Is think and grow rich worth reading?

I research a lot about the question; Is think and grow rich worth reading?

I find various lessons, Pros and Cons of “Think and Grow Rich”. I survey it. 

The book yields various success stories across time. It’s a self-help book of all time. Its crucial lessons include; desire, belief, autosuggestion, relevant knowledge, Actionable plan, Decisive choices, Continuity, Relevant community, Sex conversion, Sibconcious value and fear management. 

It has a simple read. Values success journey. Action desire relation. Breakdown doubts. Values creative imaginations. Research-based lessons. Motivational and catchy. Deep connected lessons.

Think and grow rich has criticism. Values desire too much. It does not mention the financial plan. Not any specific idea. Claiming success. Ignore personal relationship value. Citations are old.

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Think and Grow Rich success stories:

Napoleon Hill explains 500 millionaires stories. Napoleon Hill interviews 500 Self-made millionaires. 

He points out common success reasons. His book came out in 1937. 

It has several success stories. If you’re interested in a self-help book, Think and grow rich is worth reading.

Daymond John, a famous shark tank host, recommend Think and grow rich. He reflects on the book ideas. It yields his mindset. Read How To Win Friends And Influence People book. 

Think and grow rich lessons:

These lessons provide a quick review of the book. Below I mention crucial Lessons from the book; 

Cultivate your desire:

 Napoleon Hill values desire. He shares a burning desire idea. 

It enhances our curiosity. We move faster. We imagine ourselves like it. 

Start considering yourself as an achiever.  

Challenge your doubts:

The desire finds action reasons. We start acting.

The action highlights failure reasoning. 

The reality appears. Our uncontrollable overthinking ends up.

Utilize your imagination:

Imagination has power. Most people ignore it. 

That forms our actions. It adjusts the pitfalls. Hill shares 2 Imagination types;

Synthetic imagination: It rearranges old ideas or plans into a new structure. It restructures according to resources. 

Creative imagination: It impacts through desire. That unlocks your infinite intelligence. It enhances your vibration. 

Apply directional knowledge:

It refers to planned moves. We require an execution plan. 

Every step is learned and then executed. Knowledge highlights the plan’s functionality. 

Routine actions generate direction. Every step narrow down purpose. 

Use decision power:

We lose decisions. It is a combination of getting and losing. It gives mental toughness. You change your mind slow. 

A trend never breaks purpose. 

You end procrastination. You specify relevant and irrelevant opinions. 

Your decision ability becomes better. You make responsible decisions. 

Consistent move irrespective of failure:

We lose faith immediately. Persistence efforts approve our desire. 

It gives you the courage to stand. You embrace failures. Learning from failure happens. You level up in the desired plan. 

A consistent improvement unlocks new possibilities. You develop known planned achievement.

Boosts through surroundings:

Hill called it “Mastermind group”. It is your surrounding. 

The group refers to productive surroundings. People that have a purpose. 

These people move towards a goal. They encourage you. They rise effort frequency. 

Use sexual power:

Hill’s value sexual power. We transfer it into productive work. 

It values sexual energy. Change outlet changes result. 

You get a suitable partner. 

Disclose subconscious power:

It connects finite to infinite intelligence. You connect with an ultimate power source. 

The mental impulses communicate with it. The Subconscious is automatic. Connect your purpose with the subconscious. That develops subconscious related habits. It is curious your purpose. 

It gives Six Sense

We predict actions result through creative imagination. It’s a subconscious level act.  

Adjust your vibrations:

Mind emits several vibrations. It attracts the relevant ones. Adjust vibration frequency through emotions. Our vibration attracts similar things. Emotions drive frequency. 

Develop your frequency for a particular action. It attracts through sensory stimuli. 

Overcome ghosts of fear:

 Napoleon Hill explains 6humans fear. Fear of poverty, Criticism, illness, love loss, old age and death. Fear is a mental state. 

We can control and direct it. Thoughts impact physical immediately. Identify and defeat these ghosts. 

Think and grow rich benefit :

The book isn’t overrated. It highlights Think and grow rich worth reading. I mention prominent benefits of Think and grow rich below;

Reading is easy:

Is Think and Grow Rich easy to read? Yes, It’s simple. The language is simple and inspiring. Explain vast philosophy through simple language. Napoleon Hill motivates well. Break down his message in 13 Chapters. The hardcover is about 238 pages. 

Craft your success journey:

Hill points out the success journey. The book directs our mindset. 

Most view success as a tough job. Crafting a Journey is possible. 

Tough appears that way. Tough becomes easy through moving. 

Guides action with desire:

All of us encounter desires. We ignore them. We don’t concentrate on them. Hill values burning desire. That’s desire concentration. 

It relates to specific desires. It eliminates irrelevant Desires. The wishes end. 

Enlighten your life:

The book enlights. It changes the perspective. You attract things. You develop life planning. We bear the pain for it. Change embracing yields results. 

Challenges doubts:

We all develop doubts. Some people lose hope. The doubts confuse them. Their path ends. Think and grow rich plans your motives. The viral doubts never stop you. 

Thoughts focused:

Thoughts are the origin of action. Hill focus on thought quality. 

