Jordan Peterson Fedora Interview Explained

Jordan Peterson is one the best stage speakers who can grip the audience about his agenda. He uses various techniques and styles to add a new touch to his speech. There is a 2-Year-old video of Jordan Peterson on Reddit with Jordan Peterson sharing his thoughts with Fedora on his head. There are several memes about Jordan Peterson Fedora with exciting texts. 

Jordan Peterson discusses the relationship and selection of gender. Women choose men with high-charged testerosone, and men go for fertility. He shares about women selecting salary challenging men that are below their status. Some women go for men with highly impulsive, aggressive natures but less responsibility. Learn about Jordan Peterson’s Heaven and Hell Suit now.

He raises a question about the modernization of the world and women competing with men. Jordan Peterson question about the value of independent women in the modern world. He shares his personal experience with students to be a good man. 

Society teaches men to feel guilty about their masculine impulses in several situations. The men become withdrawn and confused. The psychopathic men do not care, but they are also the wrong representation of masculinity. 

He associates the school banning snowball fights with the depreciation of masculinity for boy kids. 

Sam Seder Criticism

Sam Seder shares his thought about Jordan Peterson Fedora even in his show. He shares that Jordan Peterson is anxious about people different from him. Peterson uses that anxiety to give a narrow or binary view.  Jordan Peterson presented his views to the world and society as less privileged for men.

Jordan Peterson speaks and looks like a 1920s gangster reminiscent style with a fedora and shiny tie. He builds the wrong connection of not throwing a snowball with the end of masculinity in society. It is not about boys; girls are also prohibited from throwing balls. 

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