Jordan Peterson dragon:

I research a lot about Jordan Peterson dragon. Below I summarize my answer; 

Dragon presents chaos. Slay dragon within possible. 

Be conscious. Know the story. 

Clear it up. Strive for the better. Know basic motivation. Develop emotional connection. Go for the long term. Fear isn’t large. 

Dragon in the house has lessons. Resolve what confronts. Never ignore it. Confront hurdles. That transforms the situation. 

Realize dragon of chaos. Go for unknown territory. It distinguishes known. Know yourself that way. Go for reorder. 

Known through unknown. Fight against chaos. That drives meaning. 

Dragon representation:

It represents chaos. It’s a predator. That represents danger. 

They Don’t know beyond. We refuse to explore. It can be inside.

Jordan Peterson slaying the dragon within:

World non-objective place:

He challenges the standard view. 

That’s objective. Don’t explain emotions.   


Consciousness is crucial. Our Brain works for it. 

Emotions drive us. We experience it. We explain it. Emotions are irrational.  

That’s real. Everyone is aware. That’s sense. 

Emotions drive action:

Action depends on it. Know it deeply. Technology doesn’t explain. Interaction comes with it. Read about Jordan Peterson’s life valuable things.

Stories explain human states:

We express emotions. Create connections. That Motivates for decisions. Stories explain it. Not scientific theories. 

Stories form structure. It’s compelling. 

The simple stories have meanings. It gives aliveness. 

People regard stories. Take it the real.

Stories assign character:

Stories aren’t position. Explains positions. Give rules. Drama explains the Real situation. Their motivations express. Play with perspective. Essentially human movement. 

Concern relevant:

Treat ourselves as somewhere. Not pick irrelevant.

Focus on relevant. Relevant become journey. It gives achievement points. 

Should for better:

Choose better in situations. Unexpect can happen. 

Someone resolve it. That is essential for better. 

Various ways encounter unexpectedly. Stories resolve it. 

Dreams encounter threads. 

Brain highlights threats. Other parts give a solution. Other parts provide a solution. If not, the problem comes over. 

Motivation defines destiny:

Motivations are fundamental. 

We’re Similar fundamentally. We’ve Finite basic needs. 

Thirsty drinks water. Hungry eat food. 

That affiliative desire. We have a sexual desire. 

Emotions have goals:

Emotions assign goals. We attach goals. 

We Move towards goals. That release is positive.

Hindrance happens path. Yields negative emotions. Away from the chosen Path. 

Connects emotionally:

We develop a connection. That happens in games. 

We connect with movies. Start feeling it. Embody the role. 

How emotional connects? 

Connect with emotional state. Body sets with others. You experience echo. 

That’s understanding. That system is language. 

Language purpose:

It connects. We understand it. Share stories. We experience people. Learn through it. 

Language never for the objective. 

We Don’t care about Objectiveness. That’s not essential. 

Fundamental long term plan:

Our action is fundamental. “How should act” matters. That Does matter. That provides an option. 

Start observing lifestyle. Go for a long term strategy. Find your best of it.

Mythological stories attract:

We collect stories. It Happens for several years. Collect 1000stories. Boil them for 100. Then create 1 Perfect. It’s a myth. 

Attraction connects mythology:

Attractive people have fragrances. 

That Smells with mythologies. That captivates attention. 

Objectives don’t journey:

Objectives are tools. 

We use it. It exists. Journey highlights using things. It conserves purpose. 

See the world that way. Use for purpose. 

Unexpected along the journey:

You face sudden. It’s unexpected. 

Think about painful things. Look for clueless things. 

Rats behaviour encounter novelty:

Jordan shares a rats example. Rats are fearful. Hate a new situation. 

Enormous cat fears. Rat encounter the cat. Scream for 24hours. 

Then, go back. Observe the situation. Observe territory. That gives food. 

Investigate, not run. 

The unknown situation is complex:

We encounter unexpectedly. Never see the event. 

It’s complex. Know the map. Unknown arises discomfort first. That fears you. Become curious. 

Investigate situation. 

Gather courage. Move forward. It’s you avoiding. Observe small steps. 

Confront situation. It doesn’t destroy us. Move step by step. 