It can improve. It provides reasoning. Get power over irrelevant. 

Wealthy wisdom:

Every person wishes to be rich. Hill’s book has wealthy principles. The principles enhance life quality. 

Encourage creative imagination:

A lot of people underrate creative imaginations. Creating ideas is possible. Implementing ideas with suitable action can happen. 

Realistic Planning:

Hill’s encourage life planning. 

A realistic plan enforces routine actions. These can transform. Updating through learning is essential. 

Fight against fear:

People develop fears. Fears generate through thoughts. 

It associates a mental state. Fighting against fear requires action. Identifying fear eliminates it. Change fear patterns. 


Hill researched for 20years. Hill Write his Think and grow rich after that. He studied personal fortune people. He finds the main reason behind the success. 

Hill study their attitude and habits. Think and grow rich explains their mean action. 

Reflectable philosophy:

The book shares complex ideas. It has several practices. 

You require time to consume Ideas. Read the part you like most. Reflect over Hill’s philosophy. Extract the mindset. 

Think and grow rich Survey 2021:

I do a survey on Goodreads about it. I read public comments about it. 208 out of 303 recommend Think and grow rich. You can analyze the book Think and grow rich. The survey supports Think and grow rich worth reading.

45 Public Comments against it. I mention the reasons below table;

Survey Table:

Total remarks:Reasons:
No45 PeopleBusiness success is complex.
Not a novel idea.
The US centred.
Not ensure future growth.
No citation about it.
Seem a comical book.
Repetitive lessons.
Enticing world attracts.
It Wastes your time.
Research data is insufficient.
Life is much more about money.
Give not any practical guide.
Other ways exist than Tunnel vision
Similar to the law of attraction.
Desires are unachievable.
Less valuable than author clams.
Yes208 PeopleTimeless wisdom.
Book for everyone.
Thoughts responsibility.
Master up your mind.
Give new ideas with every read.
Being rich explains financial and spiritual nature.
Choose desire with a plan over wishes.
Research towards never giving up.
Interesting ideas.
Motivate until achieving.
It eliminates psychological blocks.
Encourage planned knowledge for power.
Dream with desire intensely.
Change world prospective.
Great for enlightenment.
Enjoyable your success journey.
Incredible results orientated.
Prosperity based mindset.
Re-read for proper understanding.
It Ends with procrastination and fear.
Levels up self-esteem.
Make you wealthy.
It gives steps to follow with avoidable steps.
Intriguing idea.
Transformable book.
Develop desired outcome vision.
Sex transmutation is an Interesting idea.
Richness starts from thoughts.
Neutral50 PeopleBlame poverty idea.
Old fashioned book.
Idealistic and simplest.
Useful for self-help.
You can be successful without reading it.
Money investing idea.
Promotion in the introduction. (Too much speech.)
Also, read other self-help books for mindset.
Similar to “The Secret” book.
It’s old school ideas with modern research.
Require time to observe lessons.
No more than a good idea giver.
Go for the newest edition.
Positivity is not a saver.
It can give more actions.
It feeds greeds sense.
Other books provide more planned success.
It gets your desire.
Pseudoscience with scientific validity.
Imagine great people advice.

Think and grow rich criticism:

Think and grow rich faces several criticisms. It challenges “Think and grow rich” worth reading. Below, I mention prominent ones;

Action values over desire:

The latest research clears desire value. It provides enough rationality for action. 

It ends with a reason for action. 

Burning desire becomes an identity. Curiosity demands action. 

Action predicts identity. Desires have no worth under process. 

No financial plan:

Think and grow rich provides a mindset. There is no financial planning explanation. 

It gives various stages. These stages come along successful life. 

A financial plan is necessary to start it. Motivation doesn’t work.


Book doesn’t specify a particular achievement. Every profession has different requirements. Attracting wealth doesn’t work. 

Surviving yourself is essential. Never rely on the book first read. Generalize ideas misguides. 

General Ideas:

Think and grow rich explains general ideas. Everyone knows it. Sexual Transmutation is a new one. 

The author arranges ideas. A motivational tone excites readers. 

Claiming success (motivational tone!):

It promotes book success. Hill’s value creative thoughts. He values thought processes. The motivation boosts esteem after reading. It clams much and provides less. 

Desiring something (not greed!):

Think and grow rich critics underrate greed. 

Every desire is not burning. We’ve wished. 

Evey wish doesn’t define us. Greed wants a thing. 

It’s not greed to get. It’s a desire to know. 

That’s your will to be a part. 

A mindset focused (less action-oriented!):

Think and grow rich doesn’t explain social tactics. It doesn’t show any market or skill development. Its focus is the mind. 

That’s thoughts that lead to consistent actions. 

Fewer citations:

Think and grow rich citations is old. Some are not clear. 

The book is US centred. The stories explain specific directions. 

Not specify desires(burning desire or general desire!):

The burning desire defines a person. It demands relevant action. 

You begin the strategy. 

A general desire does not push you. It’s not enough reasonability. 

Ignore values relationship:

Hill’s explains the mastermind group. He never values relationship strength. Cultivating work-life balance is essential. Richness refers to style. It’s not money at all. 


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