Inspirational movies on Netflix for students: 11 Recommendations 2022:

I research a lot to find out Inspirational movies on Netflix for students. Below, I explain each Movie with the protagonist’s mission and character. 

The Shawshank Redemption:


It’s the story of a banker sentenced to life in Shawshank Penitentiary due to the murder of his wife and lover, ignoring his innocence. In prison, the banker builds a friend over several years duration. He encounters the pathetic Shawshank jailhouse as an innocent victim of murder. Read Best Self Help books for college students

Protagonist: Andy dufresne

Andy Dufresne Mission and Qualities:

Andy wants to escape the prison of Shawshank. He fails to prove his innocence. He remains calm, intelligent and proud with necessary. The merciless treatment of Shawshank doesn’t break his spirit. He manages his warmth and compassion in the brutal conditions with enormous patience and hope. 

A Beautiful Mind:


It’s the story of a brilliant academic with a schizophrenia mental issue. The illness takes control over the mind and makes life terrible. 

He left his students and colleagues by feeding his obsession. He took to the hospital for treatment with meditation and therapy and gathered his scattered life. 

Protagonist: John Nash

John Nash Mission and Qualities:

John Nash has a mission to fight against his mental illness. He sees things that don’t exist in reality and does not feed his hallucinations. He is shy, kind, awkward, brilliant. Cocky about his condition. He separates and lost about his existence. 

The Social Network:


It’s the story of Harvard undergrad Mark Zuckerberg that works on an innovative concept that yields revolution in social media. He created a global social network called Facebook. 

He becomes the youngest billionaire six years later. It’s from the book called The accident billionaires. 


MARK ZUCKERBERG Mission and Qualities:

The success of Facebook enforces Mark to make challenging decisions as company growth attracts enemies and criticism. 

He is logical, cautious about his company’s success and defensive. 

Freedom Writers:


An inspiring teacher of race issued Los Angels teaches teenagers with no capability to learn. She never gives up and develops a learning interest in education through planning the future. She shares interesting reading material and encourages them to journal about their lives. 

Protagonist: Erin Gruwell

Erin Gruwell Mission and Qualities:

Erin Gruwell has a mission to increase the student’s attendance, use funds better and reduce racial tensions. She has a dedication passion and is wilful about his student’s success. 

Life of Pi:


It’s about the young man surviving the sea catastrophe through an epic journey. While having an adventure, he connects with another survivor, the Bengal tiger. 

Protagonist: PI PATEL

PI PATEL Mission and Qualities:

His mission is to survive as stuck in a life-saving boat with less food and water. He is sure that he must learn to catch the fish. Pi Patel is philosophical with compassion and patience. He gathers himself from the panic and gathers his hope for survival. 

The Road:


The post-apocalyptic extinction event put the A man and his young son in survival condition. They search for food and avoid roving cannibal gangs. They head towards the sea to keep the dream of civilization alive. 

Protagonist: THE MAN

THE MAN mission and qualities:

The Man moves towards the seaboard save with his young boy through encountering various threats. He is tough. Losing is not a choice; saving his boy at all costs. He gives his food to protect his boy and never hesitate to kill someone while in danger. 

Good Will Hunting:


It’s a story about Will Hunting, a high IQ level guy, struggling with his identity and working as a Janitor. He is capable of solving every problem instead of his deep one. A Professor has his talent and decides to reach his potential. 

Hunting meets with his soulmate. It opens his mind. 

Protagonist: Will Hunting

Will Hunting mission and qualities:

Hunting is struggling to live with his full potential. People around him want to do different things. His genius changes the world that he knows. Hunting is cocky, self-confident and aggressive about his situation. He practices his intelligence to overcome mistakes and never run away from any fight.

Pay it forward:


It’s about the story of a teacher who gives a social studies assignment about a world-changing idea. A young student develops a plan for paying forward that spreads throughout the world. He spread kindness by impacting his single struggling mother and becoming a phenomenon. 

Protagonist:  EUGENE SIMONET

EUGENE SIMONET mission and qualities:

Eugene struggles to free himself from insecurities and develop a connection. He works through his loneliness due to his painful past. He is shy and surrounded by books. Eugene uses deep conversation to pursue perfection. 

Forrest Gump:


It’s the story of a man with a low IQ, with accomplished high while living a restricted life with his supportive mother. He dominates as a college football star, captain of Boat and fighter in the Vietnam war. His inspiration impacts a child’s life. The person he cares about more, his childhood love, is difficult to save. 

Protagonist: FORREST GUMP

FORREST GUMP mission and qualities:

The world around him transform fast, but it’s challenging for him to move with it. He is simple with wisdom. He never appreciates the complexity and turns things simple towards truthful meaning. He’s happy with what he gets and treats others well. 

Dead Poets Society:


An English school teacher teaches the boy school with his traditional values and improved standards. His method is different for approaching students and connecting with their problems. The Students questioned the conventional views with techniques. They break the convention orthodox and utilize their days towards fulfilling their dreams. 

Protagonist: Todd Anderson

Todd Anderson’s mission and qualities:

Todd is shy and quiet in certain situations. He wants to support his friend and his beliefs about it. The events transform him into a spoken young man. 

He encounters great emotional turmoil after his friend’s death. He stands up with the mission of society. 

The great debaters:


A true story based, A Poet and professor taught in black Wiley College in 1935, Texas. He develops a college debate team that’s new for black College. He influences students at first. 

The teacher develops Strong and intellectual first debate teams of black students. The debate team challenges the Harvard elite as the debate champion. 

Protagonist: Melvin B. Tolson 

Melvin B. Tolson’s mission and qualities:

He has a mission to teach black students the power of words with passion and desire to win. He is passionate, stubborn and takes challenges wisely. 


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