Books on unleashing creativity: 9 Recommendations in 2022:

I research a lot to find Books on unleashing creativity. Below, I give my books list with an explanation to utilize your creative potential.

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert:


They put your stress and fear out of your creation process by giving courage and interest to pursue your necessary actions.

Why read it:

Elizabeth Gilbert explains the enticing process of moving towards the creative path with the right attitude. 

It values your creative ideas. Your role is essential to being creative. 

Your rejection doesn’t eliminate creative curiosity. It explains the way creativity comes towards you. Read Jordan Peterson on creativity

Key points:

Allow your curiosity to take control with passion instead of fear.

Permit yourself to create an irrespective of rejections.

 Your day job can fuel your creative affairs and ends paying bills worry. 

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron:


The book revalues your inner artist by connecting with the divine energy for redirecting your creativity. 

Why read it:

The book values your artistic view of the world. It Values your artist dates. 

It identifies the crazymakers and shadow artists to avoid them. The involvement of emotions indicates the right path. Besides, overworking and competitions ruins the creative flow. Hire a talented team even with mediocre level skills. 

Key points:

Writing morning pages give your creativity a chance to move freely. 

Go for suggestions as you encounter your creative block.

Grow and take care of your ideas for better flow. 

Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon:


It allows you to use your inspirator’s idea and utilize it to generate your style, create your art fun free from criticism or prie with the right environment. 

Why read it:

The book values the influence of your artistic inspirations. It’s about creating your artistic worth and generating one. The book encourages us to be anonymous before getting fame. It explains to encounter with fame or praise social pressure. It Encourages your creative side and makes your creative process easy. 

Key points:

Your unique style appears where you fail to apply your favourite models.

Creating art doesn’t mean ending your hobbies or side projects.

Never ashamed to be anonymous; you will get fame sooner.

Creativity, Inc. by Amy Wallace and Edwin Catmull:


It is an inspiring instruction manual by Pixar President (Ed Catmull) about the hiding force that comes in the way of inspiration of employees or bosses. 

Why read it:

The book inspires about to be creative in business. It brings originality to your work. The book shares the experience of Edwin Catmull in his animation company’s success. His events generated many lessons about teamwork, preventing risk, understanding things, communication structure and group divisions. 

Key points:

Great teams with talented people with Free Communication are more crucial than good ideas.

The team is responsible for making mistakes, not individuals. 

Allow employees to build up their workplace to express themselves.

Lateral thinking by Edward de Bono:


The book provides creative or vertical thinking that allows the mind to find new ways to look at the same problem from a New or different angle or perspective. 

Why read it:

It is the classic book about improving your creativity through a vertical thinking process. The new methods allow your mind to view the same problem from different angles freeing your imagination. The alternative solution enhances productivity with creative solutions. 

Key points:

Lateral thinking is learnable through the same data and facts.

Reverse problem through association with similar problems gives better problem solutions with brainstorming. 

Your Random exposure through different problem-solving tools builds up your lateral thinking. 

How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci by Michael J. Gelb:


The book presents the 7 Principles for creativity and learning skills for creative thinking, alternate your mind, innovate expressing, enhance your intelligence and fulfilling your True affection.  

Why read it:

The book shares the method for exploring your unlimited Methods for learning and creativity. The author brings out 7 Principles to think like a genius. It enhances your life-changing skills like Problem-solving, Creative thinking and develops different prospects. It gives proper steps with practical exercises lessons. 

Key points:

Be curious and structure your thoughts to feed them.

Value your original and independent thoughts. 

Shape your 6 Senses consistent and comfortable with the unknown.

Develop big picture perspective through logic and imagination balance. 

Originals by Adam Grant:


The book redefines being creative means for specific examples Critical thinking, Consistency, Overthinking and Developing perspectives to change the world. 

Why read it:

It explains the improving world through being original. The book is about pursuing new ideas instead of ruining or risking them. The various studies and stories that explainable converting an idea into a profitable business without the influence of fake opinions. 

Key points:

Quantity is more impactful than quality for producing great ideas.

Go for procrastination waits till the last minutes for finishing things is a valuable strategy. 

Transform crazy ideas into less threatening by exposure effect and common reference points. 

Made to Stick by Chip Heath and Dan Heath:


The book shares 6 Traits to connect your ideas with others, know to remember something and Spread your ideas to your audience.

Why read it:

The book explains ways to make your ideas stick and yields some results. It teaches to connect Ideas with a human scale. It gives a new way to develop communication. The book shows vital rules to develop progress rules to make ideas sticky consistent. 

Key points:

Sticky ideas are unexpected and ready us to listen. 

Keep your audience’s attention by filling the curiosity gaps.

Tell great stores with a challenge, unfamiliar characters and creative solutions to make it sticky.

Change by Design by Tim Brown:


The book gives design thinking methods that make you a better problem solver in all aspects of life through innovation and improving capacity.

Why read it:

The book discusses innovation myths. The book discusses design thinking that converts need into demands. The methodology uses through the organizations. It’s best for creative leaders to implement design thinking at every level of organization for new alternatives. 

Key points:

Put the inspiration, Ideation and execution put together for design thinking. 

Develop your prototypes initial to bring all steps together.

Connect stories at every step that connects with the people. 


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