Is the power of now worth reading?

I read the power of now book by myself. The book has a great impact on living every moment of life. I add the book to my reading list after reading a lot of reviews and recommendations. 

Is "The power of now" book worth reading?
Is The power of now book worthy for everyone?

I give the quick answer to the question Is the power of now worth reading? below;

The power of now is worth reading. It allows you to live in the present despite ego, inner voice and external disturbance. The author shares the complex ideas of the essential self simply. The book gives you self control, motivation, acceptance and relief from unwanted desire. A very few people don’t choose the book because they find it less impactable. They prefer other spiritual books. 

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I share some enticing features of The power of now. It assists you to figure out the book purpose;

Give us Control:

It is an influential book with central life. 

As human beings, we direct happiness as a source of control in life. Our Control has a direct connection with happiness. The moment you live in is the only thing you can control. It’s not your past and future. 

You can control perception, feelings, self conversation and labels. You’re happy about the moment in which you live. It consumes your energy towards Now. Control the controllable. You can get any level of joy with presentism. It gives you cherishing towards every moment. 

When you are out of the Now, you feel out of control. It makes you overwhelmed and depressed. Click to read about Eckhart Tolle decision making now.

Clear writing and enthusiasm:

Eckhart shares the wisdom of now with a clear tune. The book encourages everyone to cultivate the power of now. 

Every lesson gives awareness to the mind. 

We can control the mind. The author shares several practical ways to encounter the unconscious mind. 

Every technique has a connection to get over your ego. 

Complicate concept into simple language:

The concept of spirituality is a bit complex. The writer adopts a practical approach to make it easy. You can apply his techniques at any time. His approach to meditation and connecting with the spiritual self is simple.

The book arise our awareness about our thoughts processes. Every strategy has a direction to set you free from conditional and wrong self. 

Explain the world differently: 

Our mind shows us dependent things. We often define ourselves with thoughts. The author shows us ways to connect with the essence self. 

There are various breathing, focusing and relaxing techniques for it. 

Eckhart Tolle explains the inner body concept in a unique manner. 

He addresses the issue of pain body and ego identity. You can understand your surrounder with Now. 

Several informative ideas:

There are unique and enticing ideas the author shares with us in the book. 

Freedom from thought self. Get rid of your Ego centred self. Rise above from thoughts as enlightenment. 

Time is our illusion. We can save ourselves from mental traps with Now. 

Require Practice the power of Now:

The main problem with readers is a lack of exercise. Most people read every technique, but they fail to practice at least once. Clarity of mind and self-awakening is possible by putting yourself into exercise. You’ve to choose presentism. You can train it like a muscle. It makes you timeless, strengthened and ready to cope with uncertainty. 

Quora, Reddit and Amazon book review Survey July 2021:

I surveyed quora and Reddit about the experience of other people about the power of Now. 

The 8 out of 8 answers on Quora suggest the book as life-changing. 

On Reddit, 11 out of 12 comments are in support of the Power of Now. The one negative comment choose actual Buddhism practice over Eckhart Tole Now concept. 

The book is a bestseller on Amazon. Book secure 4.7 out of 5 customer reviews with 31,145 global ratings. It has 83% 5Star review on Amazon. 

Goodreads reviews survey July 2021:

The reader’s review about the power of Now is positive. Most people encourage to buy the book. 

3 CatagoriesTotalGeneral Reason
People recommend it:3153Life-changing and acceptance. Connection with the inner body.
Make you anxiety-free.
People reject it:1653Other books are better.
Not recommend, nor reject:653Not interesting.

Why do people recommend the power of now?

After reading a lot of reviews, I find some repeat reasons that make it popular. 

Meaningful and acceptance:

The book touches the heart of the audience by providing meaning and acceptance in life. The whole book revolves around the acceptance of pain. It activates our pain-free self to address life meanings. Your spiritual journey downwards for self-acceptance. 

It inspires other successful people:

Oprah Winfrey conducted interviews with Eckhart Tolle about his spirituality book. Besides, The Power of Now is also Steve jobs recommendation. The book has become helpful to successful people to achieve the magic of now. 

The book has in-depth wisdom to set us free from trouble. Successful people also take advantage of it. 

Life-changing impact:

The book covers the practical method to adopt presentism. 

Various people believe that it changes their lives. It saves from self-sabotage and ego. 

The moment power is remarkable. It frees them from being uncontrollable. 

Peaceful life:

The book gives us a unique way to achieve peace. It separates us from external happiness. 

It activates the inner body. The inner peace has the stamina to become condition-less. We become free from time, ego and inner voice. 

Stress releasing effect:

Various people in the review section mention the book as a lifesaver. It protects us from the past and future. Presentism sets us free from the regrets of past and future expectations. 

The technique connects us with in-depth self. It gives you power over mind patterns. 

Why do they reject or show no interest in the power of now?

Other reasons make it unlikable. People also reject the style and technique of the book. Below I mention the reason they explain;

Other spiritual books are better:

People reject the power of now because they have a choice. They prefer other authors for spiritual help. 

The book is all about exercise. It gives less story material in general. 

Some people like to read lessons through stories. People have no time to practice every technique. Every technique demands complete attention. 

Not interesting:

Some people found it less impressive. The book shares the way to control your mind. 

It moves you deep in self-awakening. Although, people prefer another approach to achieve self-awareness. The Now approach seems less attractive for some people. 

Not suitable for everyone:

Some people suffer from various mental disorders. The book becomes worthless for those who suffer from a specific condition. Other various people with diseases use it to enhance the level of acceptance. It assists them. Besides, the exercise has become boring an time taking for Now. 

Some people find stillness complicated. They become frustrated with it. 


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