What is the difference between being competitive and being overly aggressive?

I research a lot about the question; What is the difference between being competitive and being overly aggressive? Below I summarize my answer in a table;

The difference between being competitive and overly aggressive
Overly aggressive:Competitive person:
They dominate others. They love conflicts.
An aggressive person hates to obey others. Such a person hates listening.
They victimize and hurt others.Oppose others for no reason.
They hate truths that are against them. They drive for the wrong reasons.
Person loves War. Strong desire to win.
They have no impulse control.Impatient towards progress.
Their lose must other lose. Either win or lose. No third condition.
They negotiate with bullies. Negotiate with strategy.
They love to stand alone. They have an audience.
A person wants superiority. Can’t corporate for goals.
They don’t take responsibility.Be responsible for the goal.
Their problem is an everyone issue. Put pressure on achievement.
Lower self Esteem(negative self-image).Have self-doubts.
They have threatened Ego with challenging events.External pressure impacts personality traits.

Overly Aggressive Person Characteristics:


They want to be dominant or superior in every situation. They find ways for it. An aggressive person hurts for it.

Obey with hate:

Overly aggressive hates to the obedience of higher authority. They want others to depend. The aggressive person brings orders down.

They love to build their system. Others approach arises objections.

Victimize other:

They utilize others. Victimize others for their ends. They use others’ weaknesses.

They have no shame to blackmail others. Aggressive utilize others properly. They waste others after purpose.

Suppress truths:

They ignore the truth. The against facts irritates them. They love false talk.

Aggressive develop wrong opinions. They drive from lies. It excites their action.

Start war:

Always at the war of something. The war drives them. It can be a person or information.

They bring other down. So, war gives a sense for it.

No impulse control:

They’ve no control over their impulses. They use emotions for a purpose. The emotional push is their power.

They develop toxic talk with emotions. It puts others under them.

Aggressive belief system:

They believe in life as;

  • When they win, other wins.
  • When they lose, others lose. 
  • The loss of others makes them a winner.
  • The wins of others make them a loser. 

Aggressive Negotiation:

Aggressive people negotiate with bullies. They express emotions and anger. 

It puts pressure on others. Another comes with their desired solution. 

They don’t care about your relationship with you. Aggressive people can lie. They threaten you. 

Adopt exclusion:

They reject others. They use their solitude as an achievement. Besides, they leave others.

They pretend others as wrong. It gives chance for hurting. They feel better alone.

Corporate for superiority:

Their mission with a corporation is to bring others down. It can be some person or group. They’ve no shame for sarcastic comments.

Don’t take responsibility:

An aggressive people don’t take responsibility for any event. They find others to blame. Such a person highlights others mistakes. Responsibility is a weakness. They highlight others mistakes.

Turn their problem into everyone:

The aggressive person always mentions problems. He loves to share problems. Besides, he expects a solution from others.

He blames others for his problem. He mentions his problem is for everyone. Others deserve no peace due to my problem.

Feel bad about themselves:

Their self-esteem is low. They hurt others for it. It maintains their self-esteem.

They use violence as a technique. Unlike events lower their self-esteem.

Threaten Ego:

Research clears that an Aggressive person has Ego involvement. They encounter self conflicts. The inner view does not match with external reality.

Their ego triggers. So, they come up with choices. They either accept or reject events.

Acceptance drives negative emotions. The negative emotions stay inside. They don’t choose it.

Rejection saves their self-esteem. They direct negative emotions towards a target.

Competitive Person Characteristics:

Start conflicts:

They want a conflict to run the competition. It gives a sense of betting others. It excites for a solution.

Hate listening:

They don’t like to listen to others. It makes them less effective. They don’t like others facts.

They prefer to believe in their perceptions.

Oppose others:

A competitive person has ego involvement. They have opposing tones and words. He resists others all time.

Besides, he works against others. Sometimes, moving in the wrong direction.

Drive with wrong reason:

They know the truth but support the wrong thing. They develop incentives. Mostly, it is external.

So, they work to satisfy it. As condition changes, their purpose affects. Internal motivation creates healthy competition.

Desire to win

Intense desire to win at all cost. Their drive is to win. It gives meaning.

The winners inspire them. They can’t compromise for it.

Impatient but control nerves:

They control impulses. Such a person is aggressive and impatient in choices. 

Patience is their weakness. A slight risk of loss afraid them. Their nerves serve well for winning.

Competitive belief system:

Their belief system in life as;

  • When they win, others lose.
  • When others win, they lose.
  • It is like 2sides of a coin. It has never been any tie situation. 

Competitive Negotiation:

They want to attain their desired goals. They take it as an opportunity to win. It moves with strategy. So, they don’t catch by others. They’ve no care about relationship preservation. All they intend to be Right. 

Audience oriented:

They have an audience to serve. It gives pressure and motivation to perform better. 

Corporate for goal:

Their corporation is for a specific purpose. So, they build a team for it. They motivate others for it. Besides, they become harsh for the Goal. 

Take responsibility:

A competitive person wants goals. He can responsible for it. He can push you for it. The goal drives responsibility sense.

Competitive style problem resolution:

Various leaders use that style. It puts pressure on others. They don’t care about future relationships.

They resolve problems with pushing. Instant goal achievement is essential.

Action eliminates self-doubt:

Their actions bring them out from doubts. It motivates them for a bigger goal. It eliminates the confusion.

The consistent action drives hope. It enhances improvement levels.

Pressure impacts personality:

Research shows personality impact through competition. It depends on the level of pressure. It impacts on opponents performance.

The high-pressure circumstances trigger hesitation. It demands more practice. Opponent puts pressure on you.

The relatively low pressure relax the nerves. You perform relay on skill. You put pressure on the opponent better.

Final thought:

The competitive person can take advantage.

It results in competition and being overly aggressive.


Aggressive negotiator bullies:

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