8 Questions to ask yourself to get to know yourself

Questions to ask yourself to get to know yourself is the first step towards control over life. No doubt, it’s impossible to control your life, but with self-awareness, you’re able to stay with yourself every time. In this article, I give you the 8 Areas that govern your life most. If you control these aspects and work on them, a new you is on the way. 

You may get stuck and overwhelmed with exotic situations, but questions align your cars and sharpen your focus. I come up with these 8 points after diving into the self-help literature. It allows me to quiet things with style. Let’s see what these questions to ask yourself to get to know yourself are;

What’s your reason to be happy?

Everyone has a different cause of happiness. Some people feel good after helping others. On the contrary, others’ happiness links with others’ destruction. 

It’s up to you to observe yourself and dig the depth of happiness for yourself. By chance, you find that your happiness lies in the wrong place, you can shift it towards yourself. We live in a fast internet world where things change within seconds. The vulgar data may active a demon happiness self inside us. 

Practical exercise for happiness:

The best way to check out your happiness is to recall the past events that make you happy. You can practice it any time. It sparks up questions to ask yourself to get to know yourself.

How do I correct my happiness mantra?

In my case, I found that my cause of happiness from hard work shifts into pleasing with time. It hampers me to open up myself. In the end, it cripples me for progress. I found myself less in my choices and more follow the others. So, I take charge of a situation, know the score and recall my purpose of happiness for hard work. 

Can you explain your core values?

Most of the time, people can’t explain their core values because they’ve no set of rules. They are fragile and confuse flexibility with values. In the end, they ignore their core values and lead the wrong path in the clouds of ego.

A way to check your value

You can start measuring your values by giving attention to respect and love. What did you call love? Is it a truly intimate relationship or lusty hookups? 

Likewise, where is your respect exist? You can compare it with failures and success. Read Jordan Peterson about goal setting

How do I define my core values?

Being a teenager, some people used to laugh over my thoughts. They said I’m dumb and can’t be put out of my comfort zone. So, I must leave those people and put them out of my friend’s list. My idea about leaving friends that were put in turmoil for an instant, I took the bold decision and left their environment. After a few months, I felt more confident and less conflicted about my work.

I develop a core value to leave those unnecessary people who are the hurdles of my journey. 

What’s your response under the stress state?

Are you feel lower in stressful times? Or you change the tack and move towards instant actions. 

our stress reveals a new you. Some people become easily triggered with a scarcity inch of frustration. If you want to achieve something in life, your skin should be tough enough to embrace the frustration of at least single work. 

How to handle stressful actions?

The self helps experts introduce terms like resilience and grit that gives you the stamina to stay calm under pressure. Resilence allows you to be with cause and sharpen your knife until the right time. 

How do I achieve my inner courage to firm under stress?

Being an impulsive teenager, I become triggered every day by a bunch of things. As time went by, I found that most of the stressful times come back again. So, I build up my mind to remain calm in stress. With the practice of meditation and gratitude, I can convert my fret into fun. 

Does your physical health is under the radar?

Do you care about your health? If you focus on health, you can achieve anything in your life. Various people pivot on work at their young ages. In the end, they become rich but, they’ve no health for all this. Life is a unique chance to show your best. It’s only possible if we are fit to face the challenges.

Some people confuse the idea of physical heath with their bodies. Your physical health has a direct relationship with your mental health.

Way to achieve it:

You can raise your knowledge about a healthy lifestyle. Besides, various influencer gives you a push to start your health care journey.

How do I achieve physical health in a gloomy pandemic?

Pandemic is indeed downhearted and boring. You may foud yourself stuck online or in your house. You can’t move freely outside. In the end, it sparks sadness as well as fat towards you. 

I found that my body gains unwanted fat before 6months. So, I acted, Buy pair of dumbells. I take a complete course about weight loss. You can take online classes for workout guide purposes. In the end, I recover my true fit self with the deliberate instructional practice of about 2 Weeks.  

Do you know your personality type?

Well, it’s a typical sceptical question for fun. It impacts directly in your next decision of life.

It clears your questions about your weird self. Every human has its nature to perform work. Some people feel happy to be alone while others found happiness in group chat. 

How to know your personality properly?

The first step is to b reliable about your weird self. You may first choose one type and shift to another type with time. At some point, you may be confused.

How do personality types help me out?

I found myself a very absurd person. I love to be alone and stay away from the crowd. Besides, I love learning and hate school at the same time. I found myself emotional occasionally without any reason.

The personality type knowledge gives me an idea about my personality type. Besides, It introduces my weaknesses and strengths.

Can you demonstrate your strengths?

You can check your strengths by observing your easiest performing task. 

It impacts and depends from person to person. Some people have physical strengths. 

Others have mental stamina. You may find some people have a natural speaking habit. On the contrary, others want to remain quiet. 

How to find strength?

You can develop a list of your achievements in the order of easiest to hardest. 

How do I find my hidden strengths?

Your strengths are not like a spell that makes you a superman within seconds. So, be realistic about your strengths. Your strengths are the areas where you’ve more potential. So, I dig deep and find that I love to express in my life. First, start with singing and then, I choose a writing career. 

What’s your secret weakness that you admit?

Sometimes, we know our weaknesses. On the other side, we fail to find even a single clue of your mistakes in various situations. In the end, we fail to map out the real cause of our repeated failures. Your ego can be the biggest hurdle to make you correct. 

How to point out your weakness before anyone does?

There is no perfect term for humans. Sometimes, other people show your uniqueness as a weakness. The best way is to see yourself from other prospects. Take a piece of sincere advice for reliable and sensible people. Once you know your score, it’s easy to eliminate bugs.

What provokes me to admit my mistakes?

In my case, my cause gives me the fire to accept my mistakes and dive into the sea of failure and impediment. I failed several times being a writer and still struggled like a grunt. 

What’re the people that mesmerise you to be alike?

There are enormous inspirations everyone can have in life. Your inspiration impacts you in life. It cast a bruise in your fight for success. Every successful person in this world has been mentored. Mentors save your time and bless you with blueprints that show you a vivid path. Besides, you develop a mindset that mesmerises you.  

How can you notice your mentor list? 

Develop your list of mentors list. Jot down the people that excite your inner self to be alike. No doubt, some inspiration has no connection with your fields but, it gives an innovative approach. 

How do I point out my mentors?

I choose mentors out of border, race and biases. It gives leverage to learn various strategies from enormous people. Every mentor hits my inner voice with a vigour that blew away my lingers. . There are other types of personal questions that up self-knowledge.  


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