Jordan Peterson Self Improvement:

I research Jordan Peterson Self improvement. I summarize my answer below;

We feel pain in life. It’s our responsibility. Do something that bothers you. Start with your limits. Don’t fix every problem at once. Give your mind a purpose. Work on purpose every day. Excercise to stop wasting cognitive mind. 

Develop your consciousness. Create schedule. It is not a prison. It guides you. Develop the courage to fail in the schedule. 

Identify failure conditions. Start with aim low. 

Trust in your compounding efforts. Work on unconscious habits. Develop fewer distraction habits. 

Work with competence hierarchy. It arises quality with honesty. A goodman is dangerous with civilized. 

Break your wrong persona. Speak your truth. 

Observe your resentment. Separate chaos with order. 

Feel pain:

Why do you bother to be better? Peterson says it’s a pain. Pain gives an idea to self improve. You want to get rid of it.

It requires improvement. You can’t deny pain. Stupid pain hurts you. read about Jordan Peterson masculinity.

Fix what bothers:

Jordan suggests a way to identify it. Look around and find what bothers you. Try to fix it. 

You start asking genuine questions. It leads towards action. Jordan believes asking the question is pray. 

Start to your point:

It’s about your limits. It’s a point where you can start. Fix things every day. Trivial things impact great. Face fewer traps in changing routine. 

Make your mind and emotions together. You can define yourself with them. So, broader things should change. 

Don’t repair every problem:

Your Responsibility is to find a problem. Don’t go to repair every problem. Adopt modesty towards it. Stay in your domain. Your competence domain is best. 

Give mind aim:

The mind works with a genuine aim. It figures out necessary things. 

Your concern needs genuine. It’s about Focus. See one thing as Aim. 

The world starts manifesting. Manifesting towards your Aim. 

Negative Aim results in deadly manifestation. 

Jordan Peterson self improvement personal productivity:

How Jordan remains productive? He works with schedules. Everything follows a Schedule. 

His wife helps him. Jordan learns discipline back in graduate school. 

Jordan wrote maps of meaning at that time. 

He works 3hours per day. Besides, he practices focusing. 

IQ Level:

Jordan believes IQ matters for success. It is a success predictor. He doesn’t believe in mind games. 

Mental games do not enhance IQ. 

Jordan Peterson tip for better IQ:

The IQ decreases as we become older. He suggests physical exercise. 

It gives the brain enough oxygen. 

That includes aerobic and anaerobic. It reduces Brain Cognitive functionality. 


It includes constant and orderliness. 

It starts a self conversation. So, you recognize the right actions. 

Jordan example it as; Bad employee and a worse boss. You can’t fire yourself. 

Work on micro habits for consciousness. Set up aims for yourself. Aim values you. It gives a plan. So, you get your desired life. 

Micro processes reward towards a goal:

Jordan Peterson self improvement explains Develop micro process. 

The process is associated with a goal. It rewards in goal direction. 

It rewards positive motivation. That should justify your efforts. 

Everyday reasoning:

It motivates you every day. It protects you from dangerous things. 

That defines Why. Doing nothing is easy. 

Your proper reasoning results in progress. It is about implementing goals. It is a schedule. So, you stick with it. 

The schedule is not prison:

People highlight things heartlessly. It is your desired day. 

Routine is the best day. It defines the desired way. 

The day ends in better shape. 

The routine should not hurt you. Don’t dig yourself. 

You take responsibility for it. Negotiate yourself, not punch. Spend time with Responsibility. 

Utilize spare time for relaxation. Leisure can be another activity. It’s not about accuracy. Hit about 70%. It’s better than nothing. 

The person you want to be:

Identify your want. Constant looking for it. Use learning for it. 

Build that personality. 

Want to be, not should be a person:

You get motivation from others. It’s about want. You should not force yourself. 

Forcing hurts yourself. Allow moving freely. 

Specify conditions for failure:

People don’t specify goals. It demands conditional acceptance. 

It is a failure condition. Specify things is not easy.

Foggy things are easy. Unclear things don’t identify a failure. 

Jordan says people hide from failure. People are blind about it. 

Aim low enough to not lose heart:

Underestimating yourself is not the point. Identify your best strategic position. It is an insufficient measure. Your correction is possible. 

Aim low enough to get a challenge. It gives enough success.

You’ve to lower yourself. Small opportunity is necessary. 

Push yourself:

Your Aim is low. Never set too high aim. 

High aims drive fantasies. It’s not glorious at begin. 

It is better than nothing. 

You are blameless about it. It’s not dangerous for you. 

Jordan explains his weight listing example. He gains 35pounds of muscle back in 3 Years. 

It’s the compounding effect. Put yourself every day with a pushing step. 

Jordan Peterson about work Performance:

Attention kills through the unconscious. You desire to work. 

All distracting thoughts came. It annoys you. 

You develop undesired thoughts. It distracts you. Besides, it lows your work motivation. 

Jordan Peterson self improvement about Unconsciousness:

Jordan explains the unconscious. Our unconscious contains habits. 

You practice these unconscious habits. These habits drive through procedural memory. 

UnConsciousness is also a dream state. It is your view. It is a way to see yourself. 

Jordan supports Freudian principles for it. 

You act as Ego. The outside is the unconscious self. 

ID is about impulses. ID is a subsystem. 

It associates with biological things. 

You’ve united yourself. So, you get control over impulses. 

Impulsive people waste their time. 

Impulse takes over them. So, such people become panic. Everyone has impulses. It starts to control conscious actions. 

Hierarchy of competence is best:

Jordan doesn’t support equality. He believes in the Hierarchy of competence. 

It allows the best choices. That establish quality. So, we reward them. It makes them best. It is reasonability functioning. 

Other hierarchies support corruption. 

It encourages solutions. It encourages dreams for the top. 

Competence hierarchy supports honesty and quality. 

A good man is a Dangerous man:

Treat yourself as a respective human being. 

Find ways to contribute. You’ve understood the evil. It allows you protection. 

Tough guys characterized. Their rules don’t work sometimes. 

Dangerous doesn’t mean you become a threat. Danger should combine with civilization. 

Jordan gives Beauty and beast example. The beauty wants beast,

Jordan Peterson 2 Persona breaking ways:

Jordan explains 2 Ways to break persona;

1st is to accept the Truth. It hurts you initially. It enhances your acceptance. Your Truth highlights the right issue. 

2nd is to measure your resentment. It arises dark fantasies. 

It makes you conditional. Resentment arises from oppression. 

Besides, resentment starts your self-dialogue. It moves towards saying. You say essential soul things. 

Distinguish chaos and order:

Observe your direct square of influence. Identify the repairable things. 

It makes life less horrible. You turn chaos into order with a small Order.

You become stronger. 

Jordan believes it acts like meditation. Physical ownership doesn’t matter. Develop a relationship with objects. 

Persona breaking:

Beta male fails. They lie to themselves and others. 

They move with persona. It is the way to appear harmless. 

They appear as good people. Jordan believes they’re not. Coward people take harmlessness as morality. 

When persona breaks, you see your evil phase. It hurts you. It stops you from enlightenment. 


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