Jordan Peterson creativity:

In an interview, Jordan answers that he is creative. His office fills with art pieces. I summarize my answer about Jordan Peterson creativity below;

Openness, intelligence and aesthetics are beauty predictors. Creatives are liberal. Develop systems. Creativity is risky. 

The winner requires incredible success. Conservatives never support creativity. 

Personality traits and creativity:

Jordan explains 5 Personality traits. These include;

Personality traits:Associate Motivation:
ExtrovertsSocial success
NeuroticismSecurity and safety
ConscientiousnessOrder, duty and implementation.
OpennessAbstract ideas and representation. 
AgreeablenessWants close relationship

It represents the way to look at the world. These have biological depth. 

Open, Intelligent and aesthetics:

Creative people have high intelligence. It’s the ability to manipulate information. 

Creativity loads up with openness. It’s not necessarily a creative interest in ideas. 

Open people interest in aesthetics. Various people exist who are blinds to beauty. 

Liberal creatives:

Liberal people are high in openness. Read about Jordan Peterson Evil. 

They lack consciousness and discipline. Creativity requires less industriousness and order. They make high risks. So, take creative risks. 

They start companies. Creatives never interest already exist things. 

System developer:

Creative people create their systems. Never fit in other systems. That’s why we can’t evaluate creatives. 

IQ never matter:

IQ is the measure of creative people. But not high IQ refers to intelligence. 

Jordan refers to his test over lawyers. Great conscious and intelligent people with no creativity exist. 

Foolish game:

Creativity is a gambling strategy. Being creative is foolish. They move towards the unknown. It transforms the world. Useless at the bottom of the hierarchy.

It’s hard to be an artist and survive. 

Learning never supports:

The relationship between grades and creativity is Zero. The educational system crushes creative people. The School system creates to train factory workers. 

Winner game:

Creative people are rare as race winners. You’re creative is not enough. You’ve to be creative with everyone else. 1% creative has the 50% of the money. It’s a winning game. All money belongs to him. Jordan Peterson creativity highlights winner.

Creative runs things:

Artists and entrepreneurs are the same. Their personalities are under the same category. Put the idea into capitalism. 

Creative people at the top requires. We select people with high consciousness and openness. 

Build systems:

It’s tough to put creative people in a system. The system never nurtures creativity.  

Non-creative people are replacing through machines. There are demands of creative people. 

Conservatives, not creatives:

Conservatives are high in consciousness. 

They develop order but less towards openness. The risk with measurements. Conservative discourages creative choices. 

Be the centre of the known. 

Conservatives run companies. They can follow creative paths. 

Conservatives become managers. 

They’re dutiful in their work. It has low creative options. 

They see art in terms of economy. 

Creativity is joyful:

There is a joy to being creative. Carl Jung’s phycology works on creative people. 

Creatives die without creativity. It’s their lifeblood. 

You can crush creativity. You can’t stop it. Being creative is biological. 

Think lateral:

Creatives consult well. They think laterally. 

Entrepreneurs do the same. They generate consistent ideas. 

Some fit the market right. These are problem solvers.

They pivot the idea 

Creative people think outside of their box. 

Never live without creativity:

If you don’t like art, you are probably not creative. The Arts speak to you. Don’t live without it. You educate yourself for it. You generate unduplicated things. 

Jordan Peterson Creativity research: Creative Achievements Questionnaires (CAQ’s):

Creative achievements are Creative products sum. 

It creates by a person in his life. It should original, functional and adaptable. The Creative Achievement Questionnaire (CAQ) measures rare individual creativity factors.

Intrapersonal factors:Interpersonal factors:
Cognitive abilitiesFamilial resources
Personality traitsSocietal factors
Intrinsic motivationCultural considerations

5 Assumptions of Creative Achievement Questionnaire:

  1. It measures a single creative endeavour.
  2. It is exposing, knowledge gathering and gathering skills.
  3. Get judgment of achievement through experts. 
  4. Broad experts range observes accomplishment.
  5. Design to prominent fewer individual most weight. 

Reliability and Internal Consistency:

We get Good internal consistency as a whole. I mention the 10 Domains that are under observation; 

These are Visual arts, Music, Creative writing, Dance, Drama, Architecture, Humor, Scientific discovery, Invention and Culinary.

Criterion and Predictive Validity:

Local artists achievements associate past creative behaviour. It’s the sum of artists ratings. 

It links strongly with CAQ. It predicts creative production abilities. 

Convergent Validity:

Various factors correlation involves finding creative achievement. 

It significantly depends on the factors below;

  1. Creative Personality Scale
  2. Openness
  3. Intellect
  4. Divergent Thinking Score
  5. Fluency(level to recall things at a specific time.)
  6. Originality(No one gives an idea similar to you.)
  7. Flexibility

Discriminant Validity:

Students are not interested in self-enhancement. It’s resistive towards self-enhancing bias. 

Factor Structure:

3 Factor conclusion:

  • Factor 1: (Expressive) arts, writing, and humour.
  • Factor 2: (Performance) dance, drama, and music.
  • The Factor 3: (Scientific) scientific invention, discoveries. 
Visual artsSelectExpressive

2 Factor conclusion:

Factor 1: (ART) Drama, humour, music, visual arts, and creative writing.

Factor 2: (Science) Scientific discovery and culinary arts.

Dance and architecture are out. It has below .40 loading. 

DomainFactor 1Factor 2Dimension
Visual artsArts
ArchitectureNot mentioned


It provides a framework for a creative achievement questionnaire. It examines individual creative achievement associated with a specific domain. 

Creative resolves problem:

Jordan refers to Genius by Hans Eysenck. It explains the high IQ to become a genius. Early traumatic experience good predictor of creativity.

