Inspirational books for troubled youth: 11 Recommendations 2023:

I researched a lot to find Inspirational books for troubled youth. These books assist youngsters and teens in getting inspiration.

Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson:

The book teaches you applicable lessons to live without fear and thrive in the presence of an uncertain life. Read Who moved my cheese lessons

Why read it?

The book explains that people use visualization to build a fake cheese presence. It explains the presence of new cheese. The story Explains the human behaviour toward cheese. You can find your questions that shift your mind towards meaningful. 

Key points:

  • Stop thinking much and makes cheese complicated looking for it. 
  • Keep your eyes to get a chance to see change coming. 
  • The new cheese exists out there. Move to get it to become improve. 

Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul by Deborah Reber, Jack Canfield, and Mark Victor Hansen:

The book shares 101 stories with enticing lessons about friendship, love, belief, future and respecting oneself and others. 

Why read it?

The book explains teenage responsibility and lessons to remind for a lifetime. It improves teenager’s life by sharing Easy to complex life problems. 

Every story hits you and understands your feelings. You find inspiration through the characters. 

Key points:

  • You control yourself by letting go of others’ control. 
  • Life’s about your choices. You can touch the other’s life in your way.
  • Having love and losing it is better than never having Love. 

The Success Principles for Teens by Jack Canfield:

The book provides you with a roadmap to becoming a successful young person irrespective of the nature of your choices or goal. 

Why read it?

It’s a fun and engaging youth-friendly book that explains the roadmap for success. The author shares principles. 

It explains through stories. It shares 23 Success strategies that make you courageous. You get ways to move out of trouble situations through inspirational characters. 

Key points:

  • Your thoughts, imagination and action are your three control of life. 
  • Your expertise stays with your irrespective of your material things. The achieving goal process is teaching you. 
  • The world pays you through your action, not your knowledge. 

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens Workbook by Sean Covey:

The book shares habits to get private and public victory that renews yourself for consistent moving upward. 

Why read it?

The book provides a consistent companion that engages youngsters with the message of Sean covey. It highlights your weaknesses and connects the long term benefits of habits with your success. The funny explaining way connect with the lesson. 

Key points:

  • Our path is in our control, not the consequences associated with it. 
  • Our repetition of a single act makes us one of them. 
  • We are different from each other because of our unique past experiences. 
  • Playing never lose is better than playing to win. 

Fierce: How Competing for Myself Changed Everything by Aly Raisman:

It’s the story of Aly Raisman learning to think positive in a Tough life situation to get an Olympics gold medal two times. 

Why read it?

The book explains the story of a young athlete who encounters enormous challenges. 

She gets support from relatives to remain positive and get herself to believe. She shares the journey to get the gold medals. Her advice assists you in rising above the challenge. 

Key points:

  • You can give your 100% by overcoming the challenge that scars you. 
  • Taking the help of others for your challenge doesn’t a bad thing.
  • Bear the difficulties of a challenge for yourself. Remaining positive brings you strength. 

You Don’t Have to Learn Everything the Hard Way by Laya Saul:

It covers various topics about sexual abuse, pain, hard times and dealing with consistent pressure for the right choice about drug usage. 

Why read it?

The book explains the topics of goals, life changes and sexual encounters. She explains to teens ways to meet life challenges. 

It explains practical, timeless and helpful wisdom to improve teen life. It has inspirational ideas, stories, questions and quotes.  

Key points:

  • Trusting yourself is your attitude. 
  • Various challenges that you face require you to believe that you’re not alone. 
  • Get the attitude to live your dream and understand your time gift. 

A Year of Positive Thinking for Teens by Katie Hurley:

The book turns your thought into a positive way through confidence despite meeting any challenge. 

Why read it?

Youngsters become emotional about several situations like unrealistic expectations from others. The book teaches us to break unhealthy patterns to measure ourselves by standards. It shares positive thinking and psychology strategies. It assists find up your confidence, courage and clarity for positive thinking. 

Key points:

  • Various Problems yield Procrastination, depression and hurting through positive thinking.
  • Practice positive thinking beneficial in long run. 

The Mindfulness Journal for Teens by Jennie Marie Battistin:

You get mindfulness in your routine life through practice with this mindfulness journal that brings focus, calmness and ease daily. 

Why read it?

Mindfulness becomes a toolbox that provides a helpful routine to become less stressful and live in the moment. Spending time with the journal calms your life. It shares skills, mindfulness exercises and inspirational quotes to connect you with your mindfulness. 

Key points:

  • Affirm yourself through your personal affirmations. 
  • Value your struggling and feeling towards events. 
  • Face your fear through your Deepest inspiring quotes. 

Thrivers by Michele Borba:

The book explains about achieving Unusual success as a mature and responsible person in the digital and fast era. 

Why read it?

The children get exposed to a highly-intelligent environment. It puts the child under stress towards performing. It leaves not enough room to enjoy their childhood and practice new hobbies. They assist the youngster to explore their personal choices instead of meeting the fake standards. 

Key points:

  • Emotional intelligence is far more important than literary scores. It manages stress and anxiety. 
  • Learn Skills that fit the person’s talent yield more successful people. 
  • Creativity and an open mindset end as children grow up due to a lack of discovering new things. 

Youth to Infinity by Rupak Chatterjee:

The book shares with youth the essential success wisdom that makes their success journey faster. 

Why read it?

The book shares the essence of the best guidance for success. I share the depth of wisdom that connects you to the strong. The author shares diverse voices to grab your attention towards the success topic in your youth. You can get the Great practical wisdom as a youngster that otherwise you learn through personal experience. 


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