Deepak Chopra relationship:

I research a lot about Deepak Chopra wisdom about a relationship. I conclude my quick Summary below;

Deepak Chopra relationship wisdom tells not to see other faults. Work on your weakness. Make decisions by knowing the direction and never involve the Ego. A successful relationship raises acceptance. It impacts your immune and heart. 

The self is delusion itself. The relationship gives us aliveness. 

We’re a part of complete. Conditional self ends with Awareness. 

You heal yourself through connection healing. It gives you higher consciousness. 

The abundance consciousness sets you free from money imprisonment. Write your relationship desire trades. They will come to you through practice. You should experience flow in a soulmate relationship. Enhance communication without competition and control. 

Others faults your weakness:

We all find various faults in others. 

These faults highlight our weaknesses. Deepak says that it hurts us. We find mistakes in everyone. It’s easy for us. 

The relationship works with the courage to accept faults. 

It gives you hope for resolution. It gives you an edge for respecting others. 

Your decisions tell the direction:

Every relation demands some decisions. You’ve to lose something for it. It’s up to you to choose. You make sacrifices for it. 

It means that others challenge you. At various points, the decision is essential. It saves us from irrelevant conflicts. We can prioritize better with it.

The Ego lives in fear:

Various people make decisions through ego. It means they love to be in fear. They choose insecurity over care. 

They try to put others down. In that effort, they lose hope and fulfilment. Deepak says that Ego has a pain path. On the other hand, kindness and care sparks responsibility. 

The care gives you a sense of responsibility. Read about Deepak Chopra friendship wisdom. 

Fulfilling the relationship represents success:

Deepak represents flourishing relations as a successful life. No doubt, money is crucial for it. 

The relationship is one of the success basics. We should take it as an accomplishment. 

A wise relationship uplifts us. It gives us enormous support. 

Acceptance brings walls down:

Deepak highlights the power of acceptance. It assists us to move forward. Accepting gives us the choice to forgive others. It breaks the walls of isolation. 

We become selfless with it. We start caring about others. It makes you less judgment. You should observe the negative and positive aspects. 

The negative and positive makes you complete. It makes you engaging and human alike. 

You involve others in your care. Besides, you understand your limits. It makes you better resolution. 

Relationship impacts our heart and the immune system:

In his book healing self, Deepak connects the relationship with the heart. It is a relationship that expresses your qualities. It improves our heart health. We are less likely to suffer from heart problems. 

Besides, it improves your immune system. You feel secure and Strong with it. 

The separate self is an illusion:

It is the first of noble buddha truths. You know yourself by creating other concepts. 

We know about ourselves through experience. For example, We touch the book through hands. The touch sensation is experience. 

We exist only as relationship:

Not any organ exists itself. All together creates a body. It is a relationship of organs collectively. 

Ourselves interconnected with the whole:

According to Deepak, Your real self is never borns. It never creates. Your experience borns. The experience gives peace, love and fulfilment. It sets you free from death fear. 

Consciousness makes it real:

Sometimes you don’t like what happens in your relationship. The conscious aspects make the event exist. We can change by turning it meaningless. 

Ask yourself; What do you do in consciousness that makes it alive? 

Like or dislike is the mirror of yourself:

Sometimes, we like or dislike things in life. It is the mirror of ourselves. We can’t hide from ourselves. That’s why our weakness comes out that way. We run from our flaws. Sometimes, the other Flaws hit our weak spots. We can identify it that way. So, we can resolve ourselves through relationships.

The relationship is from any living or nonliving:

Everything around us develops relationships with us. It can be your phone or a tree. Deepak Chopra says we can manage it. 

Our relationship can achieve better conditions. We work on our habits through understanding relationships. There is no self as lonely. The connection makes you alive. 

Conditional self uplifts through Awareness:

No doubt, conditions are impactful for us. We can rise above them. It means we can think independent from them. 

The awareness gives odds to do that. Deepak says that Awareness enhances the consciousness level. 

