Oniri Creations Toys and Collectibles:

Oniri Creations is a French company that designs and manufactures hand-painted figurines for collectors. Each product is made under official licenses.

Oniri Creations Toys and Collectibles
Oniri Creations Toys and Collectibles

It is limited to a number of copies. The company specializes in figures of popular anime characters. These figurines can be purchased at a price.

It can range from a few hundred dollars to a couple thousand dollars.

Levi Statue

The Attack on Titan Levi Statue by ONIRI Creation is a high-quality collectible statue of Levi and his female titan. The statue is based on the Attack on Titan manga. It measures 52 x 48 x 45 cm and is made of high-quality polyresin. It is an essential collectible for any Attack on Titan fan.

Statue is limited to 999 pieces. It depicts Levi Ackerman in a famous fight scene with Annie from the first season. It is produced in 1/6th scale and comes with a certificate of authenticity. There is also an instruction booklet. It will guide the buyer on how to assemble the statue.


A recent statue release from French studio Oniri Creations depicts three-time Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi. This statue features a batalla-style pose, and features two massive shuriken in his right hand. This product has a limited number of copies.

One of Naruto’s most iconic characters, Sandaime is a student of the first two Hokages and known as the “Professor” and “god of the Shinobi.”

This statue pays homage to one of the most iconic scenes from the anime, depicting Sandaime facing off Monkey King Enma in the final battle.

The statue is finished in 1/6 scale and comes with a certificate of authenticity and an instruction booklet.

The Sandaime Diorama

The Sandaime Diorama by ONIRI Creations is a statue of the student of the first two Hokage, aka the ‘Professor’ and ‘God of the Shinobi’. It pays tribute to one of the most memorable scenes in the Naruto anime. It depicts Sandaime.

Monkey King Enma in their final battle, and is done in 1/6 scale. That comes with a certificate of authenticity and an instruction manual.

Sandaime Statue

You can now own a Sandaime Statue from the popular manga and anime series Naruto! This resin figure is available from ONIRI Creations, a company from France. It is a collectible figurine.

That is limited to 999 pieces. It comes with a certificate of authenticity and an assembly guide.

Known as “the Professor,” Sandaime is the student of the first two Hokage and is known as the “god of the Shinobi”. This 1/6 scale statue pays tribute to a memorable scene from the popular anime series. It depicts the final battle between Sandaime and Monkey King Enma. The statue comes with a certificate of authenticity and an illustrated instruction booklet to help you assemble it.

The Flash Statue

As part of its DC 1:6 line, Sideshow is proud to present The Flash Statue. The statue shows the speedster in his classic costume, speeding through an urban battle zone. The figural representation shows a rare confidence, which makes it a great choice for fans of the DC universe.

The Flash Statue by ONIRI creations is a faithful reissue of the speedster from the DC comics series. It stands about 36 cm tall and is made of resin. The figure is painted to look like he’s actually running through the city. The statue also features a war zone, lightning bolts, and other details from the show.

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