Howard Schultz On Leadership: 31 Quick points Explanation:

I research a lot about Howard Schultz (CEO of Starbucks) on leadership. Below, I summarized my quick answer; 

Howard ensures that all Starbucks employees prepare for high-quality product standards and services. Howard conducts weekly or monthly meetings to build peace and creative lessons. He shares beliefs with employees, clients or the public. 

He empowers values over profits. Share mission through transparency. Fight for true belief, adopt diversity and learn through mistakes. 

Fight for respect:

You can do anything when you’re fighting for survival and respect. You’re desperate that time. Starbucks becomes a discretionary purchase. 

Support gay rights:

Howard believes in the respect and dignity of all people. 

Starbucks supports gay rights. Howard says the antigay marriage stockholder to sell his shares from the company (if he does not like Starbucks policy).

Starbucks is in the consumer business. They cover millions of people of a wide range of beliefs. The company stands for their principles. They adopt diversity.

Not relaxing:

Howard says that you’ve to eradicate the human behaviour of relaxing in today’s business success. Read “Is being stoic a good thing?”.

Vulnerable in approach:

Howard sees leadership success in vulnerability. 

It arises from truth and humility. Vulnerability feeds sensibility among people. Transparency is essential to transform values to others. 

Values social consciousness:

Howard values business impact on society. He focuses on the balance between social and profits. 

Encourages Ethical values:

Howard Schultz is an excellent example of strategic leadership. Strategic leaders use idealized influence and motivational ways to spread ethical values and encourage employees. 

He models ethical conduct himself. For example, Starbucks give free healthcare and stock holding option. 

Sharing success with everybody:

Howard believes in sharing success. He builds a company that respects everyone. He ensures Organisational changes that are associated with his beliefs. 

Inspiration over efficiency:

Some Leaders measure operational efficiency and reward for it. Howard wants the customer to take a magical corporate ride. 

It depends on romance, inspiration or theatre. 

Starbucks doesn’t base on efficiency. The companies core purpose isn’t to make more money. 

Values individual effort:

If an American individual doesn’t do it, someone takes it. Someone come and refine the role and government. Every individual effort matters to preserve and grow America. 

Speak truth for everyone:

We all have a choice to speak the truth every day. It’s not for power for one another. 

A decision is necessary:

Leaders make decisive decisions. The worse thing is not getting a decision. Willing to take decisions without perfect information. 

Make a reasonable decision:

People under you deserve the right decisions. Give them reasons to follow. Never hide or outshine things from them. Your employees run the company. Give them Why not order then through How. 

Work as dignity:

Howard tries to build a company where his father does not get a chance to get a job. He gives work dignity. Business isn’t only for profits. 

Doing business for money is a shallow goal. 

Values mentors:

Bill gates is a mentor and angel with great humility for Howard. Bill gates never told a soul about helping Howard. 

Value Employees and customers experience:

Howard has had leadership morning meetings for the last 40years. They’ve no empty chairs in that room. 

One chair filled with Starbucks employees called him a partner. Other chairs filled with a customer. 

Every decision makes employees proud and satisfied customers. 

Develop and do trust:

Howard values customers’ trust and employees’ trust. 

You build trust and confidence in every constituency. 

As a leader, you’ve to trust the people and share information. 

Starbucks values employees facilities:

Starbucks called employees partners. Every employee works in Starbucks for 25years received comprehensive health insurance. 

Every person becomes an owner of the company using stock options. It includes 14% people based pay. 

Starbuck partnership with ASU to provide free college tuition for every Starbucks person. 

Develop Organizational Principles:

The foundational thing that builds any organization is culture, values and guiding principles. It’s easy to adopt these things in good time. 

We’ve to embrace and have faith in these things. 

Proceed true belief:

The hardest thing is to stand up with your true belief. You’re facing significant challenges through sceptical people. 

Howard suggests writing down your core purpose of being. You can connect with your core purpose every time. 

Collective understanding shapes conscious commitment:

Everyone in an organization is individual or collective understanding. They know their core purpose no matter what happens. 

In 2007 or 2008, Starbucks Face tremendous troubles. Howard came back to try to heal company issues. 

Harward reminds people about the conscious commitment of a company in bad times. 

Build employees expectations for customers expectations:

Howard wants to exceed the expectations of the customer. He has to exceed the expectation of his people first. He runs a Great enduring company that people trust. 

Teaches employees unconscious bias:

He decided by closing Starbucks stores in the evening. The evening closing store costs about $50million. 

The purpose is to teach employees about unconscious bias. Everyone has a specific Bias associated with something. 

Invest in sharing mission:

Howard invests in the people. He did the meeting with 11000 Starbucks Store managers despite the resistance of the board and investors. The company spend $33 million to gather them in one place. 

Howard invests in teaching people about the company mission. 

Sharing ideas crucial then marketing:

Equity of Starbucks brand not based on advertising or marketing. It’s about the experience. Howard believes in sharing the core idea of the company. 

Life long learning:

We’re learning throughout life. We don’t know where or who going to teach us. Leaders learn through experiences. 

Right information gives belief reason:

In crises time as a leader, you are asking about people believing. 

People can’t become part of something larger than themselves without the right information. 

Directional goal transforms company situation:

It’s not speech that encourages to work. Everyone requires direction and the same level of information. Every person knows personal responsibility to accomplish goals. People believe in each other and, the company transforms the situation. 

Show humanity through the company:

Howard believes in humanity. The company is the representation of his and people. 

In 2003, he decided to hire 1000vaterans. In 2007, Starbucks hired 10000refugees. 

Starbucks educates from the current situation. The company efforts for refugees. They become a citizen of this city. 

Worse leaders blame:

The worst thing you can do as a leader is blame or shame people. He turns people down. Leader losses people trust and value. 

The best leader understands:

The best thing a leader does is understand a problem and try to solve it through learning. Howard Schultz encourages ways to understand the maximum situation for impactful leadership.

Leader highlight other’s qualities:

We’re in a time of longing for authenticity and truth. We require leaders that gives a good sense of ourselves and our actions. 


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