Is the secret book worth reading? 20Criticism + Benefits [2022]:

I research a lot to find Is the secret book worth reading? Below, I summarize my quick answer;

The Secret has motivation with inspiring ideas of positivity. 

It Visualizes the best in life. The book makes situations easy for the right action. 

The Secret doesn’t explain the value of action and encounters unwanted events. It enforces the belief over-responsible for the situation. 

The secret book survey 2022:

I do a complete survey from Goodreads about The secret book views. I explain the survey results below;

The secret book views categoriesNumber of peopleReason for view:
No121peopleRely on thinking instead of Real thoughts.
Only visualization is dangerous.
No valuing action.
It connects happiness with vision.
It makes you blind to evil deeds.
Positivity isn’t everything.
Never provide evidence more than her bank account.
It makes you lazy.
It shares too many quotes.
Too much magical.
Turn unlucky people into hopeless people, forever.
Devalue the real experience consequences.
The universe doesn’t build through thoughts.
Not give control over present and future.
Blame people for misfortune.
Yes113peopleIt awakes personal responsibility.
It has Simple language with an engaging style.
Meditative and independent type book.
It focused on your goals.
It makes you thought conscious.
Improves and values your experience.
Show endless possibilities of your bad experience.
Apply exercises with patience and truth.
Provides Insight into happening things in life.
Much scientific.
Manifestation gives the courage to plan.
Visualize your good experiences.
Explains obsession about getting more in life.
Enhance your frequency.
Neutral63peopleThe book’s idea relies on believing the readers then logic or argument.
Everyone has life control.
It gives a unique angle to view events.
General idea but motivational read.
No person is a god for himself.
Confusing narrative with less clarity.
Man isn’t the god.
If the law of attraction is nature, it doesn’t bend nature.
Not applicable in all situations.
Not any view of the organization, only individuality.
We can bother others. Shift your belief to others.

The secret criticism:

It assists to explain the secret book worth reading. I summarize The secret criticism below;

Positive thinking never changes the truth. The book is less action-oriented with no coping ability with uncertain situations. Never clarify your controlling points. No group achievement association. Develop self-blame instead of understanding evil desires. It values no responsibility. 

Below, I mention the criticism of The secret book;

Yields laziness:

The book empowers you to structure your thoughts and do nothing to proceed with them. Your imagining process yields no action. It gives a sense of laziness by devaluing your Actions. It ends with no proactive to avoid unwanted situations. Read Jordan Peterson IQ and success.

No worth planning:

The thoughts alignment doesn’t give the planning for acting out. The things in real life are achievable through the worth of planning. Every planning has holes and margins for improvement. 

No room for uncertainty:

Every situation has uncertain points. The uncertain situation demands vulnerability for action instead of imagining the right situation consistent. 

Imagination wastes our time towards uncertainty. 

Happiness doesn’t come through Imagination only:

The author shares various quotes to connect happiness with imagination. Real happiness comes through proceeding with meaningful actions. 

Never distinguish need with wants:

The positive thoughts may have materialistic wants. Our wants are out of control. The needs are our responsibility and essential to fulfilling right now. The imaging materialistic moves us away from necessary Needs. 

The result over process:

The imagining results yield frustration to proceed with the process. The process is essential for consistently challenging our skills.

Hopelessness about being unlucky:

The book puts the unlucky people down by concluding them as negative people. Sometimes, Bad things happen to real positive thinkers. The positive thoughts end your urgency for acting right now. 

Never identify the locus of control:

The author doesn’t clarify the locus of control associated with positive thinking. We can’t control every situation through positive thinking. Self-defence or proper or proper protection is essential to avoid unwanted disaster. 

Blame yourself for losing:

Negative things happen due to low-frequency thoughts. You become responsible for every bad thing that happens to you. The idea blames you instead of making you Responsible for the situation. 

Individual over group views:

The book shares the individual involvement to think positive. The author doesn’t connect the law of action with the group level. Sometimes, the individual loses at the group level. 

Never understanding evil:

The law of attraction never develops an understanding of evil actions and deeds. People hurt others or play a role in the failure. You have no protection from the present, past and future. 

The Secret benefits:

I explain the secret book benefits below;

Scientific based:

The author explains several scientific views about quantum physics and real-life examples to verify the law of attraction. 

Realize human limitations:

Positive thinking assists you to understand your role in things. You believe the best thing you can Proceed. 

You get the possibilities of best results associated with it. 

Turn the situation simple:

The various complex distractions divert us to figure out the best dreams in life. The Complex situation becomes easy by visualizing the best positive to pursue it.

Know the best for you:

The law of attraction identifies your role in the world. Your experience comes variously. You proceed the best through consistent imagining it. 

Dominate unwanted or irrelevant:

Most of us are stuck in an unwanted situation and start depending on it. Unwanted grows through feeding the negative thoughts. The positive Thoughts enforce the good actions and devalue the Unwanted.

Workable through patience and persistence:

Various people fail to attract the right thing. They eventually give up on the law of attraction. You get patience and consistency towards achieving Things in your life with it. 

Control feeling with thoughts:

The Secret Value your thought process. You get control of your feelings through controlling your thoughts. You become rational towards the adversities that you face. 

Never compromise your dreams:

The book values the dreams of the readers. It Values the want that yields the best achievement in life. It never allows anyone to give up on your Dreams in adverse situations. 

Proactive thought patterns:

The visualization exercises allow your mind to develop positive patterns. You get no frustration to encounter bad events and move to strive for the positive ones. 

Comparison with other similar books:

Below, I compare the similar books’ similarities and dissimilarities.

Similar books like The Secret:Similarities of books with The secret:Dissimilarities of books with The secret:
Think and grow rich:Enforces the positive mindset for achieving the goals instead of negative emotions, fear, and anger.Step by step plan for execution in achieving goals.
The power of positive thinking:Both books Value the positive thinking associated with attitude by breaking bad habits.More focused on attitude and confidence for self-belief.
The power of the subconscious mind:Value the visualization to get things in your life through subconscious activation.Resolve doubts and give your best to others instead of solely personal positive thinking.


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