13 Lessons from “The Kite Runner” Novel that impacts you:

Kite Runner is an inspiring story about friendship, forgiveness, loyalty and sexual violence influence. I read and adore it. Below, I summarize The Kite Runner Lessons; 

Forgiving yourself is the key to fixing problems. Lies steal others right to knowing. Born or living in a safe environment is a blessing. Present actions have the power to resolve past mistakes. Fight exist either internal or external. Accept the situation without pretending. Confusion is also forgivable. The deep connection lasts forever. Never blame others for your desires.

Forgive yourself for not fixing things:

We all hurt ourselves consistent for not fixing things. You may have no chance. The Kite Runner Lessons mainly support forgives to be better again.

The guilt of not doing the right thing right time hurts us. It raises clashes in relation and inner conflicts. 

Forgiving allows us to do better next time. It gives self-approval to be best next time. 

In the novel, Amir worries about not helping Hassan against Assef. He feels ashamed about it. He starts avoiding his friend Hassan. It becomes a splitting reason between Ali and Hassan Families. Read the main idea of the David And Goliath story by Malcolm Gladwell. 

Lies steal someone else right to know the truth:

We all lie to avoid certain situations. These lies don’t protect us for a long time. Besides, it steals someone else right to know the truth. 

Never hide the truth before it’s too late. Hiding truth means hiding from reality. The reality exposes eventually. Brave to speak the truth and protect yourself from huge loss. 

Amir’s father lied about Hassan and Amir brother relationship. The truth reveals in the end when Amir’s Father and Hassan are dead. Amir treats Hassan as servent and never value him as his brother. 

Being safe is a blessing:

Safety is a blessing itself. The peace protects us consistent from unknown attacks. 

Safety protects us from attack for pleasure. Always value the peace of your country. Breaking peace split families and create distance in relationships. 

Khaled Hosseini explains the dangers people faced in Afghanistan during the war. Hassan and his wife kill due to the violation. Safety issues of Afghanistan forces Amir and his father to leave Kabal. 

Present actions to resolve past are worthy:

Several times our present condition hurt through any past event. Our Present actions assist for move out from those past events. It’s Ok to think or not be satisfied through your past decisions. 

It assists or gives us hope for improvement. We all can pursue worthy any time. There is never too late. We should don’t hide from our mistakes. 

Amir disturbs the memories of his loyal friend Hassan. 

He reminds his friend consistent. He visits Kabal and brings Hassan’s son back. 

Everyone fights self, individual or even group level:

Khaled Hosseini gives the message that everyone fights in life. We all make decisions about it. We try to prove something through the fight. Fighting with good intention yields a positive outcome. 

We all have a choice to fight or pretend to be not fighting. The fight starts inside if not necessary do outside. 

In the novel, Amir has self-conflict about not helping his friend, Hassan. Amir fight with Hassan even Hassan doesn’t fight back. 

Amir fights with Asef (Taliban leader occupying Kabal) to save Sohrab. He fights to prove himself wrong. 

Keep your promises:

Keeping your words impacts others. If you keep your Word, you prove your worth. It is a love expression that lasts in others’ eyes. Fulfil promises last forever. The Kite Runner Lessons value the promise-keeping.

Amir value Hassan promise and remind his promise. Hassan promises Amir and keeps his promise well. Hassan becomes a loyal kite runner for his friend, Amir.

Hope makes adversity powerless:

Hope has the power to move the needle. The upcoming adversity never shows mercy. Hope gives stamina that saves you from it. Blaming yourself or others reduce hope. See and believe the bright side of the situation impacts positively. 

Hassan has hope that his friend back one day. He spends his whole life with this hope until killed through Talabans. 

 Likewise, Amir has hope that he can fix his mistakes. He constant remind and save his friend’s son, Sohrab, from the Taliban. 

Confusion is forgivable as a mistake:

Our mistakes have a confusing side. The confusion is due to a lack of proper information.

As long as you don’t know the matter, never hash about Confusion. Forgive yourself for not understanding the proper situation. 

Amir gets confused about his courage to save his friends. Amir also confuses his father’s love towards Hassan. Amir’s father lied about Hassan relationship with Amir.  

A strong Relationship has courage:

Your strong relationship with someone gives you the courage to rise. You rise from your adversity and face situations. You want to move forward. Believing in your strong Relationship brings you out of pain. 

In the beginning, Amir doesn’t accept his friendship with Hassan. As Amir Accepts it, he gets the courage to fix his mistakes. 

Accept over pretend or protect:

Most of the time, we hide from encountering the necessary part of the problem. Eventually, we lose a lot of time. Khaled Hosseini explains the power of acceptance. It saves from lame excuses and Wrong security sense. 

Amir doesn’t accept the situation of Hassan’s abuse. Later, he realizes his role and pursues it. 

Deep Relationship never ends:

We all have several relationships in life. The deep Relationship impacts us more. It gives reason to live and thrive. 

Not every connection has deep routes. Life moves from ups and downs. The deep Relationship saves us in adversity and uplifts us in good time. 

It gives you life support. We determine our worth in the light of that deep-rooted Relationship. 

Khaled Hosseini explains the deep and forever friendship bond between two children. 

Never punish someone for your desires:

We all have desires in life. The story explains that never lose in your Desire. Desires are temporary and affect by the situation. The time in a relationship is short. Following wants without valuing relations yields guilt. 

Never leave others to accomplish your desire. The condition for coming back after ashamed you. Compromise on your desire, not relations. 

Amir has a desire to gain his Father’s full attention. That’s why Amir ignores or devalue Hassan. Eventually, Amir gets his father attention and leave Hassan. In the end, Amir has guilt about leaving Hassan behind. 

Loyalty always yields loyalty in return:

Loyalty is a beautiful act of love. It feeds and values relationships. Always give loyalty after receiving it. Giving loyalty at first is a worth reminding act. 

Hassan loyalty acts seeds the plant of loyalty inside Amir. Amir came back to Kabil and take responsible for Hassan’s son. Amir loses his kit runner in childhood. Then, his loyal act brings Sohrab out of the Taliban group. 


The Kite Runner Lessons teaches us to trust in forgiveness. it saves from undesirable misery. Consistent sticking with mistakes feeds the dark side. You do actions that save your right side.


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