What are the six metaphorical hats? [Complete Explained]

I research a lot to find the answer to the question What are the six metaphorical hats? Below, I summarize it;

  • White represents information.
  • Red shows the feelings.
  • Black is about difficulties.
  • Yellow represents benefits and value.
  • Green is for alternatives.
  • Blue manage our thinking process.

De Bono’s model of hats works for everyone and in every aspect of life.

I mention the 6 hats properties below;

White hat thinking:

The main characteristics of white hat thinking give follow:

  • It’s neutral and opinion free. 
  • White represents the facts and figures about the situation.
  • There are 2types of information that lies in these categories;
  • 1st represents checked and proven facts.
  • 2nd is facts designed by any belief.
  • The range of chances exists in the white hat. The words like Never True, by and large, occasionally, sometimes belong to this hat.
  • It’s complete directional with the discipline to provide crystal clear facts.

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Red hat thinking:

The prominent characteristics of red hat thinking give follow:

  • It allows expressing your emotions as well as feelings about any matter.
  • The red hat makes feeling visible for yourself and others.
  • It allows a shift from one feeling to another.
  • It put you away from logical justification and focus on feeling.
  • 2 Types of feeling addressed under red hat are;
  • 1st is usual feelings— Like fear, happiness and envy.
  • 2nd is complex judgments—Like intuitions, senses and strange opinions.

Black hat thinking:

The prominent aspects under black hat thinking include;

  • It presents the caution, risks, dangers and cons of every situation.
  • The black hat makes you careful to avoid dangers and difficulty.
  • It sees the risks or drawbacks within the future.
  • We focus on caution or survival in any situation.
  • It’s argument free. Develop an aura of danger in every situation.
  • You can detect errors in thinking itself.
  • Black hat is supposed to be abusive or overused, but it has its significance. 

Yellow hat thinking:

The qualities of a yellow hat thinking are mentioned below;

  • It represents the positive and constructive side of thinking.
  • Yellow symbolizes sunshine that means optimism.
  • It is the opposite of black hat thinking. 
  • It finds out the logical supports towards values and cons.
  • Yellow hat generates visions and dreams concerned about benefits.
  • Management and effectiveness come out under the yellow hat.
  • It ranges from logic to the hopes of action.

Green hat thinking:

The prominent facts that indicate green hat thinking includes;

  • It’s for your creative thinking.
  • It symbolizes the fertility, growth and values of life. 
  • Green hat allows us to see alternatives in every situation.
  • It can invoke new ways of judgments.
  • Green hat generates a way to produce new concepts and perceptions.
  • That makes you out of your current thinking patterns and create innovation.
  • It’s a creative pause to see the best in every wise situation. 

Blue hat thinking:

The qualities that every blue hat thought are mentioned below;

  • It represents the controller of thinking. 
  • It activates or controls other hats in function.
  • Blue hat summarizes your conclusions about the situation.
  • It adds discipline and stops arguments— shapes your thinking.
  • You start to follow steps that demand to develop questions.
  • It has forced tone with the ability to monitor the rules of the game. 
  • Blue hat thinking appears from time to time in a full thinking course and points out a subject for direction.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do people use 6 Thinking Hats?

6 Thinking hats is a tool to put your efforts of decision making in some direction. Everyone can utilize it to build up a decision of their perspective. It allows you to think throughout on a single topic.

What is white hat thinking?

White hat shows the information or data about the topic belongs to six hats of thinking. It demands beliefs that are checked or unchecked.

What does green hat mean?

Green hat shows the alternative or creative side of every aspect of a point. It shows fertility or innovation to express a point.

What is red hat thinking?

Red shows the emotions or feelings about a topic. What do you feel? It’s like being a poet of your experience.

What is blue hat thinking?

Blue hat manages the thinking process. It allows you to control your thinking patterns. The start of every conscious thinking process starts with a blue hat. It gives reason to think and wind up thinking.

Who invented the theory of the six thinking hats?

Edward de Bono invents the 6 Thinking hats methods in 1985.


I conclude that the Edwards De Bono six hats theory can produce practical results in our lives. We can choose any thinking order and generate a perception. Every hat has its vitality as well as Redundance.

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