According to Mel Robbins, What is happiness and how to get it?

mel robbins happiness
According to Mel Robbins, What is happiness and how to get it?

Mel Robbin’s happiness gives you a unique viewpoint to connect with your all moods and create True happiness inside you.

When it comes to happiness, Mel Robin explains it with the metaphor of the ocean. She believes our emotions float like Waves. Sometimes we are happy, angry or envious. 

All we need is to get control of our Emotions. It takes a little bit of effort to ride the wave of our emotions. Happiness is one of the emotion inside of us, like other dark emotions.

Living in the past make you worried because it allows us to drift from the thought that sparks your grudges to change it.  

Future makes your anxieties. You try to predict it and figure out all the consequences that can hinder your purpose. 

Presentism is the golden zone for happiness. It is the time when we’re living life whether we worry or not. 

Mel further explains the viewpoint of phycologist research about it. 40% of happiness belongs to genetics. 60% is in your hands. With the assistance of productive thoughts, anyone can live a happier life and show courage to protect happiness. 

Thoughts have power over feelings:

She explains the classic phycological method enticingly. You can’t control what you feel at the moment, but you can understand and shift the pattern of your thinking process. 

That’s why Our thoughts are essential essence that craft and develop a mindset. 

Every successful person or person you feel inspiring has more control over his thinking process because he trains his thoughts. 

Saver approach:

Mel Robbins explains that phycologist uses the term saver that allows us to focus on the right at the moment. It gives us something at the moment that we require to save. For example: If you love reading Science Fiction novels, and suddenly you find a book that has a connection with it and, you have thoughts fleets inside your head that demands your focus to save it. 

You can find anything at the moment to catch your attention. It boosts our gratitude towards things that happen to us. 

5 Secret from Mel Robbins happiness Show:

Happiness is our choice. It’s up to us to be happy and focus on develop such moments in our life. 

Like every self-help guru, Mel has her unique idea and research-based views to accomplish it. 

In her show, she explains the 5 Secret sauce that yields happiness in your life. 

Let’s see what’s the golden points;

1.Find something to do:

You require a purpose or anything that gives you a sense of responsibility. It feeds our mind with some direction and predicting the future with hope.  

2.Find someone to love:

Mel states that loneliness is dangerous for everyone. So, if you find someone to love, it encourages you to do something vast in your life. 

It may be your mother, father, friend or life partner. Love allows us to have cared for others inside our heart. 

3.Something that you’ve to move forward:

Life is constantly flowing water. If you find a plan, idea or purpose within the future, it gives you a sense of purpose and hopes to see next in life. Besides, you feel a sense of control that is great to live a happier life. 

4.Something to return:

If you have something you want to give unconditionally, you feel great about your life. It sparks up your inner giver. 

There is various way to increase giving in your life. You can join any charity group or helps others for free. 

5.Something Positive inside your mind:

Mel states that positivity is the key to yield constructive actions. A negative mindset sabotages your whole life and put you in trouble. It allows you to practice the positive Mindset that stays and craft your life decisions throughout your life. 

Morning Routine happiness is the key to live a happier life:

Mel states in the research that your morning routine has a direct impact on your all-day productivity. 

She mentions that 3 Minutes of consumption of Negative and destructive information raise the chances of a bad day to 50%. She also believes that morning envy also exist when you see find yourself no desire to do anything. 

Mel Robbin further gives the method that serves us to accomplish happiness in the morning routine. If we achieve happiness in the morning, our whole day is in our hands. 

Your morning routine is complicated:

If you fail to achieve your morning goals constantly, it involves that you have a complex routine. It means you should simplify it and be kind towards it. 

Lost motivation to do anything:

We lost motivation because it’s true that sometimes we’ve no mood to work at all. It’s again a mental game to convince yourself to a start and start from a tiny realistic way. 

Add because in your gratitude:

Your “Because” after your routine gratitude give you more depth and reasons to live better.

Once you find Supreme reasons to be happy as compare to crocodile tears, you become happier automatically.

What single thing matters for you at that moment:

It is like finding a single mission that is your whole day. It clears your mind from distractions and allows you to focus on the main task that matters most for you. 

Progress principle:

Mel Robbins explains single task power with the progress principle research that shows the impact of the milestone approach towards your goal of the day.

The impact of miniature goals has a direct relation with work motivation and uplift in moods. It makes a great day. 

Mel Robbins best ever ted Talk

Relationship for Success:

MelRobbins talk about the power of relationship and how it shapes the breakage of stress patterns. She gives the reference to Shawn Achor’s book to highlight the impact of relation power.

She believes that social connections are our assets. We should invest in them. 

Besides, the Longest research on happiness shows that people with tight social bonds have more resilience and strength in their hard times. It blesses them with the stamina to bear and work more. 

Prioritize your happiness:

If you want quality results from you, you’ve to raise your quality. It means you require to choose what’s best for you. It takes practice and a lot of failures at first. 

Prioritize doesn’t mean you become selfish and left others behind. It means you prepare yourself ready to help and love others in a better way. 

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