We connect with the independent factors. So, we join with the infinite possibilities.

Healing relation is a key for healing self:

Our whole body connects through organs relationship. A healing relation heals us. We connect through understanding. 

The connectivity gives better consciousness. We show care and sympathy for relates. In the end, the self gets healing. 

Deepak Chopra believes that self is itself awareness. 

Write the trades you want in life:

Deepak Chopra suggests writing qualities that you want. Write them clear and practical. It gives you a direction to work. You nurture these qualities inside through desire. 

You start to giving it to others. Then, you find them in yourself. 

Stick with the 4 A’s of relationship:

Deepak suggests following the 4 A’s guide for relationship. It gives a complete understanding of the right attachment.  


It means you can appreciate others for action. It cultivates the reasons to boost love. You inspire others. Besides, you give a positive response to their actions. 


It is about giving others physical importance. You should pass smile and prefer hugs. Besides, several kindness gestures give affection. It gives a strong signal of supporting others. 


It means prioritizing your loved ones. You give a complete sense of attention to others. It is about responding and asking meaningful questions. 


It gives you the courage to forgive others. Acceptance develops a level of understanding. So, you give other better chances for improvement. It makes bonds free from wrong expectations. 

7 Catagories for understanding relationship:

Write down the specific goal about yourself in every category. Ask yourself questions about them. Start developing a mindset to achieve it. 

Remind these goals as your guidance source. You can achieve it through connectivity. 

7 Catagories:My Question about specific goals for Each:
Survival and safety:How to maintain a secure life every moment?
Love and belongingness:How can I get the love of my life?
Material success:How can I get financial freedom in the next 3Years?
Self-esteem:What actions take my self-esteem down?
Creative expression:What habits and activities make me creative?
Higher consciousness states:Do I associate with any activity or relationship for higher consciousness?
Self-actualization:Who am I that is independent of all external conditions?

We build high consciousness through relationships:

The relationship is the act of experience. We become present to observe the response. It can grow or sabotage you. The bonds with the connection open up infinite sources. The love, compassion, hope and giving become infinite. You connect with your impossible being. 

It breaks the irrelevant Ego, standards and desires. 

Relationship with money:

A healthier relationship with money is not to think about it. Thinking about money leads to a poverty consciousness. People find reasons to be happy. Happiness with Reason is misery. 

Money builds a relationship with yourself. 

How to find the best money relationship according to Deepak Chopra?

He shares the 2 Imaginary Conditions to pursue it. 

  • 1st is you own all the money in the world.
  • 2nd is you have all the time in the world.

What do you do after that? Then, your answer is your purpose. 

Abundance consciousness:

The abundance consciousness allows working independently of money. You connect with the purpose. It sets you free from competition, comparisons and jealousy. 

You see possibilities towards your passion. So, You should not prefer comparing and hurting yourself. You do your best instead of better than others. 

Soulmate relation:

Everyday activity is a part of your soul. You get the sense of wholeness with your soul mates. Deepak Chopra says that it connects you deeper. You feel things at a deeper level. 

The pure consciousness awakes. The spirit connects with the universe. I bless Secret Ecstacy.

Experience of flow:

It assures the presence of your divine spirit. You feel the flow in your experience. 

The soul mates are complete for your requirement. The self becomes selfless. You nurture the joy for yourself and others. 

Never try to control:

Some people try to control your life in a relationship. They become perfectionists or over-sensitive. Deepak says that control makes resistance. It creates an obstacle in expressing yourself.  

Don’t look for competition:

Competition drives from a win and lose. If anyone wins, the other lost. It arises insecurity in a relationship. You become unfair and lose trust. 

It damages the corporation and arises conflicts. Besides, your Ego involves fear. 

Develop consistent communication:

Deepak suggests improving your communication style. You can find creative ways for a better attitude. 

It gives emotional care, sympathy and responsibility. Besides, you observe blames, appreciate and listen to others. 

The contradictions occur in every relationship. The willingness to grow together with developing growth. 


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