Take challenge:

Things’re freighting. Events are horrible. Take it a challenge. It moves the situation. You’re not bored. 

That Draws a risk line. Know the bottom. 

Fear is not Large. 

You’re larger. Terrible things happen. 

Jordan shares 2fears; Social separation and physical violations. 

Dragon is the danger:

Jordan uses it. That is natural or social. 

It is a hurdle. We face it often. 

Personal responsibility:

Jordan shares Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn story. 

He took personal responsibility. Survived in prison; Memorized his book. Survive against the soviet union. 

Real-world is complicated:

Things are difficult. Looks easy outside. Unkown is complex. You don’t know it. Not idea to react. That frightens you. That produce interest. 

Dragon and gold:

Dragon presents fear. Fear protects something. 

Gold is embedded. Every necessary thing is Gold. 

Never Run:

Run from your fear. Run from needs. Crucial things exist. Check least liking place. It frightens others. Great reasons for running. Slay your fear. 

Find dragon nature:

Never fight irrelevant. It boosts fear. 

Go for nature. That stops impact. Get the dragon piece. 

Mistakes hurt you back:

It lessons yourself. That feeds fear. 

You start running. You fall over. 

Never run consciously. Go for the right things. At least, you think right. 

Jordan Peterson dragon in the house Story lessons:

Wrong grows unknown:

Something wrong happens. 

It’s consistent. That occupy whole. Ignore things grows. It pops up suddenly. Make it a manageable size. 

Foundation over reasonable:

Never set a weak foundation. Not on sand or dragon. Nothing positive happens. 

Wealth does nothing. House does not exist. 

Resolve nagging things:

Never ignore it. It has life. That manifests itself. 

Resolve it immediately. It hurts more later. 

Jordan shares an example. Post-traumatic stress resolution. That impacts over time. That hurts Brain. 

Clear your stories:

Jordan explains the therapy system. It gives a role. So, you get up. Get encountering courage. That provides direction. It Gives structure. 

Embrace confession. 

Know about the problem. Confess the issue. Say it by yourself. 

Confront block:

Often encounter hurdles. It blocks the path. Encounter it. Otherwise, it expands. Never make it a dragon. Not ride uncertainty. 

Journey transforms:

Jordan explains plots. Romance connects us. 

It transforms us. Explore a new individual. 

Adventures explores new. that excites. It transforms also. 

Jordan Peterson The Dragon of Chaos:

Individual control territores:

Individuals look around. He is a master. Explore territories. You’ve 2 Self. 

Explored Territories:

Explored Terrorises are known. We know dimensions. Protect it. It’s your order. 

Unexplored Territories:

Unexplored Terrorise is unknown. Things never work. 

It’s unexpected. Never know workable. 

Unexplored hurts:

We run immediately. We stay and observe. 

So, We fall often. Go in the underworld. It’s chaos. 

Myth Hero:

Always you exist. That’s ambivalent potential. You’re a combination. Traverse between order and chaos. That’s a mythological hero. 

Life story:

Jodan explains it. The order exists at first. 

The order ends. Chaos Comes next. Then, regain order. 


Combine personalities:

We watch personalities. Aggregate them. You know about the story. 

You understand things. Never understand ways. 

Unexpected Great also destabilized:

Remarkable good is also disabling. That’s not chaos. 

The outcome is positive. That destabilize you. Disrupt your life. 

Hero vs adversity:

Hero creates with it. The difficulty is necessary. 

Assertiveness requires. Courageousness is essential. That Gives a typical son. Hero wins adversity.

Order vs tyranny:

It’s the father role. It teaches order. 

Order is against tyranny. Tyranny kills son. 

Destruction vs creation:

It’s the mother role. That teaches creation. 

Destruction kills son. Destruction destroys her son. 

Known chaos:

It’s we know. That includes parents and friends. We resolve it. Know to resolve. 

Unknown chaos:

It’s we never know. That challenges. That demolishes. It’s ultimate. That distinguish known. It separates through knower. It manifests itself. You don’t understand. 

Fight against chaos:

Develop your meaning map. Know your region. Go for the unknown. Better than fun. Fight against giants. 

The Fun doesn’t work. That Doesn’t stop the attack. 

Meaning works well. That’s an adventure. 


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