Is “12 rules for life” worth reading?

There are several books about self-development. When I read “12 Rules of Life”, it impacts my way to persuade purpose. The books are the enticing mash-up of philosophy, history and neurology. 

If you love to listen to Jordan Peterson’s lecture, the book becomes far worthy. I answer the question about reading this book after a lot of research.

Is 12 rules for life worth reading
8 Reasons to read “12 Rules for life” book

The book “12 rules of life” by Jorden Peterson is worth reading. The book is a pathway to put your life on track, doesn’t promise any drastic change. It addresses the tiny flaws that impact life. Best choice if you love Jordan Peterson’s wisdom.

Besides, the women dislike the book because of Jorden Peterson’s male dominating views. 

The books sell over 1 Million copies throughout the world. It has strong positive reviews. 

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I share the reasons that make the “12 Rules for Life” your next reading choice.

1.It gives you a factual code for life.

Jorden Paterson’s 12 Rules of life give you the strength to accomplish things. These rules seem simple but influence you a lot. If you’re looking for some great morals to follow, the enticing book engages you towards lessons. 

Every rule of “12Rules of Life” has a deep connection with human phycology. 

The book is factually based rather than emotional appeal. Jorden Peterson’s lesson gives you direction to accomplish things in life. Click to read about the friendship wisdom of Jordan Peterson. 

2.Put yourself in meaningful things.

Jordan Peterson discourages the self-interest view to live life. He wants us to add discipline to your life. The book attaches your purpose with emotions. You never lose interest to get things in your life. 

The book defines meaning that adds energy and direction to your actions. You feel no hesitation to move out from the crowd. 

3.Best to know about Jorden Peterson’s experiences with clients.

If you love the expressiveness of Jorden Peterson, then the book becomes more enticing for you. He uniquely explains every topic. It hits the audience heart. Besides, his research and analysis de-juice every Topic. 

No doubt, the book is tough to read. In the end, it grips the interest of the audience. It’s the collection of stories that Jorden Peterson shares in his lectures. 

4.Share a path of responsible and free life.

Jorden Peterson considers a masculine voice. His words and views provoke the manhood of every man. 

He addresses the courage of every person. His rules set you free from the doubts of others. 

You adopt the responsibility that is yours. The rules inspire you to choose a great path. You can choose it by giving yourself respect and love. 

5.Show kindness towards yourself.

Jorden Peterson book has a rule about treat yourself. It is your responsibility to love yourself. If you stuck in trouble, you express kindness to yourself. 

Your faith and self protect yourself at first. The rule condemns self-sabotage and self-blaming. Besides, kindness and self-respect is the key to live a purpose-driven life. 

6.Get the support of others, not pretending you’re fine:

Jorden Peterson encourages everyone to make friends. Your friends give you support. 

They assist you to heal from pain. It’s natural to take support from others. Your friends give you a proper reason to grow. They want to see your best self. 

The book highlights the power of quality surroundings and taking support from them. 

7.The book shares universal Moral lessons.

The one reason that makes it worthy is moral lessons. No doubt, these lessons have a relationship with the personal believes of Jorden Peterson. These moral values become the voice of every person who needs them. 

Some reading shows no interest even condemn his political ouch of left or right sides. 


Book has a chapter about saving others. It assists us to help others unconditionally. Book appreciate those who help others without any return. 

Horden Peterson shares the enticing experience of his clients about it. 

Compare yourself with yesterday:

The clinical phycologist makes clear the phycology of comparison. The book gives a pretty idea about comparison and motivation. 

People compare themselves with others. In the end, they lose inspiration because others are not the same. The person that seems great become different from close up. 

Less speak:

The worthy basic idea to live worthy life is to speak to the point. The book discusses the great idea of verbal communication.

Don’t lie:

The book gives us a clear lesson to not lie. It clears the mind from the harm of distrust. The author prefers to speak the truth in every situation. 

8: Lessons about child development:

The book becomes worth it because it discusses the fundamental hierarchy. So, child growth is an essential part. Every one of us has an association with it. 

Allow your children to do things they want to do:

The book encourages the child free to choose in life. The author wants us to be Ok if buys choose tough choices. It’s considered his right-winger views about a man. 

Jorden Peterson shares his views about views of gender, not equality. He gives the reference to the bible about men’s and women’s jobs. 

Don’t allow children to do things that make you dislike them:

The book encourages us to teach children about good deeds. It’s normal to stop your child from evil things. Teach them savvy lessons. The author shares his worthy opinion about not listening to enslaved political mentality for it. 


12 Rules of life Worth reading Jordan Peterson’s interview.

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