It fosters creative efforts. Creativity requires to resolve the problem. 

Set difficult problems. It emerges creativity. Great creatives resolve serious Problems. 

Creativity restricts:

Creativity never comes by trying things. It emerges through constraining things. It’s a force encapsulated in a tiny space. 

Science not creative:

Science is never associated with creativity. Scientist brings out the best knowledge. Jordan’s research is clear about it. 

It’s more machine-oriented. Creativity in science fails most. 

Stand out kills you:

Jordan shares Robert Sapolsky zebra story. 

Biologists paint the hump of zebra with red. It’s helpful to identify zabra.

The lion kills it. The lion identifies it. 

We don’t like people who stand out.  


Creative people screw things. Attracts attention from people they don’t. They’re revolutionary. Tyrants don’t like it. 

Various reasons exist for non-creatives. You protect yourself from others. 

How do I become more creative, Jordan Peterson?

Your definition of creativity matters. It’s your achievement. You can discuss your work. Be open. That’s a Struggling path. Know the non-creative. It’s a desirable load. 

Creative thinking:

You like to engage with a creative idea. It depends on your associate thoughts about a single Idea. 

It gives fluency. That generates useful responses. 

Creativity is Unique:

Creativity is novel and useful.

It has a range of conveniences. Judgment moves along it. 

Your Ideas should different. 

It’s the rate at which you produce. 

Demands Openness:

Creativity associates openness. It’s originality. That differs from the general. 

Differ from non-creative:

Not everyone is creative. You’ve to move faster. 

Creatives are different from non-creatives. 

Struggling path:

Creativity is a struggling path. 

You create and don’t know about marketing. You’ve no organization. 

No one knows your product. Your probability of success is low. 

Monetize it first:

Monetize your work first. Find job. Feed yourself first. 

Practice your craft part-time. Then, the chances of your achievement become realistic. 

Struggle first success:

The Pareto principle works in creativity. 

You require success to attract more success. Initial success is tough to get. 

Creativity is load:

Creative people can’t live without it. They turn miserable. 

They feel a duty. Creatives carry their load. 

Jordan Peterson on art:

I research a lot about Jordan Peterson Art. It covers the questions. What is Art Jordan Peterson? Why do you need art in your life, Jordan Peterson?

Our knowledge from known to unknown moves with stages. 

You get a body response. Then, run your imagination. Articulate Unknown things later. Jordan Peterson creativity supports it.

Artist move towards unknown. They take an image. 

Transform it into mythological form. Guide through intuition. 

They Content with non-understandable. 

Art afraid:

People are frightened of art. They should be. The art speaks ultimate depth. 

People don’t choose art. They don’t want others to laugh at them. 

Art is exploring:

People think that art is decoration. It’s exploration.

 Artists train people to see. Otherwise, it’s tough to perceive in the world.

Edge of chaos and order:

Artist people like to be at the edge. It’s an edge of chaos and order. 

They expand the Order. They live on that edge. Jordan Peterson creativity build order.

It’s a tough place to live. Your risk to fall into chaos arises. Transforms things to better. 

Artist visions that we don’t understand. They’re civilized agents. 

Unknown exploration:

People look at the paintings. These expose the unknown. 

It interests the viewer. 

Beautiful cities worthy:

European cities have worked on city beauty. 

So, the Beautiful cities worth increases over time. Beauty is crucial for economic development. 

Buy art piece:

Jordan suggests buying an art piece. It builds connection. 

It adds to your life. That changes things. 

Transcendent utility:

The art piece is a window. It moves towards transcendent. 

You’re limited and finite. You’re lacking knowledge and ignorance. 

Create transcendent in art. It prevails art. 

Live with art:

We don’t require bread to live. We require beauty. 

That can be literature. It’s not opinion. Opinions don’t kill art importance. It’s literal, not metaphorical. 

Jordan refers to Cathedral Barcelona. 

God’s pathway:

Beauty is a pathway to God. Music speaks meaning. 

We can justify art. 

Beautify your life:

Jordan teaches you to clean your room. It’s not made clear. 

That makes beautiful. It’s worth making beautiful. You made 1 Thing beautiful, establish a relationship with beauty. It invites divine. 

Learn to articulate:

Literature gives wisdom from human civilization. Reading, thinking and communication make unstoppable. Learning to articulate themselves is crucial. 

They can identify problems and resolve them. 

Compete others in a niche:

Artists require to compete with others. Others create the same type of art. 

It’s not a way to sell your art. People should know themselves and their actions. Cumminate about it. Learn about communication. Marketing is one way. 

Sell your art. It adds value to others life. 

Call to adventures:

Various books are canonical. 

They associate with others. It connects with a call to adventure. 

They imagine something beyond them. Produce things to transform centuries. It associates with eternity. 

Aiming ideas:

Artists bring public awareness. 

They sense and imagine new ideas. 

They’ve aimed. It generates a solution.  

Jordan Peterson art vs propaganda:

Artistic process:Propaganda:
Balance of light and dark.
It presents the world.
No light and dark balance exists.
The Lightness presents in one place.
Frozen is propaganda. Put a message over the story. Prince transformation is not satisfying. 
It appears at the end. Never mention earlier. 
Sleeping beauty is genuine. 
Unconcious eliminated through consciousness. Masculine is concious. Feminine is unconscious. 

Propaganda elements:

You say about the story purpose. It’s propaganda. Propaganda is estimated. 

It can calculate marketing. Jordan Peterson creativity is against it.

Art elements:

You can never say about a true mythological story. Art refers to the process. 

The process embeds in it. It reflects the process. 

It crystallizes the exploration act. Artists don’t know about it. 

They’re exploring. It doesn’t give a political message. 

Artist manifests identity with the transformation process. It represents a cultural hero. 


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