text from God. It’s the disregarding of Jesus. 

God has no idea:

The letter kills, the spirit gives it life. Every idea you put in the place of God falsifies God. 

Faith lacking God:

Some people are not able to face life without any imagination of Just and loving God. That kind of belief represents the lack of faith. 

The word belief comes through lief about wish. It’s a strong wish. Your believing in God means your wish about God. 

Faith over Belief:

If you’ve faith, you don’t need belief. Faith is the state of openness or trust. The attitude of faith is the opposite of clinging. Faith doesn’t need a fortress. It’s not defensive. 

Enforce religion like enforcing rule:

The Churches design is similar to royal king courts. The king sits at the back of the throne. Around the king are courtiers. The king sits back against the wall because he forces rule. People bow because it’s a difficult position to fight. 

In churches, the bishop sits with the back of thrones and attendants stand around him like his guards. The furniture looks like a courthouse. The minister wears a black gown as worn by the judge. 

He throws the book at you like a judge. 

He preaches law from the bible. It’s not a trusting attitude. 

They cling to you with the rules. There is no fundamental of life. 

Openness yields trust:

A good scientist has more faith than a religious person. He opens his mind to resolve the problem with the truth. He is going to test the truth by opening all senses towards reality. 

The scientist has a limitation of mind and instrumentation to see the reality. 

Trust is crucial:

The basic faith about yourself. You can’t check yourself. You’ve to believe your reasoning, logic, intelligence and self. You’ve to trust. 

God is imageless:

The space that has no image is God. We’ve to trust it because there is no way out of other alternatives. Trust in the God who never conceive is higher than genuine clinging with conceptual God.

Never cling:

If you love someone, you don’t cling to it. Don’t cling to any spiritual thing. Watt says it’s grabbing water. 

Unknowing is God:

Alan watt refers to his book theologian Mystica to explain God. The highest knowledge of God is unknowing. One knows God better through not knowing God. 

Intelligent to understand:

The ground of being must intelligent. If you’re intelligent, you understand the universe as an observer. 

Monarchy rejection:

The word God refers to the father figure. Jesus found God as the father figure. We reject the monarchy of the universe because we live in the age of a republic. 

To reject the ancient God-image as an idol is not necessary to be an atheist. 

Natural rules:

Most theologists want to believe in ethical monotheism. The universe has a specific set of rules through which our mind and body acts. Without obeying nature rules, you will get punished. 

Creator and creation idea:

Sophisticated Hindus and Muslims think beyond images. 

Elon watt explains the image of God as God make it through the dust of the earth. The adam from the figure becomes alive by blowing air from the nostrils of God. 

God presented as a living intelligent spirit. creation is less than the creator. 

Automatic machine idea:

There are various scientific or technological explanations of God creating the world. It’s different from the image. 

The atheist or agonist do it. They believe the world is an automatic machine that creates itself. 

You consider the world run through the automatic model. 

You consider that man to be an automatic machine. Man becomes a machine rather than a person. 

Fighting nature through reasoning:

Humans have reasons and arisen values as love. You don’t find other things intelligent than human beings. Eventually, maintaining reasoning comes through fighting nature. It’s for beating the external world for human will. 

Loneliness towards strangeness:

The mind becomes conscious and you have a body. Everything outside seems too strange and stupid. 

The universe is vast and incredible. That makes us lonely and unimportant. 

It is the existence of brief consciousness between darkness and darkness. 

God acting idea:

Hindus doesn’t see any division between God and the world. The world is God acting. They think to hide and seek is a fundamental game. The existence of one makes the other absent. 

Human as a God idea:

What if you’re the God? Alan explains that you start it by fulfilling your wishes. Then, you experience the best experience and thrilling adventures. You try to experience the real thrill by indulging completely forever into the dream. In the end, you end up in the life that you’re living now. 


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