Eckhart Tolle decision making:

Eckhart Tolle wisdom to decide better in life

Eckhart Tolle teaching is worthy of choice making. I read and watch a lot of his lectures. Then, I summarize the answer of Eckhart Tolle decision making below;

Decision making comes from a state of awareness. You can listen and follow your intuition through it. The conscious state is the process. It teaches you How to do, not what to do. It gives you stillness. That gives your decisions free from conditions and inner voices. You can see actual problems without pain. 

Presentism blesses you with aliveness in your every decision. Our essence self allows us to decide better. Below I share about essence identity and its benefits;

Essence identity for decision making:

You don’t use your essence identity. Your essence identity uses you. 

The right actions come towards you. It is a process to connect with the essence self. 

Your Essence identity uses physical identity. Click to read about the Mindfulness wisdom of Eckhart Tolle.

Self Essence is the universe:

Your who you’re is not a different identity. Who you’re in the nature and identities of the universe itself. 

Your essence is of the universe. You can move to narrow down deep inside. You achieve the totality of the universe. It looks like you using your essence. It uses you. 

Benefits of essence self:

It uses your mind and body. Your speech becomes less repetitive, interest and creative. You speak less but, your words get power. It changes the way you think. 

Characteristics of Eckhart’s decision making:

Below I share the 12 Characteristics for a better decision. I extract these qualities from Eckhart Tolle wisdom.

1.The choice for no pain:

Eckhart Tolle teaches us about better choices. We can make decisions that offer no pain. It’s possible if you don’t create any problems. There is an inner self that nobody can hurt except you. So, don’t overreact to events. You can choose to stop suffering. 

2.Awareness for Now:

Eckhart believes that awareness is essential for decision making. The greater the level of awareness, the better decision will become. A complete consciousness blesses you with the power of now. You become disconnects from the past and future. 

Your choice to be aware of yourself from the now. You can prioritize it.

3.Unpleasant choice:

The power of now is not easy to manifest. The mind offers you seductive thoughts to follow. Now comes with your allows for it. Eckhart teaches that the choice of Now requires practice. Everything becomes easier after you get a spiritual awakening. It connects you with self essence.

4.Results of unconsciousness:

Your unconsciousness makes you conditional. It confuses you about choices. 

It attracts pain towards you. You can create pain for others in return. Unconcious gives you the wrong sense of self. 

Your decisions become less effective. There is no meaning that exists in your talk and action. 

5.You’re consciousness:

Your self is nothing but consciousness. It allows you to live. 

You feel the depth of yourself with it. 

It attaches you to your essence. You can allow yourself to be present at every moment. No one can take it away from you. No one can give it to you.

6.Now is the only choice:

Your Now is the part that is with you for a long time. You can lose it. You distract yourself from clouds of other thoughts. Eckhart Tolle believes that the Present is the only choice for the best decision. It gives you a chance to disconnect from the doubts, criticism and expectation. You live it at the moment. 

7.Your 3 Choices with presence:

Eckhart shares the 3 Possible choices towards presentism. It assists you select acceptance. Besides, you can lead the situation and change it. You can remove yourself from the current situation. It means you become free from emotional attachment and free to prioritize best.  

8.Meaning saves from suffering:

Meaningful life protects you from pain. It saves you from the troubles that come towards you. 

It reaches you at the point of no more suffering. You choose not to suffer anymore. You can easily get power over your egoic self. Meaning provides a surrounder to live now. 

9.Work with presence:

Eckhart believes that we have a choice to be present every time. It makes you conscious of your actions. Your willingness to be present makes you present. Everyone can achieve it through practice. 

You wake up and choose unconditional choice. You can select necessary over desirable with the power of now. 

10.The choice to be unconditional:

Unconditional means you can live with your essence self. Most of the time, we consider ourselves the current thoughts that run inside our heads. It is dangerous for decision making. You fail to identify yourself in the end. You become welcome some unwanted thing. 

Unconditional connects yourself with the depth of yourself. You can get power over your conditional mind. 

11.Our 3 Steps of Eckhart choice:

Below I explain the 3 Steps to make better decisions. I drive them from the enticing material of Eckhart Tolle Now. It gives you a clear overview of decision making. 

It is the process to become a better decision-maker. You can adapt it with Eckhart exercises for Now. 

Collect information:

First, you require to gather data as much as you can. It tells you your rule in decision making. You identify its role in your future or presentism. 

You can identify the situation with it. It assists you to utilize data to prioritize things. It saves you from misguidance. The information allows you to address the problem the right way. 

Role of Inner voice in tough times:

Our inner voice becomes negative in a tough time. It creates blames. 

We become unable to distinguish between real and ego-based problems. The voice constantly hurt us and close the doors of creativity. 

Sometimes, the inner voice becomes intense and turns into great dialogue. 

The head voice is not Now:

You can identify it and disconnect yourself from it. It leaves you distracted and away from the current situation. 

12.The voice of the head can stop:

Eckhart teaches the way to stop your head voice. It means you get power over your thoughts. Your head becomes calm and free from these voices. It gives you liveliness. 

You can enjoy it and choose it every time. Once you achieve calmness, you can think about what’s crucial. Below, I show you 3 Ways to get rid of head voice. 

Recognize your head voice:

You’ve to find the voice inside your head. It can be negative or positive, constructive or destructive. It creates a chain of thoughts that arises from a view. 

A problem that I face right now:

You can ask yourself about your current problem. It assists your mind focus on essentials. Once you pick the problem, You can get a calm approach to think about the issue. 

The actual situation overhead voice:

The inner voice hides the problem from us. It is the clouds that detract us from the actual issue. We can handle it with the assistance of presentism. Presentism doesn’t meaning think about now and forget about yourself at all. It is the way to calm your mind to see the exact situation. 


Inner and out purpose Existence.

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