Jordan Peterson Heaven and Hell Suit [Complete Explained]

Jordan Peterson appears in the Joe Rogan show with his iconic heaven and hell suit. He feels quite fun about his attire. The episode was officially uploaded on Joe Rogan’s Youtube channel on 28 Jan 2023. 

The Canadian clinical phycologist has a good sense of fashion and loves to express through it. The fashion company lGFG Suits gives that custom suit to Jordan Peterson, which explains his views about Heaven and Hell. 

Fans Reaction

Jordan Peterson has quite a noticeable following on social media. He has 7.08M Youtube subscribers, 7.2M Instagram Followers, 2.4M Facebook page followers and about 4.4M Twitter followers. Mr. Peterson uses the same profile picture on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook. In the picture, he wears Heaven and Hell suit with a smile, with his left hand touching his chin. 

There is a huge discussion about his choice to wear that suit. Some fans like his style, while others criticize his suit. Irrespective of public opinion, Jordan Peterson loves his suit representing his beliefs. 

About Suit

In one of his videos, Jordan Peterson answers about his Heaven and Hell double-breasted suit to someone. The left side represents Hell (with magenta color), while the right side is Heaven (with blue color). The heaven side is made of sheep wool, and the hell side is made of goat wool. The inside suit has Heaven and Hell lining. The IGFG fashion company also made 12 suits for Jordan perterson with each of his law printed on the back collar side of shirt. This Heaven and Hell suit also known as Jordan Peterson Red Blue suit.

We don’t know about his Maginda trousers because Jordan Peterson needs to explain them in his videos. We can assume it represents being standing in Hell or the greatness that comes with passing through Hell. As we know about this suite, let us discuss its associated rules.

Heaven and Hell by Jordan Peterson

In his interview with Joe Rogen, Jordan Peterson explains the power of lying. We can manipulate things with lies. We can get what we want and avoid what we hate. One reason that lies are bad is you stop trusting yourself. It ends the mind clarity, and you cannot stand with yourself. Read about Why are Affirmations so Powerful now.

Heaven and Hell are Real.

Jordan Peterson explains that Heaven and Hell are real as you make it. It depends on the real you can make it real. There is hell with every person like to be an alcoholic or be on the streets. Besides, there is Heaven, the best possible way to follow every person. We need to strive for that. Adam and Eve explain that we all can pursue great sins. Perterson emphasizes the choice. We can choose to rise or fall. 

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