Why is Happiness Better than Success?

There are materials available about happiness and success. People prefer success over happiness and find the opposite narrative meaningful. It does not mean happiness comes in life without any meaning. When we go for happiness, it comes through conscious effort in most cases. 

Happiness is something associated with the moment we live in. It is about understanding the event we face and challenges that put us out of our comfort zone every moment. Happiness is an intangible thing. Like no one can grab your happiness and take it away from you. You can choose the right path in every challenging situation. The happiness state is common in every person. There is always a way to be happy and successful at the same time. In the read, I share why is happiness Better than Success. 

Sometimes, we confuse happiness with entertainment and go for pleasure. The desires are different from the happiness state of a person. The desire pushes us to get things with reason or not. Happiness is accepting, being confident about your current situation, and moving forward for the better. 

For someone, success can be becoming a singer; for others, it can be a doctor. It depends on exposure or the ultimate destination to become the best version. It relates more to the future achievement rather than the present situation. That is why only successful people are happy. A successful person may suffer for a better future instead of happiness. 

Happiness Attracts Success

Your happiness attracts success. If you feel better, understanding, and realistic about the moment, you get the courage to go for the challenging things. The path to success puts you out of the box and requires challenging work to get it. Happiness is your support system or lifeline to stay grounded about your current achievement and go for an exciting challenge. 

Happiness comes through Freedom

Freedom in our life comes through becoming independent or at least having choices. As mark mansion, a famous self-help author, says, we require Freedom over happiness. When we are free, the happiness comes along the way. Dalai Lama explains that happiness brings through our actions. Society put us in situations to choose a specific path. We always have the choice to go with the right. 

Happiness is Realization

One famous author, Shawn Achor, did a complete study and shared his definition of happiness in life. Happiness gives us the advantage to go for action for improvement. It is not about going above average through encountering adversity. Happy people have less focus on facing a problem. A happy person has the will the go for the better. Happiness reduces stress and fears about unsolvable challenges. 

Stronger Relationships

Happy relationships are necessary for a happy life. Happy people have the resilience and empathy to understand others. They can connect and understand the feelings of others. As a result, they have a strong understanding and boundaries in every relationship. There is no relationship with any drama in it. Happy people prefer to resolve conflict or at least the common ground. Empathy gives us the level of understanding to ignore the flaws and limitations of others. 

Live Longer life

Studies on a group of angered nuns reveal that happy people live longer than average. It can also bring a healthy, less toxic, and simple life. Another study at Harvard explains that optimistic people live longer life. Are optimistic people happy people? Optimism is another word for happiness. Those people know the situation, are ready to encounter it and have time to practice positivity. You can practice positivity in diverse ways that are best for you. It can be in nature or reading a book. Your hobbies that bring joy or excitement are another form of practicing positivity. 

Bring Detachment

There is a famous saying by Ali Ibn Abi Talib that Detachment is not about having nothing; it is about nothing that can own you. It means you can have things in life, but it does not mean those things become a hurdle for you. Happy people motivate with detachment. That means external rewards excite them less as compared to internal fulfillment. As a happy person, you feel less dependent on the approvals of others. You feel connected to the process and choose the right suitable path. Material success has a significant role in improving your life. Over relying on material results in attachment and dependency on stuff. Get to know about Characteristics of Effective Teamwork in Schools now.

Reason to Wake up.

Japanese people have a mantra to find the reason every morning. The reason to wake up is to live your life, known as Ikigai. The Ikigai mindset is about purposefully doing something rather than running from work. It gives the stamina to do work instead of always being in a rush while working. Happy people move physically daily. It improves health and lifespan and releases happiness hormones. Successful people may have different routines, but it can be not a healthy choice. 

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